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  1. Thread: Spot meter

    by Rod Klukas

    Re: Spot meter

    The battery idea is a good one, but another one to look at is what kind of metering cell the meter uses. The earliest spot meters used a CDS cell(Cadmium Disulfide) which had some issues with some...
  2. Re: Would a Horseman Super ER 75/5.6 work on a WISTA RF?

    The one issue is the bellows allowing movement.
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    Re: Extending capacity of Unicolor C41 kit

    Because the time extension is based on usage by rolls adding 2 rolls, in my opinion, would involve normally adding time and time for each roll. Or perhaps as you surmise a 1.5 time adjustment to...
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    Re: I don't understand Rodinol...

    Just a late added note-I did not see anyone using a wash aid such as Edwin 4in1, Heico Permawash, or Orbit bath. Those are the ones I like in order. After fixing, I used to do a rinse of the sheet...
  5. Re: Best B&W Film/Developer combo - for big enlargements via DSLR scanning

    The one issue is that B&W film as well as transparency film, still has silver in the negative or transparency. When you scan it this metal causes some light scattering which flattens sharpness at...
  6. Re: Zero position is not centered? Arca swiss 4x5 metric w/ micrometric orbix

    The answer is yes. To center a rear frame with a front frame with MicroOrbix tilt installed, you need to raise the back a few mm so as not to damage the bellows when the camera is collapsed, and or...
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    Re: Arca-Swiss at PhotoPlus Expo 2019

    Hi Stephen,

    The minimal grip of the GFX50R makes this possible, as the grip does not extend beyond the Fuji lens mount. In a sense, the Fuji GFX50R can become a replacement for the much more...
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    Arca-Swiss at PhotoPlus Expo 2019

    Photographer John Sanderson will be with us at the Arca-Swiss booth (#167) during PhotoPlus Expo 2019.

    Come by and learn why John chooses to use an 8x10 camera, and why large format film is...
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    Re: Anyone Recognize this camera?

    The closest models I can find are a Kodak 2D or Empire state models. There were slight variations as the cameras were made for Kodak and others by many builders in the late 19th and early 20th...
  10. Re: Weight of the earlier Arca Swiss 8x10s?

    They weighed approximately 13 lbs. F-lines are approximately 10 lbs.
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    Re: Help Toyo View D45M Focus problems

    As people have suggested the addition of glass or fresnel, and even filters will move the focus 1/3 the thickness of the added glass.

    My suspicion is the fresnel is reversed. The smooth side of...
  12. Re: New to Large format - need help about telephoto lenses!

    Wow! Thank you all so much for such detailed and fast responses. It certainly has given me a lot to think about.

    Mick Fagan, I have been looking at the Komura. Obviously I would love to get a...
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    Re: Best affordable 4X5 Field camera

    The issue with the roll back is its weight. many wooden cameras do not have sufficient springs to keep the roll back in register. Graflok is better but requires removal of the glass if the cameras...
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    Re: Determining PRINT fixing time.

    One other point-If you use an acid stop bath the first bath or your only fixing bath will last much longer before depletion. The PH is opposite in developer from that of fixer and therefore will...
  15. Re: Tools: Cheap and disposable vs. the best you can find/afford?

    I just returned from 2 weeks at the Arca-Swiss factory in France. The tools issue is problem as the really good tools are hard to find. Many of the screwdrivers for instance now are only...
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    Re: Arca Swiss in Besan輟n, France - Switzerland and the EU

    Thank you.
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    Re: 8x10 Arca Swiss Model B, I'm happy

    Just a note: The polycarbonate rail guides in the function carriers on the rails, can get brittle with age. So be very careful if you remove the carriers from the rails. If broken, there are no new...
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    Re: 8x10 Arca Swiss Model B, I'm happy

    They moved from Switzerland to France when the EU was created to allow Euro customers to purchase with less VAT involved. Not to mislead.They still retain a small office in Zurich I believe.
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    Worldwide Large Format Photography Contest

    Hi everyone,

    I'm passing on an announcement of a contest for large format photographers.
    Judges will be Bruce Barnbaum, Urs BernHard, Stefan Maria Rother, Feng Jianguo, and Detlef Grosspietsch.
  20. Re: Subjectively, Objective Volume 4: John Sanderson: National Character

    Congrats John!
  21. Re: Problem using 90mm lens with Linhof Master Technika Classic

    Actually they had a rail 300mm and a 500mm extension bed and a long bellows. I shot the 720mm Nikon tele on this system.
    Not sure if still offered, but I see them used.
  22. Re: Arca Swiss (Oschwald era) Cutting Rail making a telescopic rail

    The camera can be used on the modern Monorail II rails. We have a 15cm rail which will handle the cameras, even 8x10, just fine.
    With a connecting bracket, and another rail, you have all you...
  23. Re: Will Arca Swiss B bellows fit a F with 171 frames????

