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    Re: Shot abandonment

    The light changed?

    I realized that moving the camera a couple feet and re-composing made an even more remarkable image?

    I just lost interest in the composition?

    I decided not to use my last...
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    Re: Seeking the perfect monorail

    The Cambo SC 4x5 seems to work pretty well for me. Very simple to use. Pretty inexpensive. Not too bad to carry if you slide the standards off the rail and it is pretty easy to set up. Parts can be...
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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 experiences?

    I am one who is happy with his 4x5 Mark 1. After six years it still works great with no problems. It is exactly what I was looking for when the Intrepid kickstarter project popped up on my radar. It...
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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 experiences?

    I really do feel sorry for you guys. I think you should all go buy Deardorffs and send me your Intrepids. :D
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    Re: Storing Ansco 130

    Ansco 130 seems to store just fine. I have one year old stock solutions that I can pull from when needed and they seem to work well. I usually mix 1:1 with water for a working solution and I usually...
  6. Re: Is the obsession with analogue gearing an obstacle to art?

    You know, IMHO "art" is kind of a weird thing. I'm not too sure it has anything to do with limitations or with convenience.

    I think it happens irrespective of what equipment we do or don't use. It...
  7. Re: 480mm-600mm barrel lenses, covers 14x17 wide open, faster than f9?


    I have two of his lenses, a 500mm I use on 11x14 and a 285 that I use on my 8x10.

    Working with the Wollaston Meniscus lenses is a bit different than working with your typical Tessar or...
  8. Re: 480mm-600mm barrel lenses, covers 14x17 wide open, faster than f9?

    Another option.

    Get in touch with Reinhold Schabe at He sells Ultra Large Format Wollaston Meniscus Landscape lenses for a very reasonable price. These have been...
  9. Re: New Intrepid "Black" Edition 4x5 Camera - No Plywood! Also...

    I have enjoyed your review and video Corran. Thank you for taking the time to do it.

    I have been happy with my Kickstarter Intrepid and I am glad that I have it. It has been a big part of my large...
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    Re: Wanderlust Travelwide - still alive?

    Just used mine today with some Fuji Velvia 100. Also used it a couple of weeks ago for some pictures of my granddaughter at one of her high school graduation activities.

    Great little camera and I...
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    Re: Intrepid Enlarger Attachment

    I just received my enlarger attachment and I am looking forward to getting the best out of it that I can. I love my Intrepid 4x5 and am excited that I can use it in a similar way to how many...
  12. Re: Stearman Press 810 & Temperature Film Reticulation

    So far the only problems I've noted with my SP810 is with Harman Direct Positive Paper and that was caused by failing to pre-wet in the beginning.

    I agitate continuously and use 500 ml of...
  13. Re: Comparing Currently In-production 4X5 Field Cameras

    For 4x5 I picked up an Intrepid from backing the Kickstarter back in 2015 and I have been busy trying to wear it out for the past three or so years. So far it has held up exceptionally well. This is...
  14. Re: Continuous Processing with Dektol or PolyMax RT???


    I have always used Dektol and, beyond my own screwups, never had any problem. When I read the chart I was a bit confused so I thought I would ask.

    I have never tried replenishment but...
  15. Continuous Processing with Dektol or PolyMax RT???

    I have a bit of an odd question.

    I develop prints in Jobo 2800 tanks using 2 minutes of continuous rotation. I am currently using Dektol and it is getting close to time that I get some more.

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    Re: School me on press cameras.

    Thanks Bob. You are certainly right of course. Obviously that wasn't the right term to use here.

    But short of moving the camera or cropping the result I do get a different field of view with each...
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    Re: School me on press cameras.

    I have two Crowns, one with a 135mm Optar and the other with the 127mm Ektar. Both use Kalart rangefinder and both are plenty accurate from 4 foot and beyond. Other than the perspective I really...
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    Re: "Field" 4x5 Graflex Graphic Mod

    Nice work. Just the idea for forward tilt is worth it.
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    Re: Cleaning up an Acme-Ilex shutter?

    I agree with this.

    I'm retired on a limited income and I fully understand the need to limit the expense of our hobby as much as possible.

    That said, if the shutter is important and I really...
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    Re: SP-445 - What Went Wrong

    I prefer tray processing but it just isn't always possible or practical to do it.

