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  1. 2 Questions re Location Portraiture

    Seeking insights on two questions. First: on making location portraits of many folks in one session. Second: on portrait tips for older models.

    I've somehow convinced a local nursing home to let...
  2. Re: Should I build a LF TLR? What would it take?

    You just need to reach that place where "that's all you can stand, and you can't stands no more!" Then, the Popeye Spinach Smoothie.

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    Re: Contact Printing Machines

    Thanks! I really loved that Snelson video.

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  4. Re: Current 4x5 enlarger options

    I have Intrepid Mark IV camera, and other cameras. Had their version 1 Enlarger for 4x5. Then scored a Beseler 45MXII for free via CL, but after months of trying. Sold Intrepid Version 1 Enlarger...
  5. Re: Need More LIGHT: Should I start PUSHING?

    As a fellow newbie, I can tell you that that post about LF cameras being "light eaters" rattled me at first too. However, I find no contradiction between his observations about LF and all the...
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    Re: Some B&W Bridges...

    Like this one! Sent it to my buddy who grew up in Ambler. I visited him there 40+ years ago. He said his grandfather was friend of the painter who painted a collection of the bridges in that area,...
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    Re: Art is Emotion

    I imagine it's been proposed before, but a thread that featured political photographs, as defined by the one who posts, that invite discussion might be interesting.

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  8. Re: Suggest a 12" (300mm) lens for portrait work on 8x10?

    Fujinar 30cm?

    Tessar, single-coated, f/4.5. Covers 8x10. Within your budget, even allowing for shutter (assuming it can be mounted on one).

    I'm too new to have much to compare to, but I dig it...
  9. Re: Newbie Question - Should I develop film myself or send it to a lab?

    Love this! Says it all.

    I started a year ago with the Stearman SP-445 tank and his chemicals. If I can do it, anyone can! Tim, the Stearman guy, has good videos, answers emails. But the tutorials...
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    Re: Ethiopian Journey

    Beautiful, evocative images, both. Eager for more and more details when available! Thanks!

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  11. Re: Fastest Speed of all 4x5/9x12 Sinar Norma

    Very helpful discussion.

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  12. Re: Studio Portraits

    Good for you! I'm semi-retired, but super re-newed to photography, and totally new to LF. I've got studio + dry darkroom + wet darkroom all in one two-car garage. Envy the light you're going to be...
  13. Re: Interesting article on lens design

    Thanks for the memories! I remember when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan, and my older sister had to wash her hair. She asked me to let her know when they came on. I told her, and she came running...
  14. Re: Sinar Shutter "sticky" with Auto Aperture cable

    Thanks, Daniel! Helpful confirmation. Yes, I did figure out the adjustment, and I'll give that lube a try.

    Care to share contact info for your repair guy?


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  15. Sinar Shutter "sticky" with Auto Aperture cable

    Hello Sinar experts!

    I mounted and adjusted my chrome Auto Aperture cable onto my Norma 4x5 back according to instructions I found in a manual, and the green Norma-era shutter closes fully when I...
  16. Re: Strobes, Lighting, Metering, and Digital 'Polaroids'

    This is where I'm hoping the Lomo Graflok Instax 4x5 Back will come in exactly as you say: to check lighting expresdion generally. Then meter for exposure. Hoping.

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  17. Re: Camera / tripod brace for vibration

    Joshua, thanks for this. I've got the Bogen/Manfrotto tripod with the finger "trigger" for adjusting height of the legs--together or singly-- which I love for studio. BUT, even though I don't raise...
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    Re: Pet Pictures, Any Format.

    Otis on 35mm film.

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  19. Re: Are you shooting more than one format

    Instant film: SX70 & Instax Wide (awaiting back from Lomo)

    Not-so-Instant film: 35mm, 4x5 (Handheld, Field & Studio) & 5x7 (Studio) Just sold 6x9 back to afford the 5x7.

