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  1. Re: Anyone tried Epson P906 (P900) printer for digital negatives?

    I’ve had better success with P5000 than I did with 4900’s. Disabling “paper skew check” and “paper size check” makes the p5000 work fairly reliably (this even worked fairly well on 4900’s). Sadly,...
  2. Re: Anyone tried Epson P906 (P900) printer for digital negatives?

    Thank you for the software recommendations. However, it's a hardware issue that is keeping me from printing on transparency. It seems there's no way to disable the printer from "looking" for the...
  3. Re: Anyone tried Epson P906 (P900) printer for digital negatives?

    I realize this is an old thread, but is anyone using a P900 for digital negatives yet? Been struggling with the printer recognizing transparency films (Pictorico & Inkpress), even with all of the...
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    Re: Flexcolor can`t open 3f files

    Keep in mind .fff files aren't RAW files in the same way as files from a DSLR; Camera Raw and Photoshop won't be able to open them directly. There are basically two options when it comes to...
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    Re: Calling all Photoshop experts

    From what I understand, if your file contains adjustment layers the above workflow will not function correctly. In this case, adjustment layers export as blank white files.

    It sounds to me like a...
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    Re: Hasselblad Flextight X5 Help

    Did you, by chance, have any other firewire peripherals plugged into the computer while scanning (say, a hard drive for example)? FlexColor is notorious for freaking out when firewire hard drives are...
  7. Re: What New Product would You Buy , . . .That is NOT made Yet?

    Perhaps a simple solution would be the Travelwide by Wanderlust Cameras. Their Kickstarter got funded this past May. Looks pretty simple and straightforward.
  8. Re: Kodak/Creo iQSmart2 can't change "Format" to 40-slide option. Any suggestions?


    As SergeyT says, when you launch oXYgen and it asks you to "set folder for tables", navigate to the tables folder in Applications>oXYgenScan>oXYgenScan-App.folder>iQsmart Tables. Your masks...
  9. Re: Good source for...if I knew what to call them I would have found them by now!!!
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    Re: Imacon Scan Problem

    I happen to know that the offices of Hasselblad USA in New Jersey just moved to a new location. Their phone service has been lacking because of the move. Things seem to have settled a bit now and...
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    Re: Creo IQ Smart 2 or 3 workflow

    From where did you order your oil mounting station?
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    Re: Need some help please!

    If I saw some screen shots of your settings in FlexColor for your X1 scans, I may be able to decipher the problem with resolution capping out at 300dpi. You should definitely be getting more out of...
  13. Re: What kinds of pointing devices do you prefer?

    I have both an Apple Magic Mouse ( and an Apple Magic Trackpad ( They are both always connected (wirelessly via Bluetooth) to my...
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    Re: Purple line through my scanned negative

    On my M1, I was getting the same magenta (or sometimes purple) stripes that would go the length of the scans. I contacted Microtek and they said my scanner was "defective" and replaced it under...
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