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    Re: Darkroom cooling/air conditioning options

    I currently use a portable unit. It works pretty well until ambient gets over 95F, then itís not very effective. It is reasonably quiet. It takes up precious floor space. I have one of the split...
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    Re: Worthy Linhof Contenders

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    Re: Linhof Technika 4x5 Timeline...

    Right, the Technika “on a stick!”- I have had my eye out for the 6x9 version, but have not come across the bargain I would need to add it to the stable. I have the early and later versions in 4x5. I...
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    Re: Hollywood Lighting

    Of course you can use those fresnel halogen studio lights as is. If you stay below 2k you can run them from standard household circuits. Try to get complete units with barndoors, scums, etc. Fun...
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    Re: LF Masking Chroma Key Wet Prints

    Star Wars! The pinnacle of blue-screen at the time. American Cinematographer had good write ups. I still have my copy in storage somewhere. Motion picture special effects literature at the time...
  6. Re: Question regarding the Unicolor Uniroller 352

    I used my Unicolor roller with the Unicolor Film Drum for roll films for years. The recommended time adjustment was to reduce development time by 15% because agitation is constant. Always worked for...
  7. Re: Getting ready for bw development which developer?

    I think jnantz sums it up well. Every bit of the chain of events will have variables, and broad but simple tests will save a lot of time and effort. I am impatient, and for a long time “winged it,”...
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    Re: Linhof Kardan question

    The Kardan Color is much lighter than the Technika, as well as being very rigid. I like mine a lot, and as I don’t use a lot of movements it’s somewhat limited range is not a problem.
    I enjoyed the...
  9. Re: glueing polyester filters to glass for a tri-color camera

    I don’t know what size your filters are, but Lee makes a holder for their 4x4 gelatin filters. I think it would be easier to use your filters “naked” rather than sandwiching between glass.
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    Re: Stand for a 24x24 Chamonix

    Perhaps look into motion picture support. The larger models with 150mm bowl or Mitchell tops will easily support 150lbs or more. If you use a Mitchell top there are inexpensive (eBay of course)...
  11. Re: What lens for my Z6 Mk2 enlarger to produce 16x20 prints?

    I see the 135mm EL Nikkors going for $50-75 on the ‘bay frequently. I got one from member here years ago, $75. Should help with head height limitations.
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    Re: Color Darkroom Set Up and Fujimoto CP-51

    Concerning the stabilizer/wash question, I have a Beseler unit with 4 baths. The 4th one the running water rinse, but I want to run a stabilizer. I end up splitting the difference, a short water...
  13. Re: Figuring out exposure when the meter ISO setting doesn't go low enough

    I like my Luna Pro too. I got one of the battery adapters when they did the calibration, but I have also heard there is no longer factory service available. You can always stack a couple of CRIS...
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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    All right Jim, I’m going to photograph 700 seals for automotive transmissions as a passion project. You’ve inspired me!
    I’m only half kidding. I saw a Brett Weston show that included a valve body...
  15. Re: Alternative Center Filters for Rodenstock 75/4.5 Grandagon N?

    Acapela, if you’re still here, there is a great feature under “settings,” called “edit ignore list.”
    You can specify the annoying curmudgeons that irritate you and never be bothered with their long...
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    Re: Using Behind the Lens Filters

    If you focus your ground glass through a filter mounted behind the lens focus shift is obviously accounted for. On the subject of focus shift using (single) gel filters behind the lens it is...
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    Re: Darkroom cooling/air conditioning options

    If you are willing to pay the extra cost I think the split unit is a great way to go. We installed one out at work recently, they take up almost no space inside and are very efficient. I have one of...
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    Re: Incoming! Another big enlarger!

    Ha! I had one of those 305 Hondas. First real motorcycle, turned into a high school project, bored out, cam, exhaust (made in metal shop), raced it at the track— I didn’t know what I was doing and it...
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    Re: Super Graphic Solenoid Replacement?

    I Googled “eveready 412” and found the 22.5V battery for $24.95. So $50 for two. It was worth it for me, no monkeying around. But to each his own. Last time I took the Super Graphic out they were 3...
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    Re: Super Graphic Solenoid Replacement?

