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    Re: New book: Our National Monuments

    Thats really great QT well deserved. It's one of my primary Xmas gifts this year :-)
  2. Re: My LED enlarger lightsource instructions / Complete parts list and build

    Marco, those are heaters that were used for the old florescent lamp to help stabilize it during printing. They are riveted to the panel and I decided to leave them instead of cutting them loose.
  3. Re: My LED enlarger lightsource instructions / Complete parts list and build

    I completed my build. Everything works great! Marco, you are the best. Great project and great documentation.

    I used an Aristo 1212 cold light as a base. I included some photos of this in case it...
  4. Re: Best Fast (high output) Film Development Method?

    Ok...bought a Jobo and expert drums. Thinking about converting my time and temps from unicolor drums to jobo 3005 3010. Any thoughts on ways to test dev times on my new setup? I've lost my old spark...
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    Re: Push/Pull processing if Scanning Negative

    Greg, you remember what year or abouts? I will try and dig it out.
  6. Re: Best Fast (high output) Film Development Method?

    Jobo it an interesting project. Thanks guys.
  7. Best Fast (high output) Film Development Method?

    LF team, Hoping for some insights from those more experienced in 4x5 and 8x10 development techniques and equipment.

    Goal is less time required. I have extremely limited time for photography and I...
  8. Re: About Joe Cornish and the scope of the Large Format Photography Forum

    I appreciate the debate here but the fact remains...large format needs to be "large". A medium format sensor no matter the megapixel count is not large it's medium. Although the thing Joe is using...
  9. Re: My LED enlarger lightsource instructions / Complete parts list and build

    Tin Can, thanks for compliment and very cool about Howard.

    Marco, relay is a great idea. Thanks.

    Will Wilson
  10. Re: My LED enlarger lightsource instructions / Complete parts list and build

    Marco, this is truly a fantastic contribution to the LF community. Thank you. I am building your controller now.

    Question, if I was going to use an external timer what would be the best way to do...
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    Re: The beginnings of yet another darkroom

    You could do something like this to keep the windows openable. Good luck on your new build!231219
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    Re: how old are we?

    I'm 41. 28 when I joined this fine group. It was inspiring back then and continues to be a bright spot for me.

    Kirk, your Aussie post teared me up. The best dogs. No comparison. They love like no...
  13. Re: Seeking Advice on Waterproofing Custom Built Wood Trays

    Mine are not really that heavy. Definitely big and bulky though. 1x4 pine frame and 1/4 plwood bottoms. All butt joints with screws, wood glue, paintable caulk, and several coats of poly. They are...
  14. Re: Seeking Advice on Waterproofing Custom Built Wood Trays

    I have a set of 30x40 wood trays I built. They see limited use. They are painted with several coats of water based polyurethane. Works well and poly is easy to work with.

    If they were more...
  15. Re: How to finish, wash and dry fibre paper prints for exhibition and sale

    Lots of good stuff on this thread. I use a microwave to dry down test prints and test strips, works great. Also a super low wattage led viewing bulb of 0.5w or less is a good tool to save your night...
  16. Re: ‘Pure’ Landscape Photography Versus Including the Human Element

    Why do you care so much? Is there not room for everything?

    Honestly, Merg ended the thread earlier and everyone just kept included I guess.

    If it's interesting to you take a photo:...
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    Re: Best New Scanners Available?

    Stitching works for me. I don't scan a lot but have done well with a 5dsR and a 100mm Macro. I do 9 shots and stitch in PTgui for 4x5. Focus and alignment are important, but we are photogs we are...
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    Re: Omega D3 Questions

    I printed on a D3 for years and had no trouble using any lens I needed. There are two focus adjustments one for the autofocus bellows and another for the fine lower adjustment. If you don't have the...
  19. Re: What will happen to your negatives in "the end"?

    Interesting thought experiment. It has inspired me to think of sharing my work with those around me more intentionally and focusing more on what brings me joy in photography.

    Maybe an AI can...
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    Re: Nikkor-SW 75mm f / 4.5 on Chamonix 45F2

    Most has been said. 75mm and shorter works well on a 45n. I usually carry 47mm,75mm,135mm on the wider side of things. I never used my 90mm so I don't have one anymore.
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    Re: Darkroom Sink Slope & Drain?