    Kumar is correct as the frames of the A,B, and C models, are of a polycarbonite material and have a totally different latching mechanism than the F line and also M line from 1984 forward.The Fline...
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    Re: Wista SP - 600mm Bellows & Extension?

    This works well as I have used it with a 720mm Nikon telephoto.
    The extension has a tripod mount under it and if using the long lens, for balance, mount there.
    I use an Arca-Swiss head, obviously,...
  25. Re: nikon W 135mm 5.6 VS Rodenstock Sironar N 135mm 5.6

    But the color contrast of the Apo-Chromatic design makes a difference, especially if you try working close to 1:1. There is less error as the red wave length error is calculated from the extension. ...
  26. Re: Can you identify the model of this 4ラ5 Arca Swiss camera?

    Neil is correct it is 171 series. However, it appears some felt Axis tilt was better than base or wanted both. They apparently have made a hybrid.
    Probably OK for film as you can stop down to...
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    Re: Help identifying Arca Swiss model?

    I am pretty sure it is a C or Bi body. They were made through 1984.
    It uses 171 boards but the flat type are the correct ones for precise geometry in using the movements. The F-line from 1984 to...
  28. Re: Where to get a #00 drilled 171x171mm lens board for an old Arca Swiss 4x5?

    S K Grimes is the best in the world at the lensboard game and other custom milling for cameras.
    Try them. Myself and many of my students have and they always make an elegant solution.
    And they are...
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    Re: Arca Swiss format carriers F-line

    This is a problem.
    These are not user changeable. I do not understand why you wish to change the function carrier top clamps. Why not just use the knob clamps on the camera you want. These are...
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    Re: Arca Swiss 5x7 model

    There are lensboards from 171 or 141 to 110mm boards readily available.
    That would solve your lens board most easily.
    I must say your rear frame is a 171 frame from what i see in the pictures.
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    Re: Paint your Arca Swiss

    You might try having it anodized.
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    Re: where to get parts for wista/tachihara?

    Omega Brandess is the new distributor.
    Cameras are still listed, as well as accessories.
    As Bob said Nippon in NYC got some of the parts for repair.
    I can get some accessories, but any dealer...
  33. Re: Does Sinar Shutter Fit 8x10 Arca Swiss F-Metric?

    The fact is that, when used in the studio, the Sinar shutter, on a Sinar, was OK since the actual exposure time was the flash duration. The mechanical shutter was limited, to 1/60 and slower, so...
  34. Re: Does Sinar Shutter Fit 8x10 Arca Swiss F-Metric?

    Be well,
  35. Re: Does Sinar Shutter Fit 8x10 Arca Swiss F-Metric?

    Sorry, but this is a bad Idea. The mechanical shutter had a lot of vibration. Was Ok with fast flash durations, but not so good on location/available light.
    Also had several eccentric cables that...
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    Re: Arca Swiss Focusing knob problem

    Anytime Monday as I am in a class tomorrow.
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    Re: Arca Swiss Focusing knob problem

    Please contact me to discuss this.
    I am sure I can help you.
    Rod Klukas
    Arca-Swiss Inc
  38. Re: 8x10'' 末 Arca Swiss F-Line Metric vs. Lotus View

    And the one other nice part of the Arca-Swiss Field, is that it is precise enough to go digital if you ever wanted or needed to. Be well,
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    Re: Bellows won't fit 6x9 Arca Swiss

    The only way to get a wide bellows is to find an older bellows of any type that fits your camera, and have a bellows refitted to those older frames.
    These have not been available new, since...
  40. Re: Newbie. 4x5 body and lenses for fine art copy work?

    Any decent camera will work.
    However, I must interject taht a lens such as the Rodenstock Apo-Ronar or the Schneider G Claron would be your best choice for this type of work.
    The reason is that...
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