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  1. Re: Processing 510 Pyro & 100TMX with Jobo CPP-2

    Yes, as long as you stay within its limited headspace it is absolutely possible to extract a quality print from HP5. All I am saying is factually HP5 does not have the density latitude capability as...
  2. Re: Processing 510 Pyro & 100TMX with Jobo CPP-2

    Therein lies our aesthetic differences. ID11 and D76 were the first alternatives I ditched 20 years ago. I detest the milk toast granularity that it produces. Blahhhh. Seriously. Absolutely zero...
  3. Re: Processing 510 Pyro & 100TMX with Jobo CPP-2

    You can read all of the literature and study this topic all you want. In this instance because the objective net result is aesthetic, the literature can only get you so far. Years ago I similarly...
  4. Re: Processing 510 Pyro & 100TMX with Jobo CPP-2

    The only metric that need be in play is in the print. Pyro and pyrocat HD (in reduced agitation mode) have a discernible edge effect and mid tone separation that is simply unparalleled. At the end of...
  5. Re: Processing 510 Pyro & 100TMX with Jobo CPP-2

    Would be elated at qualifying this assertion as I have put at least a dozen less toxic alternatives to the test over the last 20+ years and nothing even comes close to pyro from my visual...
  6. Re: Processing 510 Pyro & 100TMX with Jobo CPP-2

    I also use a respirator when I tray process with pyro simply because it is an acidic developer that can emit an odor no different than when I mix stop bath from glacial acidic acid. The...
  7. Re: Processing 510 Pyro & 100TMX with Jobo CPP-2

    I continue to be amazed at photographers that for some strange reason desire to change two variables in their process at the same time. If you rightfully state that what worked for you for several...
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    Re: My Durst 138 Setup

    I have the identical set up (Durst 138S + Ilford 500 variable contrast high intensity light source). I was able to find a 4x5 mixing box and use it to contact print 8x10 through 12x20. Works like a...
  9. Re: Selling All 8x10 Gear & It Feels Good!

    You make a great point Steve. Where the rubber meets the road for me is being able to buy a standard size of sheet film relative to "off" sizes that have to be custom cut. The variability...
  10. Re: Selling All 8x10 Gear & It Feels Good!

    Completely agree that the trend line is discouraging at times. That being said, every time someone avails themselves of 8x10, the hope is someone else takes that baton and runs with it. Sometimes all...
  11. Re: Selling All 8x10 Gear & It Feels Good!

    Absolutely everyone need to find the tool that works for them. Sometimes health and/or physical limitations dictate the tools you can use. A few years ago Bob Herbst who did some truly marvelous...
  12. Re: Selling All 8x10 Gear & It Feels Good!

    I had the same problem with the 8x10 and reading glasses until I had my ophthalmologist fit me with bi focal soft contacts. One eye dialed in for distance and the other for near and the reading...
  13. Re: Selling All 8x10 Gear & It Feels Good!

    I did everything I could to convince myself many years ago upon entering Large Format that 4x5 would be "easier", more "cost effective", more "packable" and "provide me an easier process to make...
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    Re: Photographic Web Site

    Thanks John. I came to the conclusion that I had to get it done and it is a good feeling. Appreciate the comments and will clean things up. Small potatoes relatively speaking. Will add the 8x20 and...
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    Re: Photographic Web Site

    Scanning is a new experience for me. Will clean them up.
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    Re: Photographic Web Site

    Thanks! I will make the corrections.
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    Photographic Web Site

    I recently completed a website of my photographic work. It took me quite some time to make it a priority but I finally persevered.

    As always, comments and suggestions are always welcomed.
  18. Re: How many film holders do you bring for a day out?