    Working on a new sink myself, just moved and building a new space. I had thought 1/4" per foot but I am reconsidering based on this thread. Here is the design I am working off of. It has a pull out...
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    Re: About signing prints

    Burkett example.225613
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    Re: About signing prints

    I sign my prints. When I drymount, they get signed in pencil lower right on the mountboard. The art is the whole piece mount and photo are one. Never thought about what number pencil! Signature...
  24. Re: Dying Websites - Darkroom and Photography Info

    Thanks Delfi. I am familiar with that technique. It works for some but not all and is definitely not user friendly. If you want to download and recompile the list, I will host it.
  25. Dying Websites - Darkroom and Photography Info

    I recently went through the links on my website and was sad to see some darkroom and photography websites no longer accessible. If you or someone you know hosts a photography, LF photography, photo...
  26. Re: Velvia 50 4x5 and 8x10 and Fujicolor 160NS Professional 120 discontinued

    Props to you color folks, but does this make anyone want to freeze a bunch of Delta 100? Is that crazy?
  27. Re: Does a Photograph's medium change your opinion of it?

    Great thread. Yes, you can only care about the image or the experience or the sound of the music, nothing wrong with that. As some have mentioned, there are other layers to know.

    Photography has...
  28. Re: Does a Photograph's medium change your opinion of it?

    I started with 4x5 to make big prints and to have movements. I started with wet prints because it was the only way to make big detailed prints at the time.

    Now you can make bigger, faster, more...
  29. Thread: Texture

    by willwilson

    Re: Texture

    Rock Cliff Detail, Monteagle, TN
    Fuji 135mm, Delta 100, scanned print.
  30. Re: Adobe is going to only sell subscription based Photoshop

    Photoshop has always been overpriced. It's now going to be way overpriced. Honestly, what do you expect from Adobe. Instead of making their product better to drive sales they are trapping the...
  31. Community Darkroom Project in East Nashville

    John Haubenreich is trying to put together a community darkroom in Nashville. I thought there might be some interest from some of the Nashville area LFers. So...anyone? You can get in touch with me...
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    Re: 100 Most Influential Photogs of all Time

    The best part about these types of threads is discovering amazing new photographers! I won't add any names here, but I do have a list on my website that has been going since 2002,...
  33. Thread: Abstracts

    by willwilson

    Re: Abstracts
    Steel Beam Detail - Blackburn Fork, TN
    Fujinon 135MM, Ilford Delta 100
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    Re: Is 8x10 worth the trouble???

    I too have toiled over this question. I love 4x5 and like you was always tempted by 8x10. I was convinced that I needed to be shooting 8x10. I mean why shoot anything but the best right? Well after...
  35. Re: Unicolor Instructions for : UNICOLOR 320 "Film Drum II" Film Processor

    I Have it posted on my website.
  36. Re: Fujinon Large Format Lenses Sorted By Focal Length


    Well, I received a phone call from ?Joe? today. Joe, are you on the forum?

    He is apparently the author of the Fujinon database I put on my website back in 2009 when the site at...
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    Re: 10x enlargement to 40x50

    Don't let them scare you. It's possible, just difficult. I have successfully made 30x40 prints tray processed without an assistant but anything bigger and you'd need a helper. Wet printing that big...
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    Re: Chamonix 45-N2 Nikkor 75/4.5

    One of the reasons I purchased a Chamonix N1 was for the versatility. I regularly use both a 47mm and a Kodak 17” (about 430mm) with the extension board.

    I was mistaken earlier when I said the...
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    Re: Chamonix 45-N2 Nikkor 75/4.5

    Steve basically summed it up. You achieve minimum extension in the third front standard hole from the front. Then use the rear standard adjustment wheels to loosen the rear standard and move it as...
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    Re: Unicolor print drum processing of film

    I have been processing 4x5 and 8x10 with unicolor drums for about 8 years. They work great for both sizes. I do think a motor base is key. If you don't have a motor base you might as well be tray...
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