    Why not just buy the special battery? That’s what I did for my Super Graphic, I did a google search for the odd size found it, stuck it in the camera and it’s worked for years.
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    Re: 210mm for 8x10"

    As I think you can glean from the great responses here, what you plan to photograph and the look you want to have are going to be factors in making your lens choice. I like to do landscape and...
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    Re: Linhof - which one to buy?

    My experience is similar to Renato's, I have a nearly mint IV that does everything I want it to for not a lot of money. I have a cam for the 150mm lens and I use it with the rangefinder sometimes...
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    Re: Speed Graphic Shutter Checking?

    I bought a shutter speed tested from eBay for about $100. I have a lot of old shutters, and a lot of them are off by a fair amount. As long as they are off consistently they are usable and accurate...
  24. Re: Maternity photography using Chamonix 45N-2

    AlexHanson, congratulations on following your passion! Even if a large format portrait niche doesn't work out commercially you'll be a better photographer for it-- it requires a different pace and...
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    Re: Scratched coating on rear element...

    From everything I have read and my own personal experience, Schneideritis only affects the price of the lens not the image quality. I have gotten some great lenses at excellent prices because of it....
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    Re: New to me Beseler 45MX

    xkaes-- good to know. Though I will surely never experiment. It just looks like a dead end with modern materials.
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    Re: New to me Beseler 45MX

    My understanding is that the cold light head doesn't work with VC paper. I got one with my 45 MXT, I'll never use it.
  28. Re: Precision Camera Works still in operation?

    Nothing yet. He said he's going to send it to Germany to get it repaired there. God knows what is wrong with the thing that no one can take it apart!
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    Re: how to do the math for speed film test

    A little late to the game, but my personal EI for Arista 200 is 40. Works well. Thanks for the tip on the developer, I'm going to try it.
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    Re: Anyone use a Berlebach 8023 with an 8x10?

    The Berlebach Report 2 stage tripod is rated to 26 lbs. I have one, no center column. It's pretty sturdy with a Deardorff v8 and an ordinary 12" lens, which should be similar to your KMV. I use a...
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    Re: Filters and Large(r) Apertures... Help

    6 stop ND filter, your shutter speed is 1/60 @ f2.5
    4000-2000 1 stop
    2000-1000 2 stops
    1000-500 3 stops
    500-250 4 stops
    250-125 5 stops
    125-60 6 stops
    And you are good to go.
  32. Re: Do enlarger color head deterioate over age?

    I have an ancient Omega color head for my F. I found a plethora of problems inside the well used head after I purchased it, all of which would impact MG printing: the dichroic filters were very...
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    Re: Proxima Centauri 4x5 camera

    I agree, Doremus! I think it looks very cool as well. I admire the Intrepid, it I think this certainly looks more interesting (weird yes, but interesting). And maybe we all need another (!) 4x5...
  34. Re: Light meter repair - status of Quality Light Metrics?

    Thank goodness they are still at it! I don't think there has ever been a website, a phone call works.
  35. Re: Sekonic L398 vs Spectra Combi 500- need help

    Back in the day the Combi 500 was indeed the standard cinematographers tool. The slides allowed a direct f stop incident reading off the dial at 24 fps. They were generally calibrated annually, as...
  36. Re: Hello from Los Angeles California...Questions from a want to be newbie...

    I really like the Linhof Color (and Kardan Color) line of cameras (monorails). They can be found very inexpensively on eBay and they are Linhof quality. Lenses: 210mm is great and cheap. 135 is nice,...
  37. Precision Camera Works still in operation?

    I sent a Linhof viewfinder in to Bob Watkins of Precision Camera Works a couple of months ago and I have not heard anything after many emails and a phone call (left a message). When we communicated...
  38. Re: any photos of Packard shutter hose through bellows, plus...

    I have never seen a hose mounted through the bellows, sounds like trouble. The standard set-up is too run the hose through the lens board. There are even nifty fittings made to do just that: take a...
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    Re: Beseler 45MX Enlarger Alignment

    This is difficult. I have a Beseler 45MXT with an alignment problem between the negative stage and the lens in the fore and aft position. I have a Versalab laser alignment tool to confirm it. I can't...
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    Re: Anamorphic projection lenses

    When I have seen projection anamorphic lenses used on 35mm still cameras they needed to be normal focal length (50mm) or a little longer. They come up cheap on eBay. I would like to know how it works...
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