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    Re: Cable release thread

    Did this once to a worn female thread in the block of a VW air cooled engine where the oxygen sensor (if I remember correctly) screwed in: Clean out the inside of the worn threads with a degreasing...
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    PYROCAT-MC in GLYCOL user info appreciated.

    After months of seeking permission to photograph a pretty much completely abandoned factory complex, it finally was approved last week. I plan on shooting LF and ULF with Ilford FP4+ and HP5+ films....
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    Re: Light weight 810 system

    Thanks for the info Bob. Unfortunately the 1/4-20 screw on the top of my Linhof head has only 3 threads. I actually have one of those brass 5 thread bushings that I can screw into the bottom of my...
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    Re: Light weight 810 system

    I have and use this very same head, except it is the previous model with bare metal showing through on the raised pattern on the top and bottom of the head. I can attest that it can carry an 8x10...
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    Re: Headache from Fixer Fumes?

    No but very close to it at the time.
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    Re: Headache from Fixer Fumes?

    When I was a student in a summer workshop at RIT in the 1970s, each student was assigned to a darkroom during class time. On the first darkroom day visited another student in his darkroom because...
  7. Re: Burke & James 8x10 geared focus rail pinion pressure ?

    In the late 1970s used the same 8x10 B&J wooden Commercial view camera. The gears made that same sound. The track teeth on the 2 rails were not aligned with each other. Removed one of the rails and...
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    Re: New HC110 Liquid Same as Old HC110 Syrup?

    Came across 2 bottles of unopened Rodinal and HC-110 that have to be almost 30 years old. Shot a test roll of 120 and processed half in one developer and half in the other developer. Both films...
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    Re: Prism Finder for Ebony Camera

    "The view finder here is for 4X5 only so far, but we are working on viewfinders for other cameras as well."

    A reflex finder for whole plate or 8x10 for us in the future?
  10. Re: Help me pick a couple of lenses for Sinar Norma please please

    When I was a student at RIT in the mis 1970s, the basic 4x5 view camera outfit, that we signed out, consisted of Calumet monorail camera and one lens... a 210mm Symmar.
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    Re: Dark slide for too 810 film holder

    Agree 100%. A time ago replaced some 11x14 film holders with ABS dark slide sheets. Thickness was to spec and they looked really great but when used outdoors in the bright sunlight, they "fogged" the...
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    Re: Turner Reich Triple Conv. date..

    In the early 1970s, acquired my first 8x10 lens from Burk & James, a very early 12 inch f/4.5 Wollensak Velostigmat. Burke & James had (re?)coated the optics and mounted it in a Betax No 5 shutter...
  13. Re: 480mm-600mm barrel lenses, covers 14x17 wide open, faster than f9?

    How about a Beseler lens from one of their opaque/overhead (forget which) projectors. Many years ago I sold my 14x17 film holders (medical ones) to a photographer in the Boston area who used one of...
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    Re: Magnesium Powder Flash

    When I was a student at RIT in the mid 1970s, one of the professors wanted to do a demonstration of using a Magnesium Powder Flash at night. Remember it had to be done outside in a part of the...
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    Re: Developing 5x7 in 12x16 paper drum

    For processing my 11x14 film I use JOBO 3062 drums. In JOBO's literature, they are listed for processing prints and not negatives. JOBO in fact did make another drum for processing 11x14 film (3027...
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    Re: Schneider Vario-C-Claron aperture question

    Had a similar problem with a similar lens years ago. S K Grimes was easily able to have the aperture go from wide open to a very small aperture. But then a few years ago had a Nikkor=Q lens with a...
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    Re: recommendations on 8x10 one/tele lenses.

    After much deliberation, acquired a 600mm f/11.5 S KangRinpoche for my 11x14. I love it, and that's on my 11x14. On my 8x10, it should provide me with as much movement(s) that I can ever imagine...
  18. Re: Portraits: Fujinon SFS lenses vs. Fujinon 240 A + Soft Focus filter

    Too bad that Zeiss didn't market larger Softar filter sizes... I would have been one definite purchaser of them.
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    Re: Fastest 11x14 barrel lens

    Once acquired a lens off a circa (maybe) 1970s opaque projector. Memory is not serving me well here, but think it was about 500mm and around f/3. Really wanted to try it on my 11x14, but it was too...
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    Re: Show off your ULF camera

    Would love to know how those first 2 optics work on your 11x14. Which 240 Schneider?
  21. Re: Portraits: Fujinon SFS lenses vs. Fujinon 240 A + Soft Focus filter

    In the past have had and used a 250mm FUJINON-SF and was very pleased with the image that it projected. If I remember correctly, it actually projected an image that covered the 11x14 format though...
  22. Re: ARTIFACT on my negative - what kind of light leak is this?

