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  1. Re: Filter size and thread pitch for Schneider Xenar 150mm f/3.5

    I can't answer your question directly. However, 40.5mm filters do exist, and the threads on filters are tapered. A standard filter should screw on by a couple of turns and hold in place, in a...
  2. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    That is the crux of the matter. When is it time to let go? All I can say is that I'm not there yet.
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    Re: How do you tell the size

    I have 3 identical-looking small petzvals that range from 6" to 12" EFL. I can't tell them apart, I have to keep tags on them.
  4. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    This has been my view on lenses especially for some years. We do not own these lenses, we are merely caretakers and we need to diligently preserve them for posterity. I also think we should pass...
  5. Re: What’s your most “unpopular” opinion about LF?

    Corollary: LF since then is performance art, for the most part.

    Witness the exodus of a number of photographers from this site, leaving mostly hobbyists and some digital shooters dealing with...
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    Re: post your trees!

    Love it.
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    Re: Exposure compensation for small apertures

    The reason for the exposure compensation at small apertures vs. wide open is clear when using fast shutter speeds, what interests me is the other factor which is increased depth of field at fastest...
  8. Re: which Spot lightmeter for field use (dead Spotmeter V) ?

    The Pentax V is a great meter, you can't go wrong. And if the new one breaks, buy another. I have bought and sold many lightmeters over the years, but I have never even considered selling my Pentax...
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    Re: What equipment is hard for you to find?

    Something that's getting harder to find: universal iris.
  10. Re: 8 x 10 Field Camera with the largest amount of front "fall"?

    If this is the goal, any 8x10 field camera will do. Simply take out the ground glass and install an 8"x10" 'lens board', replace the original lens board with a piece of white foam core, and shoot...
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    Re: modern 360mm lens for 11x14

    There's also the Symmar and Symmar-S 360mm, similar to the other f5.6 plasmats but likely cheaper. I bought a convertible 360 Symmar on this forum not so long ago for a reasonable price. If...
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    Re: eliminate duplicates from hard drives

    There are utilities that display thumbnails and allow you to pick duplicates for deletion. I used one when I consolidated 10 years' worth of phone backups onto one hard drive. Can't recall which...
  13. Re: Shutter Speed... Flash... What Difference Does It Make?

    I've always done the opposite. But then I rarely shoot in studio, when you're outside you can't overpower the sun with your flash even on a cloudy day. Then I see wedding photogs working outside...
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    Re: Urge of ULF Panorama

    You only live once. If this is your dream, go for it. I for one would love to see the results.
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    Re: How Many LF Formats Do You Use/Own?

    Me too. I can't even answer the question, I would have to take an inventory.
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    Re: Life after E6 and large format transparencies

    I've given up on color LF and I'm about to sell my Jobo CPE 2. It's just too pricey and I've learned to 'see' in B&W.
  17. Re: Posslibly of interest: a Canadian photographer's machinist

    I've met Eric a number of times at the local camera shows, he's a nice guy. Bought a lot more stuff from him than I ever sold to him. He has a day job, this is a hobby, and he seems to have gotten...
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    Re: Jeffrey Wolin: Faces Of Homelessness

    Given the extent of homelessness today, worse than during the time of Hoovervilles in the great depression, and the willingness of virtually all of society to just look the other way, I would say...
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    Re: Sony coated 300mm f2 projection Petzval

    I gave up on this a couple of years ago and sold the lens. I'm trying to avoid this type of lens now, too much trouble to be useful for what I do.
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    Re: Bird Photography with LF

    So I guess I'm the only one here who has actually tried?

