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    Re: 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 cameras?

    Whole plate is my favorite format, so whole plate format dry plates will always be available. I’ve been bugging Steve Lloyd at Chroma Camera to produce a WP format camera .. I think it would garner...
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    Re: Lens Cleaner

    Not IMO, but the old Navy optician I used to work with preferred Dawn. I just cleaned a telescope primary mirror last weekend with 15 years of accumulated pollen, dust, etc from being regularly...
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    Re: Lens Cleaner

    Anything will abrade a glass surface if you apply pressure. The key is not to apply pressure, and it’s a technique to learn. Kimwipes are almost universally used in shops when needed, as they are a...
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    Re: Kodak Dry Plates

    Drew I’d suggest starting at ISO 12 and bracket +/- 1 stop as initial test. Since they’re ortho you can develop them under a safelight...don’t pull them until they look too dark in the developing...
  5. Re: Please help ID this 4 x 5 Holder/Adapter

    Definitely DeJur...I own one and have a sst of these for a bunch of different sized negatives. It’s a two-piece holder, which allows me to make enlargements from my dry plates since it accommodates...
  6. Re: What kind of lens bends an image without distortion?

    They do if you mount it at the end of a stick, or “precision aligned opto-mechanical structure” as it’s called in engineering terms.

    Btw assumptions and preconceived notions are the enemy of...
  7. Re: What kind of lens bends an image without distortion?

    A scanning mirror (adjustable orientation first surface mirror) is the simplest optical device to accomplish this. Since you are forming an image with a camera, the negative or digital image can be...
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    Re: Lens Design for Special Purposes

    You are essentially setting up a projector for a closer screen. Think overhead projector, slide projector, etc.

    You just need to readjust distance of your lens from the source (commonly called...
  9. Re: 8x10 Photography Compared to 4x5 Photography?

    8x10 is nice to shoot for contact prints, and the subjects for portraits I’ve shot at 8x10 seem to enjoy the experience better. Since I typically shoot dry plates I made, cost doesn’t factor in too...
  10. Re: Is it possible to practice the art of "seeing"?

    Yes, always. I’ve envisioned far more photographs than I’ve taken.
  11. Re: Lane Dry Plates: What is a practical ISO rating?

    If it’s from the same box then I’d check for problems elsewhere: Lens settings, developer exhaustion, etc. The plates are very consistent. Metering thru the filter would address UV variations. ...
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    Re: Photographing stars, 4x5

    That didn’t use any filter. That was a hand-coated dry plate.
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    Re: Photographing stars, 4x5

    konakoa, if you can’t find a new mount with a polar scope, then you didn’t do an internet search. All the equatorial mounts on the market above “department store” level include them. Software...
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    Re: Photographing stars, 4x5

    OP, check out the Cloudy Nights forum for info on other gear that you’ll need to make it happen, aside from the camera itself.

    You’re gonna love that EQ6, Corran


    This is Provia...
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    Re: SP-445 sticker / glue removal

    Called Kerosene in the US
  16. Re: Lane Dry Plates: What is a practical ISO rating?

    Sounds about right. The drop in speed indoors didn’t start getting addressed until the mid 20th C and even modern films lose a stop indoors. Of course the dry plates don’t take advantage of those...
  17. Re: Lane Dry Plates: What is a practical ISO rating?

    No that’s for the ASA 2 plates.

    Blue 47 filter blocks (approximately) the wavelengths the emulsion doesn’t see, but also chops down the throughput in the wavelengths the emulsion does see, so...
  18. Re: Lane Dry Plates: What is a practical ISO rating?

    If you experiment with different developers, you can develop by inspection under safelight. Don’t pull the plate until it looks *too* dark under safelight.

    I’ve had some luck with a blue 47...
  19. Re: Making J Lane Positive Plates? (Famous Format Monobath?)

    That’s awesome. I haven’t been out there on travel close enough to stop in, but that’s cool.

    Yes, basically... with commercialization and competition, developments and improvements accelerated...
  20. Re: Making J Lane Positive Plates? (Famous Format Monobath?)

