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  1. Matt Blais and I will try...

    Its a bit close to my Owens Valley Workshop and the Workshop in Tonopah with Jim Galli, but I will try...

    Per Volquartz
  2. Last Minute info for the upcoming Joshua Tree Gettogether / Workshop!

    Joshua Tree Workshop / Gettogether

    We are on for this coming weekend!

    Be prepared for cool (perhaps cold) nights, and beautiful days.

    Winds in Joshua Tree in the morning can be brutal so...
  3. The FREE Mammoth / Owens Valley Photo Workshop!

    The FREE Mammoth /Owens Valley Workshop in October!

    From October 24 to October 28, 2005

    The theme of this FREE Workshop is "The Essence of the Scene."
    Learn how to analyze a given scene, know...
  4. The last 2 FREE Workshops / Gettogethers of 2005!

    Mammoth Mountain / Owens Valley / Yosemite / Bodie, October 25 to 29

    Zion / Grafton, December 5 to 9

    Please sign up as soon as possible so we can plan these event well in advance. The end of...
  5. The FREE Zion Workshop for 2005 - time to sign up!

    This year our FREE Zion workshop will take place from December 5 to December 9. (Originally planned from Dec 26 to 31; BUT - that was probably not a good idea - so please write the new dates into...
  6. Last call for the Free oregon Workshop in May!

    Ed, please email me so I can get you the info ASAP.
  7. Last call for the Free oregon Workshop in May!

    Please email me so I can put you on the list!

  8. Last call for the Free oregon Workshop in May!

    If you want to come to a fun workshop, learn a lot, meet a great bunch of photographers, who share your interest, please contact me ASAP.

    The workshop starts in Portland on May 23 and ends on May...
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    The FREE Oregon Coast Workshop...

    We meet in Portland. Go to the coast and work our way down to the California border through the week. We may extend the workshop over Memorial Day weekend, staying in the redwoods on the coast?
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    The FREE Oregon Coast Workshop...

    May 23 - May 27, 2005

    Mark your calendar!

    More info available soon!
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    The FREE Joshua Tree Photo Workshop!

    The FREE Joshua Tree Workshop is less than two weeks away!

    It takes place January 28-29-30 in Joshua Tree, Southern California.

    Come for a day or for all three days! Meet other dedicated...
  12. The FREE 2005 Joshua Tree Workshop Jan. 28 to Jan.

    The 2005 Annual FREE Joshua Tree Large Format Workshop / Gettogether (Our 11th FREE Workshop!):

    Date: Friday January 28 through Sunday January 30

    Place: Joshua Tree National Park Camping in...
  13. The FREE Annual Joshua Tree Gettogether / Workshop

    This will be our 4th Gettogether in Joshua Tree and our 11th FREE Workshop! The dates are Friday January 28 at 4PM to Sunday January 30 at 3PM. (Come when you can!) The place: Jumbo Rocks Campground....
  14. The FREE Zion Workshop / Gettogether is now full!

    The FREE Zion Workshop / Gettogether - November 13 to 18

    We will be 36 + people = 36 for sure and additional 9 undecided as of now. If you have not made up your mind yet this is your last chance!...
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    The FREE Zion Workshop in November

    The FREE Zion 2004 Workshop is almost full. We have 21 "for sure", and 11 still deciding. We can only handle a few more! If you have been thinking about participating in this Free Workshop at one of...
  16. The FREE Zion Workshop / Gettogether is coming up in November!

    I am celebrating my 30th year as a professional photographer by offering yet another Free Workshop / Gettogether!

    It will happen in November, which will be here before you know it! Participants...
  17. The FREE Zion Large Format Workshop / Gettogether in November!

    The good times will start Saturday November 13 and last through Thursday November 18. We will cover basic view camera technique, the art of seeing, understanding effective composition = composition...
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    The First Free Workshop Group Show

    The First Free Workshop Group Show will take place during the first week of December, in a fine art gallery in Monrovia, Southern California.

    Each photographer who has participated in any of our...
  19. 8x10 Camera Bag or Two Cases of Beer???

    Greg, here's a question for you:

    Will you bring the two cases of beer to Joshua Tree next spring since you won't need them in the dog house? (Corona Lights please!)