    A minimum of 12 for 8x10 and half a dozen for 8x20 and 11x14.
  19. Re: DIY Gas Burst Agitation for 1 gallon vertical tanks

    I bought my own gas bottle online and just swap them out at the welding gas store. They price it very reasonable for me the times I was in there. The other item that one needs to remember is inert...
  20. Re: 8x10 Vertical Tank Development Issues

    Thanks for the feedback. My incentive to write the article was to encourage photographers to continue to consume sheet film and process it efficiently as possible to keep the film manufactures in the...
  21. Re: 8x10 Vertical Tank Development Issues

    Hats off to your sheer persistence to finding out how to make your one gallon tanks work with this process. I took the easy route with 3.5 gallon Kodak standardized tanks and adherence to their...
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    Re: Doors and Doorways

    Well done! Just thinking about how many students have passed through these doors over the years.
  23. Re: HOW TO Load Film Holders. A tutorial video for beginners.

    Completely agree. The universal language spoken in just about every book I have ever read on the topic. That being said as long as whatever system you choose to use to get the job done works for you,...
  24. Re: Linhof 8x10 Color Karden Accessory - What Is It?

    That was my inclination given the fact that there are two sized holes on each side. Mounting them on something solid to receive the Karden rail at the section that does not have gearing. Just wanted...
  25. Linhof 8x10 Color Karden Accessory - What Is It?


    Years ago I acquired a like new Linhof Color Karden Triplex 8x10 camera that included the attached two accessories. Interested in what they are designed for if anyone has some knowledge to...
  26. Re: 8x10 Vertical Tank Development Issues

    I did not make this statement off of the cuff. I worked in various capacities with Kodak in their manufacturing operations in Rochester New York and Windsor, Colorado for over 20 years. I also worked...
  27. Re: 8x10 Vertical Tank Development Issues

    True. But someone with similar interests down the road may consider this alternative and do more investigation. As they old saying goes. There are any number of ways to get to Grandma's house for...
  28. Re: 8x10 Vertical Tank Development Issues

    I read both documents you mentioned in the comment above and you are arriving at an incorrect conclusion with gaseous burst for sink line/deep tanks. What you are missing is the fact that there were...
  29. Re: 8x10 Vertical Tank Development Issues

    Completely agree. Gas burst was the industry standard for 50 years when the photographers dropped off their sheet film for roll or for C41 or E6 processing. Wrote an article in View Camera in their...
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    Re: Post your churches

    Wow! Talk about a treasure trove of what Brett Weston would call "marvelous old crud"

    One could spend weeks exploring these without blinking an eye. Bravo!
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    Re: Abandoned Japan Coal Mine Video

    Very well done Andrew. Good mix of images conveys the feeling of being abandoned very effectively. Enjoyed it very much.
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    Re: 510 Pyro 1 Hour Stand

    Clearly, if one wants to give it a go as you stated, there is no harm in that. However when you get the results back I would just mention that there are two substantive issues that fly in the face of...
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    Re: 510 Pyro 1 Hour Stand

    Sometimes a positive outlier result causes a whole lot of angst among viewership encouraged to go down this road. The suggestion of doing a proper analysis to adequately test the process is the...
  34. Re: E. Weston Dilution ABC Pyro / E. Weston development time compared to adviced time

    I have use ABC pyro in a slightly more diluted form than the Weston formulation with 8x10 negatives for many years and instead of the dim light for inspection during tray development, I use an...
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    Re: Toyo field 810m


    Apologies. I should have included the parts descriptive listing as well.
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    Re: Toyo field 810m


    OK. I found the parts schematic for the Toyo 810M and looking at it closely there are obviously a host of spacer washers involved in gaining tension to the lower front standard section with...
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    Re: Toyo field 810m

    Unfortunately, based on your description you have a problem with this knob. This knob is supposed to lock down tight as an integral requirement of using the camera properly. A recommended course of...
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    Re: Toyo 810M Resource/Fan Page

    As per the question on the protective back, on my 810M I had a piece of acrylic cut to the back specifications that fits in the grooves and locks down on the side and it serves a dual purpose as a GG...
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    Re: Insurance Questions

    After Michael Smith telling me he lost much of his valuable lenses and other equipment in Chicago I make a point of doing two things when I travel with my gear. First is always toss a ragged looking...
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    Re: Custom Bellows UK Ordering Status

    Indeed Cameras Bellows is unquestionably the best. Over the years I have ordered at least a dozen bellows from them in 4x5 though 12x20. What I like about them that you simply cannot find in other...
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