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    Re: Coverage of 19 inch Red Dot Artar?

    To second Greg: I got mine front-mounted as a barrel lens into an Alphax #5; a great, easy option and, if the mount is slim, the image circle doesn't suffer significantly.
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    Re: Arca Swiss Core 75 leveler fliplock

    I'm sure its fantastic (if limited in movements) and very precise. (I just use an old $60 3D head with locking levers on my 5x7" and it's done the job for the last 20 years. Sorry if my reply is not...
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    Re: Condenser lens in a snoot?

    A car headlight projector assembly off the nearest junkyard (a carbon-neutral way to get going, not everything needs to be shipped by Amazon, or eBay and if new, from as far as China :)), - or even a...
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    Re: D-76; Mixing Small Batch?

    If you had crap results with Rodinal, try HC110 with your Ilfords. Awesome stuff and last for a very long time; not that easy to find outside the US these days.....its like a syrup, so you can fill...
  5. Re: extended red sensitivity panchromatic b/w

    Thank you very much, Mark and others. The reason I asked on here was, because its an 800-k / 500-mile drive (well, I'll be up there anyway) and I won't have the luxury to re-shoot, or experiment) and...
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    Re: Used Norman 200b

    I love using the 200B. About 10 years ago I got the guy at Litelight to convert it into a 400Ws unit (which means the 200Ws tubes need to be replaced/heads uprated as well) and adapt an old ringflash...
  7. extended red sensitivity panchromatic b/w

    Hi all,
    I have a little project coming up, photographing an ironworks and the process of iron casting. (I remember trying to photograph an old steel-forge when I was a teenager and the furnace came...
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    Re: post "in Galli style"

    Jim, ....I miss your homepage: tonopahpictures.....
  9. Re: Worth fixing a Schneider Kreuznach xenar 210mm in compound shutter

    Compound shutters are very good shutters. A standard Compound CLAC recommended by the well-know repairer mentioned by Dugan is US$150.
    Having said that, consistency is more important than marked...
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    Re: Komura 75mm f6.3 Super-W ?

    Nice work Yuriy!
  11. Re: Preferences for 150-165mm lenses in 8x10?

    Scale-up and sample variation notwithstanding, I'd dare say a coated 158mm Cooke VIIb would be a nice choice as well. I used to have its smaller brother (108mm) and used that on 5x7" and 6x17cm a...
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    Re: Aerostigmat 10'' 250mm f/4.5

    Thanks, Whir-Click for the reference. I've never actually held one, but here is one from a seller:
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    Re: Aerostigmat 10'' 250mm f/4.5

    ...anyone know what the Raptar Tele 10" f/4.5 version is like? Should be similar, right?
  14. Re: Strange glass seperation / dirt inside lens element / Need help to identify

    If it is not an airspaced lens after all, but a cemented doublet, this could be a classic case of balsam re-cementing and someone painting around the side of the doublet with black paint without...
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    Re: Going Wide on 5x7

    Vintage small options include....: 108mm W.A.Dagor (so-so on color) 104mm WA Raptar, 100mm WF Ektar, 108mm Cooke VIIb (usu. needs to be front mounted into shutter).
    I've tried all of these, but am...
  16. Re: Any telephoto (360mm or above) recommendations for a 4x5 (TK45S)?

    The 380mm Wollensak Tele can be good and, in its coated version in particular, is lovely with color film. Infinity focus is about 9" and it fits onto a Technika board. Two minor caveats: Finding one...
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    Re: Shutter for Heliar 300mm 4.5

    if you really like the lens and are stuck for a matching shutter, you could get a Packard-Ideal Shutter for it. If you're mainly in a studio (i.e. you control the light) you can get a...
  18. Re: why are there no "modern" super fast LF lenses?

    Man, Dan.... you're an old thread revivalist, aren't ya? But I'll bite:
    [As a pure anecdote: On a rainy Sunday I frankensteined a 145mm f1.25 INTO a 4x5" S-G once. Almost impossible to get properly...
  19. Re: 150mm Mamiya-Press lens covers 4x5", but not straight forward to adapt

    Great info there, thank you, Jim.
    .... I had been tempted to try a 250mm (as a possible option for 5x7" portraits), but shall give that a miss then.
    (In the 250mm line-up, Mamiya also made an...
  20. Re: Large printing paper... e.g. 40x50" available anywhere?

    Of course! Freestyle. Brilliant. Thanks so much, Greg!
  21. Large printing paper... e.g. 40x50" available anywhere?