    Thus the need for some type of daylight processing system and the SP-445 is a nice way to do it.
  21. Re: Canon Pixma Pro-100 for Digital Negative - Anyone using it?

    This looks terrific Dante. I will put this to work as soon as possible (probably sometime after the Holidays are over.)

    Thank you.
  22. Re: A $99.95 Jobo alternative or CineSTill spends too much time in the kitchen?

    Interesting gadget.

    I would certainly buy one but I need to use my Jobo for a few more years to make it worth what I originally paid for it.
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    Re: 3d printed MOD75 for devolping 5x7 sheets

    Looks like the Jobo 2509n which is currently available new from B&H Photo for $65 USD. A proven design that has worked for many, many people over the years.

    Maybe it is less expensive to have...
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    Re: Field or View Camera?


    I just love being wrong...especially twice.

    As for the double-f sometimes my finger stutters when it gets to the end of Linhof. (It just did it again.)

    As always, thanks for your...
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    Re: Field or View Camera?

    Sorry Bob. I must be screwing up somehow since I seem to be able to manage to get adequate tilt and rise out of my poor little old press camera to keep my landscapes working well.

    As for...
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    Re: Field or View Camera?

    My thoughts -

    If all you want to do is to expose large format film then just about any camera that you can carry to where you are interested in taking pictures will work. Field cameras, which I...
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    Re: Intrepid 8x10 experiences?

    Solid wood is just as likely to warp as the plywood that Intrepid is using to build their cameras. I have an original kickstarter 4x5 Intrepid and it has been heavily used all year round, Spring,...
  28. Re: A $99.95 Jobo alternative or CineSTill spends too much time in the kitchen?

    It is, with a few modifications to make it more suitable for film developing. I have been tempted to try it out but I don't think it is available for sale yet.

    EDIT - My mistake, I guess they are...
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    Re: TravelWide Repair Question

    Mine still works just fine but it is such a terrific little camera that I'll buy two sets at that price just to keep mine running if it does break.

    Please keep us posted.

    As for the Linhof...
  30. Re: Tools: Cheap and disposable vs. the best you can find/afford?

    If I am working professionally and my livelihood relies on my tools doing the job consistently and quickly I buy what works while still having a reasonable return on my investment.

    As an amateur I...
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    Re: Organizing Film Holders

    For me it is pretty simple. I am usually more interested in the print itself and less interested in any of the supporting information.

    I just number the film holders sequentially regardless of...
  32. Re: Jobo CPE-2 Plus vs CPE-3 - what's the difference?

    I like the lift.

    It's the motors that could stand improvement.

    I think I've run mine by hand as often as I have been able to run it with the motor.

    EDIT - I am referring to the CPE2+ which...
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    Re: Article on hybrid workflow for 4x5

    I initially used the coins to determine where I needed locate the prints for scanning, not the negative. However, it turned out that my 4x5 negatives also seem to scan quite well right off the...
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    Re: Article on hybrid workflow for 4x5

    Thanks for the article.

    I am still using the V500 and stitching in photoshop. I am also scanning at 2400ppi but since I have two images being joined in photoshop I am ending up with a larger final...
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    Re: New 4x5 'Standard' Camera

    Reminds me a lot of my Cambo SC. Still a great idea and the price is certainly right

    For now I am very, very happy wandering around Nevada and elsewhere with my Wanderlust Travelwide and my...
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    Re: Fresh dry plates in a variety of sizes

    Thanks Jason. I will do that.

    Learn something new everyday. I have been cutting up 5x7 film to feed this camera for several years and never knew it was also known as 6th Plate. :D
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    Re: Fresh dry plates in a variety of sizes

    I have an old zeiss ikon icarette that uses 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 dry plates. Is this something you can make and, if so, how do I place an order for 20 of them?

    Love your plates so am trying them...
  38. Re: Large Format 4x5 Camera Hiking Backpack Question

    Nice write up M00dog. The shots you posted turned out pretty well and you will get better.

    I'll have to weigh my Intrepid hiking set as I am probably fooling myself but I would expect mine to be...
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    Re: Fresh dry plates in a variety of sizes

    Worked fine, no cracks. I widened mine with the edge of a #10 bastard file. Fits perfectly.

    Now I need to go back to basics on exposure. The first plates turned out great, probably because I was...
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    Re: A thread for images made with dry plates

    Very nice mjork.
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