    Wall laments in his book on emulsion-making the commercialization of dry plates and the end of the era of amateur dry plate makers freely exchanging information. R&D moved behind closed doors with...
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    Re: Pet Pictures, Any Format.



  22. Re: Making J Lane Positive Plates? (Famous Format Monobath?)

    Yeah I’m not necessarily a monobath fan, but that’s just how these developers came together as the easiest way to throw ammonia into the mix.
  23. Re: Making J Lane Positive Plates? (Famous Format Monobath?)

    John I don’t know if you’re on facebook, but if so this is an ongoing active topic of conversation in Dry Plate Photographers group.

    If you had any thoughts, Lee Lira would love to hear...
  24. Re: ULF (and other sizes) Negative Sleeves In Stock at Climax Photo

    Just ordered some whole plate sleeves. Thanks for the heads-up.

    By the way, Priority Shipping is currently the cheapest way to ship parcels, at least for small businesses. 1st Class parcel post...
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    Re: Hyper-Sensitizing Slow Emulsions

    Hypering gas was an 8% hydrogen / 92% nitrogen mix. I used to do this for astrophotography using Tech Pan.

    Here is a page on Jerry Lodriguss’ website discussing the details of hypering film. ...
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    Re: Tools for cutting darkslides?

    I use a heavy duty guillotine style paper cutter. It cuts very similar to cutting heavy card stock.
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    Re: Jason Lane Dry Plate

    Nice results!

  28. Re: Making J Lane Positive Plates? (Famous Format Monobath?)

    The method OP is referring to is the combination of using the dry plates and a developer which causes (as far as I can tell) dichroic fog of a type resulting in an off-white toned silver grain.
  29. Re: ALL WET Plate Suppliers Post Here with Link

    I ran out so I had to pull the ad until I get another shipment in.
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    Re: Lost Light Art Blog . . . . Website

    He’s a great guy.. doing some awesome stuff!
  31. Re: Is this Fungus ? I canīt identify, need help

    It’s adhesive failure in the doublet, ie “balsam separation” although this lens is too new to have used balsam. This is what failure of modern adhesive looks like. I’d bet it wasn’t originally...
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    Re: Favorite Current 8x10 B&W Film?

    On a limited basis, Randy, while I work on refining the results. I’ve started listing in the Experimental section of the store when I coat enough to box up, so that folks can experiment with them...
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    Re: Favorite Current 8x10 B&W Film?

    I’ve been enjoying experimenting with dry plate ambrotypes: Black glass coated with my ASA 25 emulsion and developed to a positive.

    For film, Adox CHS II 100 and the CatLabs 80 speed stuff are...
  34. Re: Calculating f-stop progression . . .how are the numbers derived?

    As Havoc notes, f/# values change by the area size. As such, the numbers change by the square root if 2.
  35. Re: SP-445 agitation test results challenging

    As an optical engineer who has tested non-uniformity of imaging systems many times over my career, my first and primary suspect is the actual setup of the test described: I.e. Sheets of regular...
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    Re: Wet/dry plate holders for 4x5

    The ChromaGraphica double dry plate holders are NOT 3D printed. They are modern, injection molded assemblies, designed by photographers who are also engineering professionals.

    Will fit 4” x 5”...
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    Re: getting glass CLEAN, how do you do it?

    Makes sense.. essentially glass enjoys a nice cleaning in a mildly alkaline solution, which is what you’ll get with that.
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    Re: getting glass CLEAN, how do you do it?

    I don’t know any optical shops which use that. Too time-consuming for production to “touch” each lens. For large quantity optics, glass washing machines using distilled water and a purpose-made...
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    Re: Storage of Exposed/developed glass plates?

    Drew, I did some homework before recommending storage methods for dry plates (my recommendations are never arbitrary. :) ). The dry plate boxes and envelopes sold through Gaylord (and a couple other...
  40. Re: Uneven Development -- 5X7's in Stearman Press 8X10 Tray

    Did you try picking it up *completely off the countertop* and rocking it around? This and 500ml of developer works for me with B&W, C-41, E-6, etc. It’s the same equipment as yours, so it’s fair...
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