    Years ago had the same fogging problem with an old wooden 8x10 back that had weak springs. Removing the dark slide no problem, but when inserting the dark slide, the back opening up a slight bit was...
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    Cutting holes in Sinar Lensboards

    Was wondering how others cut holes in their Sinar lens boards. Initially drilled a lot of holes and filed the final hole to be round, tedious and time consuming to say the least. Then purchased a...
  24. Re: Online Reference for overview of Darlot Lenses?

    Once purchased a brass Petzval lens that the owner had removed all the patina from. Owner honestly told me that he didn't like the image that the lens produced after he had "polished up" all the...
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    Re: Waterhouse Stops: DIY Tips/

    Have made several sets cutting and filing the brass sheets clamped together by hand. My biggest mistake in the beginning was using too thin of sheets of brass thinking that it would take a lot less...
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    Re: Help me choose a camera to hike 2000+ miles

    First camera for backpacking was a Nikon Photomic FTN with 28mm f/2.5 Vivitar and 85mm f/1.8 Nikkor. Add in a PB-3 bellows and a small Leica tripod. This was used when I was a student at RIT in the...
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    Re: Sinar and Horseman board compatible?

    This is a subjective opinion and not objective... I have found Horseman boards a tad bit easier to cut than Sinar OEM boards. Also Sinar Norma era gray boards seem to be better matches for Chamonix...
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    Re: Front mounted Sinar Copal

    Also once "front mounted" a Sinar shutter when I was using a 14x17 camera. Problem encountered was that in the time from when I removed the dark slide to when I inserted it back into the holder,...
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    RE: Better Light digital backs

    Looking for members of the FORUM that have used or own(ed) a Better Light digital back. Are they worth looking into?
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    Re: Used gear and availability

    Patience, patience, patience...
    Took me several years to find a NOBLEX PRO 6/150UX with slow exposure module in mint condition
    Mottweiler P.90/2 Stenope pinhole camera: never found one in used...
  31. Re: Kang Rinpoche S 600 F11.5 (Chinese Fujinon C 600mm )

    So acquired a KangRinpoche 600mm F/11.5 S Lens a few days ago, mainly for use on my 11x14 Chamonix. Was from a Japanese dealer who rated it "93% EXC Very good condition with some signs of use" Upon...
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    Re: Clothes iron as tacking iron?

    When I was a student in the 1970s used a clothes iron as a tacking iron out of necessity. If I remember correctly, I had to use it very gingerly and lightly as it did not have a non-stick surface...
  33. Re: Seeking Ideas For Replacing Film Holder Labels?

    Brother P-touch label maker. Two lines of text printed on 12mm (0.47") and cut to fit. Easy to read and looks professionally done. Personally prefer black text on yellow background tape.
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    Re: Fiber based paper thoughts

    Last year used a lot of vintage FB Portriga Rapid for a project. The Paper really had a curl to it. My solution was to place the paper between 2 sheets of 2 ply archival board and place it a hot Seal...
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    Re: ULF - 11x14 - Focal Length Lineup

    So much has to do with the subject matter that you are shooting and your ability to move closer or farther away from the subject. When I was photographing waterfalls in the gorges of southern New...
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    Re: E-Bay and PayPal: What should I know?

    When I was actively selling:
    Only offered items as "Buy it Now" auctions
    Always included plenty of picturesMy descriptions were very long and very detailed
    Overpacked the items
    Only used USPS...
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    Re: How To Use Stouffer Step Tablet?

    Brings back a memory when I was a student at RIT in the mid 1970s. Went something like this: I was taking a Materials and Process course under Hollis Todd. About midway through the semester, Hollis...
  38. Re: Which lenses did Carleton Watkins use in 1861 for his mammoth plate camera

    "a Grubb-C Landscape Lens, (a 15-inch achromatic doublet rated for 8x10 to 10x12),
    a Harrison & Schnitzer 16-inch Globe lens, (rated for 19x23),
    and an unknown Dallmeyer."

    from the thread at...
  39. Re: Which lenses did Carleton Watkins use in 1861 for his mammoth plate camera
  40. Re: Which State is the Best State for Landscape Photographers to Live?

    For me New Hampshire. Recommend the book: Among the White Hills, the life and times of Guy L. Shorey. Especially admire the work he did with his 7x17 Korona in the early 1900s. Think of him driving...
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