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    Re: Should there be a Wet Plate subforum?

    One of the great problems with the Internet is the diffuse and repetitive nature of information. There seem to multiple Facebook groups on almost any topic you can imagine, photo-related or not. I...
  2. Re: Seeking Ideas For Replacing Film Holder Labels?

    Isopropanol (a.k.a. isopropyl alcohol) dissolves some inks including Sharpie and won't hurt the plastic. I'd try it before resorting to acetone or nail polish remover.
  3. Re: Pens for marking or numbering film negatives - HABS & HAER guidance 2020.

    As Schaf said, the Micron and Staedtler pigment liner pens work well for me on both 120 and LF film.

    A word of caution to those of you who might, in a moment of weakness, use a 35mm(!) camera - in...
  4. Re: Chromium intensifier vs Silver intensifier

    Not long ago I found a filter that prints with even higher contrast than an Ilford #5 or a Rosco 68 - the Rosco 384. The #5 and R68 print with near-identical contrast with my Aristo V54-equipped...
  5. Thread: Doors

    by Steve Goldstein

    Re: Doors

    This lovely old door may well have been destroyed in the 2016 Soberanes fire.
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    Re: Tape like a post it note

    This is what you want. It's Post-It note adhesive on a roll of tape. The box I bought said Removable Magic Tape. It comes in several widths, I bought both 1/2" and 3/4" at Dick Blick.
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    Re: My Digitizing Tools article

    Nice solution.

    Do you have any issues with negative sag using a glassless 4x5 carrier?
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    Re: copal #0 stubborn screw

    What technique(s) allowed you to remove it?
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    Re: Ansel Adam's books...what version??

    Since you say this book is hard to find, could you summarize the "Sheet Film Attenuator"? Is it a home-made step wedge, or something more?
  10. Re: Please Help Identify "Type Y" Caltar Lens

    I believe this may be a Rodenstock Ysarex, but I don't remember where this bit of mental lint came from. The Vade-Mecum doesn't mention LF Ysarex lenses, but the Rodenstock GmbH Wikipedia page lists...
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    Re: FUJI FUJINON L 420mm F8 Question.

    I had the opportunity to weigh one a while back - 975 grams including the caps and retaining ring.
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    Re: Copal 3 Shutter

    And just to make it more confusing, sometimes the 3S-sized shutters are marked as 3, or even just "Copal". You really need to measure them.

    A later 355mm G-Claron should be a direct fit to a...
  13. Re: Months-away tide prediction site or app?

    Interesting. I'll have to see if they have something similar for where I'll be in CA, though I'll have to find a station number first. Alternately, I can just use the Maine info and figure out the...
  14. Re: Months-away tide prediction site or app?

    Interesting. I didn't see that on the NOAA site, the small print at the bottom on the page you linked to says 31 days maximum range. But I'll keep poking around.

    How far out does Tide Prediction...
  15. Months-away tide prediction site or app?

    Does anyone know of a web site or iPhone app that will give a rough tide prediction several months into the future? I'm not worried about fine details, just when it will be high or low within an...
  16. Re: Special production run of extended lensboard similar to Beseler #8088

    Hi Danny,

    Yes, that was the 150mm Apo-Componon-HM f/4. I used to have one, and the special mounting board, but foolishly sold both some time ago. It was a little tricky to mount it on the...
  17. Special production run of extended lensboard similar to Beseler #8088

    The Beseler 8088 lensboard was designed specifically for the 150mm Apo-Componon-HM enlarging lens, which was difficult to place and remove on a Beseler 4x5 enlarger when mounted on a flat lensboard....
  18. Re: Heiland densitometer for ULF negatives

    Didn't you mean that 1/3 stop equal to 0.10 log D? I believe 0.15 is half a stop. At least that's what I've been using for years...
  19. Re: Travelers: New X-ray machines WILL ruin your film

    The manufacturer is Analogic, not Analog. I worked for Analog Devices for over 35 years and can assure you that while both companies are headquartered in Massachusetts, they are very separate and...
  20. Re: Has there ever been a retrofocus wide that covers 4x5/9x12 or larger?