    Hi all,
    I've been "limiting" myself to 20x24" papers, e.g. Ilford FB, but would like to print larger for an exhibition; I know that 40x50" wasn't all that uncommon in the past. My darkroom can...
  22. Re: Ilford FP4 expired in 2004 but frozen ,What tod do? Shoot it?

    What Drew said.

    To add: I developed a 120 format roll of FP4+ exposed in 1996 and spending the next 12 years very unchilled in the back of a drawer, (in the tropics in temps reaching over 100F...
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    Re: Ilex Paragon 254mm F6.3 info?

    What is your motivation? Coverage? Price? "Look"?. I had it, liked it, optical performance and coverage wise excellent, but didn't like the Ilex shutter all that much. Replaced it with a 250mm f6.3...
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    Re: Budget wide angle lens for 8x10

    .... for the real cheapskate/experimenter: I bought a 170mm f8 Fujinon copier lens in plastic mount for a few $ off the surplusshed I think, many years ago. Surprisingly covered 5x7" with ease and...
  25. Re: Alternative to the Schneider Xenotar 150mm F2.8 for 4x5?

    I'd second that. The Komura 152mm f3.5 came in a few versions and is very good; but I'd go longer. For portraits, try the 10" 4.5 Wollensak Tele
    254/4.5 = 158/2.8 ;)
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    Re: How Do You Clean Your Lenses & Filters?

    Very true!
    I sometimes resort to classic Windex and soft tissue and even have used metho; coated, MC, uncoated, whatever. Never made a lens worse than what it was yet. But I try to keep'em...
  27. Re: Focal Point lens repair service (John van Stelten) is CLOSED

    Sorry, old thread, but I'm sure you still have the lens.
    Came across this company in Germany: that does international orders.
    Although they largely (re)-build...
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    Re: Komura 75mm f6.3 Super-W ?

    RE: "I believe that LF Komura lenses were/are greatly underrated because their little cousins that were made for 35mm and 6x6 were not up to the specs or build of OEM lenses (based on personal...
  29. Re: What is the large format camera that you have seen ever?

    ....dunno whether engraved, or etched ones, but there is an old reproduction technique using stone slabs, appropriately called lithography.
    Re: Largest camera:
    As far as I know: A quasi...
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    Re: What is an LD Artar?

    It is quite easy to front-mount 14" and 19" Artars, e.g. into an #4 Alphax shutter, thus preserving their apertures as well.
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    Re: Lens de-/re- cementing and/or coating

    See also this thread:
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    Re: Who does lens polishing/recoating?

    I've not tried: Worth a shot, I guess. Feedback appreciated.
  33. Re: 100/105mm "tweener" lenses for 4x5/6x12?

    True, Dan :-) ... none are too common these days. I actually tried to fit the little Cooke into a Copal #0, but it is so small and the front and rear lens groups barely clear the shutterblades; so I...
  34. Re: 100/105mm "tweener" lenses for 4x5/6x12?

    If you need small and you're happy with vintage, also look into those lenses as alternatives: Cooke VIIb (I had a 108mm f6.5), Goerz 108mm WA Dagor, Wolly WA Raptar (mine is a 103.7mm f6.8)....good...
  35. Re: Can lenses in Sinar DB mount be remounted in copal shutters?

    ... What Bob said: Don't forget to mention which focal length that scale is for, not just the max aperture.... SKGrimes and others can also make/send you matching scales.
  36. Re: Fisheye for 8x10? What is the widest ever?

    (- and e.g. Gates housings for the 38mm Biogon SWC)

    Re: Fisheyes; to add both a philistine and sacrilegious git angle: Anyone ever looked into fisheye adapters (auxiliary lenses) to add to any...
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    Re: Wollensak 159mm Lens Shutter Options

    I'd just get another Alphax, or Betax #3 shutter; (and/or get your's serviced? - They're pretty durable) Any Alphax should do; just transfer the face with the matching aperture scale. If you want...
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    Re: anyone tried carbon fiber?

    ...Reminds me of a Northern-German quote: "After firm comes loose" :-) .
    Anyway, I've made lovely, very light camera parts from balsa-ply and quite enjoyed even making my own ply. ....Most suited...
  39. 150mm Mamiya-Press lens covers 4x5", but not straight forward to adapt

    Hi, Just a quick note to share that - the older chrome Seikosha 150mm Mamiya-Sekor lens at least - covers 4x5" nicely. I managed to put it onto a Toyo/Linhof board without too much hassle, see pic....
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    Re: Tintype Photographer on PBS Newshour

    A renaissance perhaps?: See also this vid about a studio in SF (one of at least two I know of):
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