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  1. Re: Schneider Super Angulon 72mm XL - filter conundrum

    Only saying that as one stops down, the radius of use of all the elements stops down too. At 5.6 you need the full front element. At f/22, the image is no longer in the outer fringes of the glass. ...
  2. Re: Schneider Super Angulon 72mm XL - filter conundrum

    I use 4" gels (poly) with mine. Either handheld or in a Lee snap holder. Unless you are using f/5.6, then your image rays don't go through all the glass and your filter doesn't have to cover...
  3. Re: Anybody used condenser lenses to build a taking lens?

    Try it. If you like soft fuzzy. These lens are probably cast, not ground, so the surface curvature could be anything.
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    Re: Butane for developer preservation

    breath still has much oxygen. We are not efficient about the conversion because CO2 is poisonous to humans. CO2 is acidifiying, but not much. Ask the coral.
  5. Re: LED enlarger head questions, elgatosuizo's design

    Rectified AC is just higher frequency w overtones. Basically a mess unless you filter or regulate.
  6. Re: LED enlarger head questions, elgatosuizo's design

    Buy a 120vac coil w DC contacts. A 'contacter' is such a device. Check contact currents.
  7. Re: LED enlarger head questions, elgatosuizo's design

    Dry relay easiest. Check your ratings.

    I used a PFET and an opto coupler. Tricky business.

    Whatever. You want ground isolation from unit to unit.
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    Re: Point Reyes Advice?

    Two days? Don't take so much gear. You'll spend your time figuring what to do, rather than doing it. Whichever camera you take, you'll have plenty to photograph.

    Have fun.
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    Re: Duchess Portraits

    The Duchess looks like a Vogue model. Was that the point? All I see is the photographer and not the person. Not to my liking.
  10. Re: LED enlarger head questions, elgatosuizo's design

    Lots of info here and there is a link to the full blown datasheet.

    With 36 LEDs on 12x12 aluminum, it is a simple 6x6...
  11. Re: LED enlarger head questions, elgatosuizo's design

    Disclaimer: I have not made the elgatosuizo design. My comments are based on five LED sources that I've designed and used.

    I'm using a 6x6 array of 1Amp LEDs made by Cree mounted on a 1/4"...
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    Re: Pet Pictures, Any Format.


  13. Re: Portraits: how can you make people sitting still? sharing your method(s)

    "Sit, Stay"
  14. Re: Seeking better flip-up/down eyeglass magnifiers

    I find the flip-downs heavy too. Mostly I use different pairs of glasses for different things. All custom because my eyes are unbalanced and wonky.
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    Re: Gluing camera screws

    Loctite 222, but nothing stronger. Loctite doesn't bind with stainless steel or anodize unless it's primed. Primer is just copper ions.

    I'm sure there are other remedies without buying a...
  16. Re: Light leak on a custom built 4x5 with a Schneider 47mm lens.

    At low angles, most surfaces reflect.

    Have you tried flocked paper inside. Used in telescopes to reduce background 'stuff'.
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    Re: Metrolux timer question - metronome

    PM sent.
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    Re: Long life opened liquid paper developer

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    Re: Newton's Rings

    Newton's Rings occur when the distance between two flat surfaces approach the wavelength of light ... and the light has some coherence. Therefore, you either need to disturb the flatness of the...
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    Re: Developing tank advice

    Started with trays. Then Jobo for a time. Now ABS tubes (similar to BTZS tubes).

    I couldn't shuffle without problems. So when using trays, it was one at a time. That was a lot of 'dark...
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    Re: What's in your 4x5 Lens kit?

    I can't carry the weight that I once could.

    90mm Angulon, late model.
    135mm Fuji (or 150mm)
    240mm Fuji

    This is my packed-and-ready-to-go bag. If I have something specific in mind, I'll...
  22. Re: Is it Legally Permissible to Photograph Modern Headstones in a Cemetery?

    There is an online app where you can lookup headstones. And there is a picture of each.
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    Re: KEH Camera “bargain” lenses

    I purchased a 'bargain' 35mm camera from KEH. Only thing 'wrong' was someone had removed the camera's name from the top plate. Somehow, carefully, removed the camera name, etc. silk screen. Other...
  24. How to defeat condenser counterbalance springs on Beseler CB-7

    A Beseler CB-7 enlarger has what is called 'condenser counterbalance springs' connected to the casting above the negative platform and the bellows that connects the top casting to a lower plate atop...
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    Re: Is Dektol supposed to be brown?

    Brown = dead on arrival.
  26. Re: Most affordable copy stand with geared height adjustment? (Rack and pinion?)

    get an old Beseler 45M frame
  27. Re: Expired film, storted at room temp, for bin?

    I'll bet it is fine, too. A few cosmic rays will increase your base fog a touch, but you should use it.
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    Re: What's your windy day technique?

    If steady wind, then look for some kind of 'wind shade'. If it is periodic, with quiet periods, start the exposure when quiet. When the wind starts again, put the darkslide in front of the lens...
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    Re: What makes a photograph "good"?

    ANOTHER good photograph.
  30. Re: Top glass in negative carrier advantages vs disadvantages.

    I used glassless carriers for many decades, but when I switched to my own enlarger head and light source design, I went to 'glass' carriers as they are easy to make for all sizes of negatives. The...
  31. Re: Light weight 4X5 gear backpack recommendations

    It got so the backpacks and bags weighed more than the stuff. It was time to rethink. I've always carried my camera mounted to the tripod resting on my shoulder. Dark cloth with a padded insert is...
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    Re: 5x7 Deardorff lensboard

    I had an aluminum adapter machined that fits where the lensboard goes and accepts the semi-standard Linhof / Technica / Wista. You wouldn't even know it is there and uses the Deardorff slider /...
  33. Re: Canham MQC 57 User experiences and comparisons ?

    Rent or borrow one and give it a try before you buy.
  34. Re: Definitive LED / Incandescent enlarger light bulb replacement thread

    Use heat absorbing glass (if you are using tungsten lamps) followed by a good diffusion material. Opal glass is a good diffuser, but also quite opaque. It absorbs a lot of the light (more than a...
  35. Re: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendation

    I have a Deardorff 57. Had it since the late 80s. One of the last ones that Jack pushed out the door. I love the format and have shot with lenses from 72mm to 800mm. Works fine for my work, which...
  36. Please identify 8x10 film holder (?) with spring back

    This appears to be an 8x10 film holder with a spring back. From the front, it looks like any other film holder. It is made of wood, painted black. There is no manufacturer identity. The back is a...
  37. Re: Can the Devere 507 be converted to the 5108?

    Not sure how large of print you want to make, but a friend makes 40 x 50" prints. The problem became the throat width. A head extension (longer neck?) had to be made to get it all to work.

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    Re: Nikor Canoe??

    I knew them to be called a "Color Canoe" for processing color prints with minimal chemistry. Only needed one canoe. There was a stainless steel wire bail that attached somehow that rested in the...
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    Re: OCR From Google Photos

    What many of us wanted to know is what is OCR?

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    Re: Advice request: cutter

    I used one of these once long ago to cut 8x10 film stock. A local photo finisher had it. I used it as his place. He had a darkroom. Worked very well. Pricey...
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