    Following up on Corran's posts, my 75mm f/6.3 Komura has a measured-by-me flange focal distance of right around 100mm.
  21. Re: The Mystery of Dad's Nikkor-W 210m f5.6

    I have PDFs of Nikkor brochures from 1982 and 2004, and both state the "attachment size" as 67mm. I can read part of the serial number of the lens pictured in the 1982 brochure - 741xxx, which is in...
  22. Re: 450mm lens with 420mm bellows draw?
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    Re: How Have You Made a Plastic GG

    I've never used this to make a GG, but I did once use a 3M Headlight Lens Restoration Kit for its intended purpose. The first sanding step really roughened things up, perhaps it would do for making...
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    Re: Wide angle lenses for 8x10!
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    Re: thoughts on a "super angulon 75/8"?

    Mind what others have said about the #00 shutter. Its repair possibilities are very, very limited.

    The 75/8 SA takes 49mm filters so will more easily fit into a lightweight system based on...
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    Re: Apo-Componon HM optimisation range

    Schneider don't provide this information, at least not in the 3-pager I have specific to the Apo-Componon-HM line. That publication does contain a table of lens-to-film distances for the "most...
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    Re: Schneider Optics Data Sheets?

    There are quite a few here:
  28. Re: Schneider Apo-Componon HM 150 would be better suited as a landscape lens?

    If memory serves the cells of the 150mm are a direct fit to a Copal 1 shutter, although I can't find anything about this in Schneider's data sheet. I sold my copy a while ago so can't check.
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    Re: Hi from Boston!!

    Greetings to you from North Reading.
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    Re: Computar 270mm F9

    Great find! Huge coverage, I think 95 degrees at f/22. It fits a Copal 3S shutter.
  31. Re: exposed film

    Perhaps buy some way-outdated film for cheap on eBay, or on this forum or Photrio?
  32. Re: Anyone besides Lee make a ND 0.1 filter?

    Great idea, I’ll check my sheet film protectors. The Wratten filter I bought won’t last forever.
  33. Re: Anyone besides Lee make a ND 0.1 filter?

    Answering my own question here - Kodak used to make ND 0.1 Wratten filters, and sealed ones are available on eBay. True, they're 3"x3" filters for $10 rather than 20"x24" filter sheets for $7, but a...
  34. Anyone besides Lee make a ND 0.1 filter?

    I'm looking for a 1/3 stop (ND 0.1), preferably some sort of cheap acetate. Lee makes one in 4x4 size, but $41 and special order from B&H. I was hoping for something more like a $7 Rosco gel...
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    Re: 6" Goerz Red Dot Artar coverage

    Page 23
  36. Re: Semi Stand and EMA Development Question

    That's a valid question that deserves a full answer.

    Firstly, I didn't do this to create my own signature variant of Steve's approach. Instead, I wanted to reduce the volume of chemistry to be...
  37. Re: My Lovely 302mm Wollensak. They don't make stuff like this anymore.

    Bob, do you happen to know how thick that quartz window was? It might be interesting to try a piece a glass in front of the 600mm Vivitar solid cat I bought on a lark.
  38. Re: Semi Stand and EMA Development Question

    I use regular ~7" tall (holds 2 x 120 reels) Nikor tanks for EMA development of 4x5 sheet film per Steve Sherman's method. I machined some cylindrical tank liners (just hollow cylinders about 3-3/4"...
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    Re: Desk installation has begun

    Is that a custom setup? Where did you get it?
  40. Re: "Trimming" a Bill Maxwell screen to size

    Is modifying the back to fit the screen completely out of the question? It's a one-way street, of course, but from what I've heard about the Maxwell screens (I've never seen one "in the flesh")...
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