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  1. Re: Swamping out the darkroom, or: AW CRAP!!

    Brings a whole new definition to "Shit Happens". Seriously, sorry to hear this and hopefully some good will come out all of this.
  2. Re: Longevity of stock TF-5 Archival Rapid Fix?

    I had a similar experience with TF4 a couple of years ago. It was only 18 months old but worked fine. My only concern is that it's lifespan maybe shorter than normal with yours being 4 years old. ...
  3. Re: Old Distilled Water in Half Empty Bottle...Acidic?

    CO2 content in air is only 0.04%, so in an open container you would get a very low amount of CO2 absorbed. The fact that it is in capped plastic bottle means that there is no CO2 being transferred. ...
  4. Re: My New Tripod: Gitzo vs Leica Surveyor vs Ries

    I have a carbonfiber tripod (don't recall the brand) that I use for my SLRs and occasionally for 4x5, but my preference is still for the Rise tripods and heads when I use my 8x10 and ULF. A ball...
  5. Re: Nikon Nikkor W 360mm

    Thanks Greg. The lens coverage you quote is the same that is posted on the LFPF 'Lens Comparrison' chart.

    Tin Can: thanks, but i wasn't asking about the 360 Nikkor in comparison to its bigger...
  6. Nikon Nikkor W 360mm: coverage beyond 11x14?

    Looking to get something a little wide for my 14x17. Judging by the information on lenses on this website the Schneider APO Symmar 360mm and the Nikon Nikkor W 360mm are my best choices. I have...
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    Re: Portraits from 2022

    Wonderful portrait. One of the best in this group. Well done.
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    Re: Three stops overexposed FP4+

    If you go by the old rule of expose for the shadows and develop for the highlights I would think you would want to do less developing. At the very least a N-2, that may be what some of the others...
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    Re: Favorite ULF photographers

    Jennifer's work is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Favorite ULF photographers

    These are great. Some of these photographers I have heard of but the Japanese photographers I had not. Any others? I know there has to be
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    Re: My 20x24 Camera Build

    I have a big soft spot for anything ULF. Thanks for sharing. I hope to see more of you and the camera in action in the future.
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    Re: Favorite ULF photographers

    You're too kind Peter.
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    Re: Favorite ULF photographers

    WOW! This is fantastic. Someone actually using a banquet camera as a banquet camera. $3500 for a sitting fee? I may have to look into this field. LOL
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    Favorite ULF photographers

    I was talking wit someone the other day about favorite photographers. I realized in our discussion most of the photographers we talked about were LF photographers but not many ULF photographers were...
  15. Re: Film Developing Rant and CineStill DF96 Monobath - Am I Lazy?

    I bought some a year or two ago. Tried it for my 35mm and 4x5. It was simple and easy to use but I found it too grainy and high contrast for me but maybe if that is the look you are going for it...
  16. Re: Question on height adjusters on Epson V850 4x5 negative holder

    Nick Carver on YouTube has several video's on scanning with the epson printer which is worth checking out. He talks about setting the notches for the best image. It's essentially a trial an error...
  17. Re: How To Create Dense & Contrasty Film Negs For Alt Prints?

    What's your favorite developer/time for X-ray? Just starting to get into this process.
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    Re: Stearman developing Issue

    I've used both their 4x5 tanks and 8x10 trays and have run hundreds of sheets of film thru them without problems. I have used every possible way of developing film in the last 50 years and the...
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    Re: Stearman developing Issue

    That is frustrating. I would contact Tim at Stearman Press. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. I'm betting that he can tell you what is going on.

    On another note, it's usually not a good...
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    Re: CMS 20 II 4x5 Developer Test

    I saw this video the other day and really enjoyed it (like all of your videos). What is POTA? Looking forward to the pyrocat hd test. Have you ever tested developers for CHS. II?
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    Re: Screw for Fujion 600 mm

    Thanks. I reached out to them but they weren't able to help me. The tech there went thru the extra screws he had but nothing fit.
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    Re: John Sexton - Kenny Rogers

    I had forgotten about Kenny's love for photography and his work. Thanks for the post and video
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    Screw for Fujion 600 mm

    One of the screws in my Fujion 600 mm (that hold onto the cable release) has gone MIA. Does anyone know what size screw that is and where you can get it?

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    Re: Yet another ULF Camera and cart

    Brilliant. Its good to see things being put to use especially after sitting so long. Have fun.
  25. Re: Making collodion negatives for Salt Printing.

    Beautiful image. I am wanting to get started in wet plate and I'm just starting out in salt printing. I hope you post a followup. What was the article you referenced about Sandy King, negative...
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    Re: Urge of ULF Panorama

    I have a 8x20 and 14x17. I understand the desire for something larger (occasionally it hits me) but the problem is that the bigger you go the bigger the problems. These problems are exponential...
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    Re: How Many LF Formats Do You Use/Own?

    4x5, 8x10, 8x20 and 14x17. I'm trying to fight off the urge for an 11x14.
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    Re: 8X10 Portraits

  29. Re: How do I get a warmer tone when developing BW film?

    I've been wanting to start doing some reversal images and appreciate the recipe link. I am intrigued by the idea that you can get a warmer tone with a film? I had no idea. Definitely will be...
  30. Re: Anyone else need idiot proof dark slides?

    With the price of film today I hate making that mistake. I have written on all of my slides "EXPOSED" and "UNEXPOSED" in big white letters so I know when I put the holder in which side. I've...
  31. Re: Portraits: how can you make people sitting still? sharing your method(s)

    Yousuf Karsh made the portrait of Churchill you describe.

    The story I heard about it is when Churchill walked in to have his portrait made, he had a cigar in his mouth. After setting him up for...
  32. Re: Portraits: how can you make people sitting still? sharing your method(s)

    [QUOTE=Bernice Loui;1625740]Forced stillness in the portrait sitter essentially destroys the portrait sitter's ability to reveal relevant emotional expression.

    Forced stillness in the could be...
  33. Re: Portraits: how can you make people sitting still? sharing your method(s)

    Not sure that I understand your method. Can you explain it?
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    Nu Arc Plate Burner servicing?

    I recently was able to pick up a Nu Arc Plate burner from a graphic design business for a good price. However, it hasn't been used much lately or cared for so it is need of a little tune up. Does...
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    Re: Post yer 35mm shots!

    River in southwest Wisconsin last October during a snowstorm. Nikon F6 on HP5 218548
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    Re: Silverfast and Editing software

    I've been using my Epson V850 for a couple of years. Silverfast is a nice program but it is aimed more for color than B&W. From what I've heard the new upgrade is aimed more for the color user. ...
  37. Re: B&W nature/landscape photography books

    1. Landscapes 1975-1979 by Michael Smith
    2. The Last Years in Carmel by Edward Weston
    3. Bullock by Wynn Bullock
    4. Unknown Tuscany by Patrick Alt
    5. Quiet Light by John Sexton
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    Re: post your trees!


    McKinney Falls State Park, Austin, TX Wisner 4x5 Schneider 120mm on FP4
  39. Re: Looking for my first 8x10 field camera, what are my best options in 2021?

    The trick is find the camera that best fits your style of photography. There ins't one camera that is the best or will make you a better photographer. Take your time and look at what's available. ...
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    Re: Who is shooting 20x24 film nowadays?

    I have a 14x17 camera from Richard Ritter that I got last year and loving it. I have to confess that it has me thinking about a 20x24. God help me.

    Another resource for you would be the...
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