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  1. Re: Contact Printing Large Format negatives with a Leica Focomat V35?

    Lens can still be OK without iris, as the 40mm Focotar is still deadly sharp wide open (unlike most all other enlarger lenses), and enlarger alignment is very good, so still usuable, just more...
  2. Re: Contact Printing Large Format negatives with a Leica Focomat V35?

    The old pro-lab trick was to focus the edge of neg carrier sharp on the printing frame, then throw the focus off a little which creates diffusion where dust and fingerprint shadows on top of printer...
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    Re: Film changing bag or changing tent?

    I use a large changing bag with a re-purposed file cabinet hanging file rack inside...

    Comes apart flat, just had to polish the ends so they wouldn't snag the inside of the bag...

    Can hold...
  4. Re: Contact Printing Large Format negatives with a Leica Fotomat V35?

    Mainly, it needs to be complete... 40mm Focomat Leica lens, proper negative carrier, color module (the thing in the back with the color or MG knobs), and overall good condition...

    If you get one,...
  5. Re: Contact Printing Large Format negatives with a Leica Fotomat V35?

    The board on the bottom of enlarger (where the easel goes) is the baseboard... The light should cover the contact print area well, but should not be a problem with this enlarger... But you can check...
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    Re: mounting gelatine filters between glass

    You might try looking up C Kenneth Mees (?) and the Wratten & Wainwright company... They invented gelatine filters (later sold to EKC, where Mees became chief scientist)... I have seen old photo...
  7. Re: Contact Printing Large Format negatives with a Leica Fotomat V35?

    The V35 is a diffusion box design and should be ok past 35mm frame... Their earlier 35mm enlargers would print the larger 127 film size, and I think there might be a carrier made for a slightly...
  8. Re: Can I put a Polaroid viewer on a Graflex Graphic View I?

    I use a GVII frequently (Graflok) and was given a couple of Polaroid MP-3 hoods that barely mated to each other, but noticed some other issues that can come up...

    The point that secures the hood...
  9. Re: What small lightweight lens for 4x5 backpacking?

    What focal length do you like???

    Steve K
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    Re: Beseler Universal 45 Assistance

    I have one of these units, but unused, in a box deep in storage somewhere, but only looked it for a minute or so, so I don't know the insides...

    Buzzing could be from a bad relay not making...
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    Re: Meniscus lens iris "sweet spot"???

    Great answers, thanks guys!!!!

    Steve K
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    Re: Meniscus lens iris "sweet spot"???

    I think I read online that Thomas Dallmeyer had a "rule of thumb" of iris/lens distance of 1/5 of the FL, but this would surely limit IC, but haven't seen many "soup can" iris' on lenses, but haven't...
  13. Re: Any telephoto (360mm or above) recommendations for a 4x5 (TK45S)?

    When those heat convection waves start, all ultra-tele bets are off... A 400mm on a 4X5 of closer subjects might miss a lot of disturbances...

    Very long optics will pick up some strange stuff,...
  14. Thread: Avedon

    by LabRat

    Re: Avedon

    In the studio, I would re-purpose the front element as a mirror to look for highlights reflecting off of it to determine if there was a flare danger...

    The bright ones were lights...

    Steve K
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    Meniscus lens iris "sweet spot"???

    I'm putting together a couple of single meniscus camera lenses (about 250mm) for 4X5 shooting, and wanted to know if anyone has tried to optimize the distance from the front stop aperture and...
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    Re: Cordless telephone for darkroom

    A professional printer with endless stacks of work l know had many very boring print sessions, so he took an old CRT portable TV, and covered the screen with a heavy layer of rubylith so he could at...
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    Re: Beseler 45MCRX motor struggles when raising

    First, take a tape measure and measure the height from each side of neg stage to baseboard... They should be exactly the same... If not, the gear shaft on the carrage/column in rear can jump a gear...
  18. Re: Excited to embark on Covid PT/PD testing...trails....newbie.....NEED TIPS!

    I would do some research now about price of rare metal components, as most of these come from Russia, where that facility had that big oil tank rupture, and I don't know if this has affected cost on...
  19. Re: Cooke Series II 12.75" Anastigmat - Disassembly, Stuck Focus Ring

    Old lubes can turn tar-like... Sometimes a stuck ring etc can be freed by a repeat application of lighter fluid, alcohol, acetone, silicone spray (containing acetone) applied with a hypo syringe in...
  20. Re: Mystery paper: Supre-Print ultra-rapid process stabilization paper

    No, you don't need stabilization processing, regular paper developer will work also...

