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  1. Re: Disasterous Consequences

    Indeed, Intrepid is mailing me a replacement lens board and a box of film for my troubles. (BIG troubles). Right now, I'm just glad that I figured this out. Still, I love my new Intrepid Mark 4...
  2. Re: Disastrous Consequences (solved: fog with Intrepid lensboard)

    Yes, I read those notes, but after earlier comment. I'm sure they'll send me a new one. Still - amazing that could happen. Well, problem solved, I guess.
  3. Re: Disasterous Consequences

    Not "appears" to be the problem - IS the problem. I read the comments but couldn't believe that it could actually be anything other than light proof.
  4. Re: Disasterous Consequences

    Unbelievably, the lens board appears to be the problem. It is a genuine Intrepid lensboard and it isn't lightproof. I put a flashlight up against the lensboard and it just shines through. 208383
  5. Re: Disasterous Consequences

    This picture shows a gap between the locking nut and the lens board. I dismantled and found that it didn't quite fit into the hole. So I enlarged the hole and now the nut goes right up against the...
  6. Re: Disasterous Consequences

    Here's a close up of the lens elements and the lens board contacts. 208378208379208378208381
  7. Re: Disasterous Consequences

    No, but the perimeter of the image on the ground glass was dimmer as I don't have a fresnel lens - yet.
  8. Re: Disasterous Consequences

    I should add that in the field I discovered the rear element and lensboard were loose, but I thought I took care of it (without tools)
  9. Re: Disasterous Consequences

    On the various pictures that came out with the same defects I used a couple different filters. Orange and a polarizer separately.
  10. Re: Disasterous Consequences

    Here are a couple pics. Could this not actually be a wide angle lens? Could it have simply been that the lens was loose on the lens board? I sure appreciate your response. 208376208377208380
  11. Disastrous Consequences (solved: fog with Intrepid lensboard)

    So, I'm new to LF and I just got my Intrepid 4x5 and an assortment of lenses including my main lens - Nikon 90mm. Went backpacking. Processed the film and found that everything shot with that lens...
  12. Re: Back to LF Photo - advice on focusing screens

    Thanks for all the advice. I think I'll hold off on anything for now.
  13. Back to LF Photo - advice on focusing screens

    I'm getting back into Large Format Photography. After 30+ years. I just ordered an Intrepid 4x5 MK4 and a few lenses, etc... It will be several weeks until I get my new camera. Can't wait to get out...
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