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    Re: Still Life, 2021

    I guess the period after the word “dinner” is rather small, especially if you’re viewing on a phone.

    This film is from my last 100-sheet box of the old Freestyle Arista - I bought 4 boxes when...
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    Re: Still Life, 2021

    Enoki mushrooms, a day before they got used for dinner. 180mm Apo-Macro-Sironar, 15-year-old always-frozen FP4+ @ EI 100, Pyrocat-HDC, printed on Ilford Classic glossy.
  3. Re: Lens length preferences in 7x17 format?

    Jim, have you tried a 190 Wide-Field Ektar? 5x12 and 7x17 have almost exactly the same aspect ratio. So doing the math: (12/17)*10.75*25.4 =193mm so the Ektar should match the view of your 10.75”...
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    Re: Congo Lenses

    Also not mentioned - 500mm f/9.5 Tele-Congo in Copal 1. 67mm filter, 70mm front cap, 51mm rear cap, overall length 150mm, image circle 160mm at f/22, 515 grams including caps and mounting flange,...
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    Re: Toyo 45 - CLA ? Best Resource

    MAC Group did a bellows replacement and tuneup about 1.5 years ago on a 45A.
  6. Re: Mounting a threaded filter on a lens without conventional threads.

    Adam at SK Grimes can make you a slip-on threaded adapter. In that size I guess it'll be in the $100 range, plus or minus, and you might need a different one for each lens unless the outer rims of...
  7. Hinge the window on the top or the side - or does it matter?

    While watching the George Tice video on the B&H You-Tube channel I noticed that at least one of his images had the window hinge on the side of the mat. I've always put the hinge at the top because...
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    Re: Large Format Shells

    Something I did on a recent rainy day. It was lit using a fiber-optic illuminator about a foot away, which acted like a point source. This was my favorite of several "poses".

    150mm Docter...
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    Re: 300mm lens 4x5" landscape

    Any 300mm f/5.6 lens will be in a Copal 3 or comparable shutter so it will be big and heavy.
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    Re: new (and first) 4x5 camera

    The Intrepid has a lot going for it as a first camera. It's inexpensive, decently made, and as you're in Europe support isn't that far away. If you buy a new one you'll get the latest version with...
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    Re: 20x24 enlarger easel options

    I have a straight 20x24 Speed EZ-EL but find it difficult to use given the limitations of my working space. The paper has to go in from a short side; I've got walls in the way and it's too easy to...
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    Re: 20x24 enlarger easel options

    Printing a 20x24 in my micro-darkroom is a challenge as the space under my enlarger isn't wide enough to accommodate any commercially-made easel I know of, and it can't be made wider. A Saunders...
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    Re: orthochromatic film?

    And if you have a supply of Ortho film you can also use it for unsharp masks. It allows you to work under a dim red safelight, much easier (for me, at least) than doing it all by feel in total...
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    Re: 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 cameras?

    That yatsugiri-wide format is pretty cool. The image-area dimensions would be very close to the golden ratio (if you're into that sort of thing). In that regard it's very close to 7x11 but the...
  15. Re: New FLM Ultralight Tripod for 8x10 and smaller

    Ari, do you know how much does the CP22-M2 weighs by itself?
  16. Re: Designing a studio space for natural light portraiture

    Monty, one thing you may need to take into account in your studio design is your latitude. I suspect the split between roof-based and side-based windows will be very different in North Carolina and...
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    Re: SEI Exposure Photometer

    This may be of some value:
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    Re: G Claron 270mm f/9 lens cap size?

    The link robphoto posted brings you to the August 1998 spec sheet, which covers the newer version lenses and shows 60mm front and 57mm rear push-on caps. The older Dagor-type 270 Tracy mentioned...
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    Re: Quality Light-Metric Closing

    Perhaps George can suggest another repairer. It's frightening to thing that he might be the only one.
  20. Re: Zone VI Compensating Developer Timer footswitch issue

    Treadlite, perhaps?
  21. Re: Zone VI Compensating Developer Timer footswitch issue

    Richard, in the McMaster-Carr catalog it says only that some of the footswitches have "quick connects" but it doesn't say what kind. Do you recall if the parts Zone VI used specifically said RJ-11?
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    Re: Fuji 300mm W w/Inside Lettering?