    Stabilizer processing was the paper contained some developer in the emulsion, and when fed into a...
  21. Thread: Critique please

    by LabRat

    Re: Critique please

    The little bit of flare on the building can be traced back to the reflective metal around the pinhole (that causes very bright light to bounce around)... If left untreated, will cause worse flare on...
  22. Re: Any thoughts as to source of light leak based on this picture?

    If you look at the curves of the area, probably from contact or wetting issue... I never used a SP445, so I don't know about level issues, but it seems like a processing issue...

    This seems...
  23. Re: Any thoughts as to source of light leak based on this picture?

    Due to the arc shapes, looks more like a processing issue, like it was a top row during dip&dunk processing...

    If light, angle might be from dark slide not inserted evenly (at an angle)...
  24. Re: Any tips on how to repair lenses with Balsam Separation?

    If I remember correctly, the way to tell the cement is to shine UV (blacklight), balsam cement stays clear but UV cements glow...

    Steve K
  25. Re: Dilution problem of sodium sulphite in water

    10gm/liter is a low dilution compared to other developers, and should dissolve well into solution, so I think there is an issue with the batch of SS you have, like it has too much moisture or...
  26. Re: Any telephoto (360mm or above) recommendations for a 4x5 (TK45S)?

    Some older teles I have used can have flare issues, esp at night... Types with a flat element behind front element can set up reflections even with a good shade as bright lights (like streetlights)...
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    Re: XTOL not mixing well and not working any more!

    You can make a liquid substitute for it using (I think) borax + sodium hydroxide, but the dilutions are tricky...

    I have some Kodalk left, but will have to resort to the liquid "solution" in the...
  28. Re: It happened to me! What Disasters or Near-misses have you had while Shooting?

    Learned a bit about dog sensory systems while shooting when a jogger and dog were rounding a bend where I was shooting, where the jogger cut in tight to avoid tripod, but dog ran straight into the...
  29. Re: California Stainless Water Filter Replacement F-95

    Sometimes filters are different lengths, but the Grainger catalog should have the odd ones...

    Steve K
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    Re: Use 4x5 Beseler for smaller film?

    Have used the Beseler for many 1000's of 35mm negs, and works fine if enlarger was well maintained... One was terrible as it was well overused, as the rail slide blocks were badly worn causing...
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    Re: Graflex bagmag restoration manual

    I think one of the challenges will be to find a material that is truly lint free... One that I have is in good condition, but lining is fuzzy, so am concerned if lining could shed...

    It may not...
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    Re: All Joking Aside

    It beats putting subject under hot lights like it's a Gestapo interrogation... ;-)

    Steve K
  33. Thread: Hypo clear?

    by LabRat

    Re: Hypo clear?

    I remember it as 40gm/1 ltr...

    Steve K
  34. Re: Adapter suggestions between Century Empire State + Century 8A

    Hey John!!!

    Downside of paper materials is PVA (wood) glues contain water that can cause dimensional changes as when the goo is wet, then dries possibly changing size & shape... Plus humidity can...
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    Re: McKeowen's and all those cameras.

    The guide is a listing of collectable cameras, but usually not listing the many accessories that build the camera system, so not a waste but a camera (collecting orientated) guide... At least many...
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    Re: Grafmatic Back - How to Break 'Em?

    You can damage the septums by three issues...

    Dropping while handling (can bend corners)...

    Make sure red dot is covered before inserting septums (if the end of the red dot slide inside chamber...
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    Re: Where to find a [scarce view camera]?

    You might have to start following the major photographic auctions online, but expect it will not be cheap as you will be bidding against major collectors, then fees and shipping (some will be bidding...
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    Re: Who fixes Speed Graphics?

    To open, try rolling the focus knobs while pushing the bed inward... I have seen where the focus rail has extended inside of closed camera getting hung up, or remove focus panel on back to access...
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    Re: Chemistry (again) use after time

    The other chems will be fine, but for the developer, you can pour a little into a glass graduate, give it a sniff, see if it's clear, then stick a piece of 35mm undeveloped film into it, and time it...
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    Re: Smoke smoke everywhere

    This fire was on Mt Wilson property, and (I missed the details on the radio) affected buildings on the property, including the major sismograph used to monitor earthquakes all over the world...
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