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    Re: LED UV Light Box: Build Your Own for Under $150

    A little over a year ago I built a UV unit with three strings (90ft IIRC) of non coated strip LEDs I picked up off Amazon. It took a lot of soldering which was a pain, but the light is super bright....
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    Re: Show Me Your Night Shots!

    I really like this photograph....
  3. Re: Elinchrom Ranger rX Experience ? Tell me Please.

    I own one of the regular Rangers from before the Rx. I've had it for around 20 years I think. It is a nice powerful little unit. If you can get a new one, so much the better. If you are going to...
  4. Thread: LPL 4500 or a....

    by PRJ

    Re: LPL 4500 or a....

    If you want a good one, go with a Durst, DeVere or LPL. LPL parts are the easiest to get in the US and you can still get most things new. Only you can determine if the investment is worth it. It is...
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    Re: Kim Weston Nude Workshop

    Why don't you just ask him? I'm sure Kim is comfortable with any camera. I think he has been doing that workshop since the 90s.
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    Re: Keeping Time tray developing film

    The display on the two digital Gralab 645 timers I have can be turned off. There is a metronome function as well. I think the Gralab 900 I have can do the same. The Kearsarge timer I have can't be...
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    Re: Oriental paper scarcity..

    If you are really dying, order it from Yodabashi or another place in Japan. If they won't ship it to the US there is a guy that goes by Japan Camera Hunter.. Have him get it for you... Probably won't...
  8. Re: Where does one get custom ground glass from these days?

    Thanks RK.
  9. Re: Where does one get custom ground glass from these days?

    One of the guys that used to do ground glass made it from Borosilicate glass. Anyone know where you can get that stuff? Seems like it would be better since it is clearer than float glass and stronger...
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    Re: DIY Large darkroom paper development ideas

    I've thought a lot about this over the years but I haven't done anything yet. I think the idea of an enlarged color canoe is probably the best way to go about it. You can use far less chemistry that...
  11. Re: Would you be interested in a large scale QR platform

    I prefer the Arca quick releases these days just because I have three tripods for different sized cameras. The Linhof older quick release that was automatic was fantastic. I still have it around but...
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    Re: Gitzo 1349 Mountaineer Sticky Leg

    I wouldn't put wet lube on the threads especially with al the sand I deal with. I use dry bicycle chain lube that has teflon in it. Works perfectly and doesn't attract dirt. It won't migrate if it...
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    Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Bronica EC-TL, FP4, PMK
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    Re: Need A Decent Lab Scale For A Decent Price

    I have a MyWeigh as well. going on 15 years or so and still works great. .1g resolution and it does work to that level.
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    Re: Pyrocat-HD Sudden Death!

    I've never had Pyrocat die on me using Pyrocat P and PC mixed in Glycol, but I have had issues such as streaking (with both inverted and roller processing) and lower development than I expected, but...
  16. Re: Allowing Lens Availability to Dictate Format Choice

    Emperor's clothes I think.

    Then throw in a little, or not so little ego.

    Format size seems to me to be more about exclusivity these days among other photographers. Same with pickle size in...
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    Re: how to notch film holder

    Mine are all notched with that binary thing. I think Ralph Lambrecht had it in his book? Can't remember where I first heard about it. I just used a v shaped file and cleaned the edges up with a...
  18. Re: The Camera and Technique of Andreas Gursky (Then And Now)

    You should take of the Pollyanna glasses. The main reason why someone like Gursky has limited output is because if his exorbitantly priced prints didn't sell, they would lose value, as would the...
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    Re: Seeking Advice for 4x5 Handheld Camera

    Carrying around a Speed Graphic or Linhof would not make my fun-to-do list.