    Digital: DX DSLR &...
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    Re: Greetings from D.C.

    Hi there and welcome!

    I spend part of my time in DC, and shoot with an Intrepid 4x5 there, but also my Crown Graphic on the street (Navy Yard area). I'm new to LF as well. Fabulous journey!
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    Re: Hello from a beginner

    Welcome! New still too. Began with Intrepid...or so I thought. While awaiting delivery, got a Crown Graphic for hand held. Love both. Intrepid is a well-constructed and fully functional camera for...
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    Re: Film changing tent

    Stearman Press has instructions for a Dark Box. Also, YouTube videos.

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    Re: Studio lights for a hack

    +1 to importance of modifier when discussing lighting gear.

    For large modifier, i like the Glow Wing-Like Umbrella. Mine is 88", but smaller available. With low ceilings, you can still get wide...
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    Re: Studio lights for a hack

    I'm new too. Use Norma in studio, Crown Graphic (handheld) & Intrepid in field.

    Godox/Flashpoint strobes are great entry point for checking out strobe lighting. AD200/Evolv200 are good values for...
  25. Re: Intrepid 4x5 as a permanent enlarger?

    I have the Intrepid MK4, but also two other LF cameras. I love the MK4 for all that it is. But it isn't for me for every situation.

    I had the Intrepid Enlarger Kit, and recently sold it. It was my...
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    Re: 2021 Self Portraits


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  27. Re: Prototype RF-coupled 4x5 camera

    "A graflok back that can shoot instax as an idea."

    Mine on order:

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  28. Re: What's your Go To LF body & lens?

    Hand Held: Graflex Crown Graphic with native 4.7/135mm Xenar in Compur. Hand-in-glove lens/shutter. Wider view enables cropping, handy for hand held.

    Field: Intrepid MK4 4x5, mostly with...
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    Re: Self Portrait Tools

    I dig the self-eye portrait!

    Any hints on mating a bulb to a Sinar Copal shutter?

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    Re: Presence in 8x10 photography

    Once again, I find your comment to be a little gem that I copy and put in my Notes files so I can reference later.

    However, could you explain why there is less of a difference with color:
  31. Re: Post Photos of YOURSELF with your camera

    My first and only darkroom print so far. Welcoming critiques.

    Made with Crown Graphic and Schneider Xenar 135mm f/4.7.


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    Re: Nude

    Just looking at images from Thanksgiving portrait session with family (household), and the tension between achieving strong bokeh AND crisp focus where I wanted it was born out in the images....
  33. Re: 4x5 Portrait lens & Chamonix F2

    Timely topic for me. Just got a 300mm Fujinar ("countless" aperture blades) and shot Thanksgiving portraits. Digging it. Also bringing to play with Imagon.

    Yesterday, i won a Sinar Soft Focus 2...
  34. Sinar Bulb Release for Sinar Copal Shutter?

    Wondering what you all use when you need a remote shutter release for the Sinar Copal Shutter? I know there are auto and remote timer schemes. Also, long exposures with a lens cap.

    Any Bulb or...
  35. Re: Uneven Development -- 5X7's in Stearman Press 8X10 Tray

    In Tim's latest video (a new beginner's guide) on the SP-445, he discusses infrequent issues caused by what he thinks is inadequate washing out of the anti-halation dye causing film to stick....
  36. Re: beseler dichro dg color head improvements

    Did exactly as you said--10 years later--and all smooth now! Thanks for the tips!

    Picked up the Beseler MX II plus tons of negative carriers (4x5 Negaflat), Print Washer for 20 x 24, drying rack,...
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    Re: Darkroom Renovation Phase 1

    Got it. Thanks much!

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    Re: Darkroom Renovation Phase 1

    Daniel, very impressive! What's your trick on the filter holder ring fitting with the Norma? Filing the hexagonal rod? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    I am digging this!

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  40. Re: Excited and Stoked, 4x5 Black Edition Intrepid


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