    Here's one I sold not long ago.
  23. Re: Looking for 5x7 macro lens recommendation

    Look for your plate-stretchers while you're at it :)
  24. Re: Longest focal length telephoto lens with bellows draw under 300 mm

    I forgot to mention the Congo (Osaka) 400mm f/8. Compared to the Fujinon, it's about the same size, has a slightly shorter flange focal length, and weighs 150gm (almost 6oz) less. Coverage is less...
  25. Re: Longest focal length telephoto lens with bellows draw under 300 mm

    The 500mm f/9.5 Tele-Congo has a 287mm flange focal length according to my notes, which would give you a closest focus of around 20 feet or so without an extended lens board. It just covers 4x5...
  26. Re: Print Washers, again. Interested in the 'tray type'.

    It's probably not the kind of plumbed tray you're considering, but I used to use a Kostiner flat tray washer. It has little jets all around and is a bit over 16x20 inside. There's no way to...
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    Re: 8x10 point and shoot

    Very nice. What do you use for the cone? I thought the Fujinon-L was a Tessar - does it cover 8x10?
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    Re: Favorite Current 8x10 B&W Film?

    Consider TMAX400 (TMY) if you intend to do any alt-process printing that requires UV exposure. Because it has no UV-blocking your print exposures will be much shorter than with other films. Yes,...
  29. Re: Fitting Graphic-Kowa 210mm F9 in Copal 1

    Not all 210mm f/9 Graphic Kowa cells will fit a Copal 1. I have a recollection that some versions don't allow removal of one of the cells (rear, I think, but I'm not sure). And I could be wrong. ...
  30. Re: Unsharp Masking…Would I/Could I/Should I?

    What Michael said - they need to be quite thin or you'll get ugly results. I don't often use this technique, but it has occasionally been useful.

    I use 4x5 Ilford Ortho Plus film for my 4x5...
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    Re: Source for 8x10 Ground Glass
  32. Re: Hello All - Perfect Sized 10x12 Trays (Freestyle) & Calumet 8x10


    B&H sells Cescolite 10x12 trays:

    I bought a couple some time ago for...
  33. Re: Rodenstock LF lens aperture band numbers

    Got it. Still looking for the Grandagon-N 200mm. That's the only one I don't have.
  34. Re: Rodenstock LF lens aperture band numbers

    Noted, thank you, and thanks to those others who've helped me in my lunacy. It has been pointed out to me that Schneider called them "Makro" while Rodenstock used "Macro". Unfortunately that came...
  35. Rodenstock LF lens aperture band numbers

    I've been compiling a list of the part numbers of the aperture bands of Rodenstock large-format lenses in Copal shutters. There's no reason, really, it was just something I started doing out of...
  36. Re: Pens for marking or numbering film negatives - HABS & HAER guidance 2020.

    This is a little off-topic from HABS & HAER, but might be helpful to someone out there.

    The Staedler Pigment Liners work great on LF and 120 film, but I've found that the ink doesn't adhere well...
  37. Re: Advice Needed - Should I ship my LF lenses to get them CLA'ed before selling them

    If you'd give some indication of your locale you might be able to find someone local who owns a shutter speed tester, like a Calumet or a Phochron XA. There are other, more professional, units out...
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    Re: Donald Ross Photography

    That's a beautiful book. Do you know if there are any plans to distribute it in hard copy?
  39. Free continental-US matboard shipping from University Products - Oct 27-31, 2020

    Per an email I received today, University Products is offering free continental-US shipping this week (27-31 October 2020) on mat board. They offer two product types under their Lineco brand -...
  40. Re: Any telephoto (360mm or above) recommendations for a 4x5 (TK45S)?

    I have a 400mm f/8 Osaka (same as Congo, just a store brand for Bromwell Camera). Optically it is slightly worse than a 400mm Fujinon-T when viewing 11x14 enlargements with a loupe, but it's also...
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