    Years ago i built several Polaroid 110b type conversions. I still have one. That would be my advice if you want a...
  20. Re: What portable lighting equipment do you use when your shoot portraits outside stu

    I use an Elinchrom Ranger from many years ago. I'd imagine they still sell something like it. 1100 w/s gives you enough juice to use with the sun. You can eliminate the need for a sandbag too if you...
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    Re: Epson P600 for prints and digital negatives

    I have been dealing with stinkjet printers since 1997. I am not going to give you a resume, but I wouldn't buy an Epson myself unless I wanted to convert it to black and white. For smaller printers...
  22. Re: Need Light Meter Recommendations | My SinarSix isn't working ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Any of those would be good. I've never actually seen the 778, but it is supposed to be really good. The Sekonic meters that do both incident and spot are nice to have, the 508 and up. Gossen also...
  23. Thread: Manuscan 810

    by PRJ

    Re: Manuscan 810

    I was looking at the new Sony they just announced. It has a mode where it shifts half a pickle. Combine that with a 61 megapickle sensor, and it seems pretty impressive. Would be great for scanning...
  24. Re: Newb question: Store film holders with dark slides in...or out?

    I always keep holders in bags.

    If the white side of the slide is out it is unexposed. If black is out it is exposed. If it is in a bag that is labeled EMPTY, the holder is empty. Pretty simple. I...
  25. Re: Film Holder Weight per Sheet Data - DDS, Grafmatic, Kinematic, others

    Studio Pros are 187g empty.
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    Re: Photography and Plagiarism - A Personal Story

    When was that Vaughn? Just curious.

    I didn't notice that the back limb was missing until it was mentioned.

    Just kind of found it funny that I stood in almost the exact spot of Adams and didn't...
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    Re: Photography and Plagiarism - A Personal Story

    How about accidental plagiarism?

    Back in the late 90s I was driving through Yosemite and saw this tree. Did a U-ey and shot it. I was showing the print to a friend the next week and he got up,...
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    Re: Pictures made with thrift store cameras

    Canon Rebel 2000 with a 28mm lens on it. Nice compact little setup. Someone knew what they were doing. The two work well together, and they ended up finding me. Carrying the Rebel is a lot nicer than...
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    Re: Pictures made with thrift store cameras

    Leica Z2X. I couldn't believe the quality of the lens on this thing. I'd say it is roughly on par with my Contax TVS.
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    Re: Matting & Framing for Display

    I don't buy the acceptable, not acceptable schtick. They are your images so you can frame them or not frame them any dang way you want. If you want to mat them with black mat board, grey mat board or...
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    Re: Best way to repair small light leak in bellows?

    Best way I have found to fix pinholes is to stick a pin through the hole then on the end of it put a blob of Plastidip, or whatever else, then pull the pin back through. Of course then let it dry....
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    Re: Do you use 100% of a LF negative?

    I'd love to use the whole neg but the glass neg carrier I have for my Saunders 4550 crops in. Annoys me to no end... I am thnking about getting another one and having it machined.
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    Re: Retain highlights with Tmax 100

    Staining developers will reign in the highlights without doing anything crazy. I find the Zone System dull as a rock though and I would rather flog myself with my Gitzo than adhere to that soul...
  34. Thread: Pyro restaining?

    by PRJ

    Re: Pyro restaining?

    There is no right or wrong answer to this. If you do it and you like the negs, fine. If you don't and you like the negs, fine too! People make too much of these things.

    IIRC I used to do the...
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    Re: post alternative techniques

    After a couple decades of not making any cyanotypes, I've started again. Soooo much easier then back in the day. Built an LED UV printer and all. copy.jpg
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    Re: "Field" 4x5 Graflex Graphic Mod

    I flipped the front standard on mine. That is a great mod though. I probably would have done that instead.

    If you want to brighten your ground glass you can put a little wax on it.
  37. Re: Who’s using PMK for rotary / jobo processing?

    I use JOBO tanks, a 3010 and 1500, with a modified Beseler rotary base and PMK and I don't have any issues. I use a lot of developer though. I think that is the key. I use a liter in the 3010. You'd...
  38. Re: Question on using Inert gas to protect unused Developer

    I use butane. It is easily available, cheap in small quantities, and you only need a spritz to do the job since it is heavier than air.

    Easy peasy.
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    Poll: Re: Do you buy photographic prints / art?

    I have a bunch of prints but I don't remember ever buying one. Most were given to me or traded for. Strangely enough back when I sold prints I sold a lot to photographers. Not sure why.
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    Re: Selenium Toner question

    Back in the day peeps used to mix Selenium toner with Hypo Clear because Answell did it. I always thought that was kind of dumb because the Hypo Clear didn't last as long as the toner. Maybe that is...
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