    ("at worst I would have cold...
  20. Thread: HP5

    by Per Volquartz


    HP5 processed in Pyro exhibits no grain in 16X20 prints as the Pyro developer creates a continues tone stain along with the silver image. This stain masks areas between the silver particles and...
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    PMK vs Pyrocat HD

    I processed in trays for 25 years and got excellent results most of the time.

    Now I use Jobo Expert drums only and get excellent results 100% of the time!
  22. The Free Oregon Coast Workshop May 2 to May 9

    Final information about the May 2 to May 9 Free Oregon Coast workshop, including itinerary, what to bring, where to meet and where to go will be emailed on March 28 to everyone, who has requested...
  23. Update on the Free Oregon Coast Workshop in May!

    The Oregon Coast Workshop (from May 2 to May 9) is shaping up.

    Besides spending a day at the Durst-Pro-USA facility in Portland Oregon (trying out large and VERY large) enlargers, I just received...
  24. Last Call for the Free Joshua Tree Workshop!

    If you have not yet signed up for the Free Workshop in Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California on January 31 - February 1 (and would like to participate), please email me ASAP so I can send...
  25. The Free Oregon Coast Workshop Dates...

    Come for a day or two - or stay for the week!

    When we get closer I will email you details! Then you can decide what part of the workshop you may want to participate in!

    Email me if you are...
  26. The Free Oregon Coast Workshop Dates...

    Our last Free Workshop this year will take place in Zion - in November...

  27. The Free Oregon Coast Workshop Dates...

    We could plan a Free Workshop somewhere in the SW next year. What state do you live in?

    Per Volquartz
  28. The Free Oregon Coast Workshop Dates...

    May 2 Sunday afternoon arrival (Portland, Oregon)

    May 3 - spending the day at Durst-Pro-USA in Portland "test driving" their large and very large enlargers.

    May 4 onward to the coast where we...
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    The Free Workshop Group Show

    The plan is to have a group show for all past, present and future workshop participants, who participate through November this year! The show will be in Southern California, most likely in Pasadena,...
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    The Free Joshua Tree Photo Workshop!!!

    The Free Joshua Tree Workshop / Gettogether will take place on January 31 - February 1 at Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

    Come and share your knowledge about photography, learn...
  31. What is AZO and where kin I find info about it.

    Yes, you can make enlarged prints on AZO! Durst-Pro-USA makes a special AZO head for 8X10 enlargers.

    Come to our Free Large Format Photo Workshop along the Oregon Coast in 2004. We will be...
  32. Snapshots from the Free Workshop at Mt. Shasta!

    Here are a few snapshots from the Free Mt. Shasta Workshop that took place in October 2003.

    The next week-long Free Workshop will be in spring...
  33. which is finer grained: the best B&W film, or the best transparency film?

    David might be correct! I do remember the old H&W Control film which was the craze in the mid 1970's. It was quite amazing but very difficult to control. Maybe thats how it got its name = H&W Control...
  34. which is finer grained: the best B&W film, or the best transparency film?

    The film with the highest resolution (not counting lith film) is Gigabit film, a super fine grain / high accutance film made by Gigabitfilm Gmbh in Germany. The resolving power far exceeds Tech Pan....
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    Fall colors in California NOW!

    Site should be working tomorrow sorry!

    Jim, you missed all the wine from Durst USA! They sent two cases plus CD's Plus brochures...

    Will send you a couple of bottles, And will email you ASAP...
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    Fall colors in California NOW!

    - Just received a call on my cell from David Henry of the newspaper the Sacramento Bee. Dave was at our Free workshop at Mt. Shasta last week, while on a month long assignment for the Bee = in search...
  37. The FREE Mt. Shasta Photo Workshop is next week!

    Last minute details have just been mailed out. So far more than 30 people are attending for sure. With an additional 60 plus people having responded this looks like one of the biggest workshops of...
  38. Thread: Sinar 30

    by Per Volquartz

    Sinar 30

    Its a special edition. A P in black!
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    Type 55 8x10

    One way to bring the cost down would be to spend very little on paid advertising, using free PR instead. Also the product could be sold in plain brown boxes, with just the Polaroid logo on the box....
  40. Details about the FREE Mt. Shasta Large Format Workshop in October!

    Email detailing the Free Mt. Shasta Large Format Workshop has been sent to everyone who has responded to date. If you did not receive your email and would like to participate it is important that you...
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