    In my first lf attempt, late 90s, nobody told me about bellows factor so my chromes were seriously underexposed, but I did get a...
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    Re: Measuring old lens threads

    With antique lenses, this is the only way to be sure. Note that only the barrel needs to be shipped. There is simply too much variation in hand-cut threads, barrels that may be out of true from...
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    Re: Measuring old lens threads

    As someone who routinely cuts flange threads on a lathe, don't get overly complicated here. You're not talking about tolerances in the thousandths to make a flange, you need the approximate thread...
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    Re: Hand LF in Ukraine

    Nice rig!
  24. Re: Ottawa Feb 11 & Feb 16 '22 Truckers Freedom Convoy

    For anyone wondering, I saw about a dozen other people carrying dSLRs, about half of them old fogies like myself, and half much younger carrying 2 or 3 around their necks, obviously photojournalists....
  25. Re: Ottawa Feb 11 & Feb 16 '22 Truckers Freedom Convoy

    Four more:




  26. Ottawa Feb 11 & Feb 16 '22 Truckers Freedom Convoy

    I haven't tried this sort of photography in many years, and I almost never use dSLRs, so this was a bit of an experiment for me. I got my footing a little bit by the 2nd day. I am amazed at what a...
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    Re: Making Odd Sized Batteries

    I don't electrically fasten them. I clean them with alcohol, stack them and wrap them in tape. Never had any trouble, have used Yashica rangefinders this way until the batteries died. As a plus, I...
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    Re: Some Soft Focus Lens Sales Information

    You might want to post particulars because eBay links to completed sales don't work for long. 30 days I think. They want you to pay for a service to research prices.
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    Re: Identifying Fujinon lenses

    I'm sure someone will come along and tell me I'm wrong, but I do not think Fuji simultaneously used several types of multicoating. The 'EBC' marking is only for marketing purposes, all late-model...
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    Re: Verito 14.5 inch

    I mounted mine on a 5" board once, it is the one in studio shutter that hangs entirely off the front, and I didn't have a flange for it. There are filter holders that take a 105mm (?) internally...
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    Re: Ektar Lenses in a Different Shutter?

    It occurs to me that if the Fujinon L lenses are too contrasty and clinical, you might want to try the older single coated Fujinar line of Tessars, often found in a Shanel shutter for comparatively...
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    Re: PC-420D stirring speed

    I don't have that model but I looked it up. Looks like the speed is set with a knob on the front, that looks very vulnerable to spilled liquids. Those are usually 0-5K or 0-10K pots, a bit of dust...
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    Re: Ektar Lenses in a Different Shutter?

    I've never had trouble with Ilex shutters either, except for the one I'm currently working on, and the trouble is entirely my fault. When removing a piece, the attached spring went flying over my...
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    Re: 1960's Linhof camera factory tour movie...

    I think I saw my tripod near the end.
  35. Re: Using Modern 67mm filters on older lenses - a simple workaround

    I forgot I own one of these. Thanks for the idea. I've been using front-mounted LUC shutters, and I epoxy step-up rings or just old filters with the glass removed to the front of the LUC shutter. ...
  36. Re: Getting the correct lens settings for a synced strobe?

    No one is suggesting anyone buy a dSLR to use as a flash meter. The point is that most of us own dSLRs already. I personally have about 6 of them, several with a pc flash socket.
  37. Re: DIY ULF Lenses - 3D printing resin, epoxy casting or sand casting?

    Thank you for the links, I will read/watch when I have some time. I've wondered if plastic was a suitable medium for DIY lens-making, of course everything would have to be re-computed using available...
  38. Re: Goerz Dogmar exposing unequally (different ISO) across aperture scale

    It's always possible the cells are in the wrong barrel. If someone took the Dogmar cells to mount in a shutter, and took the reciprocal cells from the shutter and stuck them in that barrel for...
  39. Re: Getting the correct lens settings for a synced strobe?

    It's more a suggestion that anyone who has a dSLR doesn't need to go out and buy a flash meter, for $25 or whatever they cost. Not sure you can have one delivered to your door for anything close to...
  40. Thread: PPE lens

    by Jody_S

    Re: PPE lens

    Interesting info, I gather you can't tell us about most of their work. Are there any PPE lenses out there that might be of particular interest to photographers? Sharp process lenses designed for...
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