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    Re: safe haven for tiny formats

    I recently stumbled across a converter that allows me to use my Hasselblad lenses on my Nikon cameras. My first impulse was, "But WHY???!!!???" Then again, it was so cheap, I decided to give it a...
  2. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Last weekend we were driving around the vicinity of Taney County down near the Missouri-Asrkansas border, where "Winter's Bone" was filmed. Came across this.
  3. Re: extended red sensitivity panchromatic b/w

    There's a fellow on YouTube that calls himself "The Naked Photographer" who has done a whole series of videos comparing different films. One of the things he points out is color sensitivity of film. ...
  4. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    I had the opportunity to play with a Bronica GS-1 over the weekend. A fellow I know is trying to sell it to me, but I'm already heavily invested in RB67 gear and don't have a lot of cash to throw...
  5. Re: Leaving Kodak for Ilford

    It isn't just Kodak. I've had to have the last two orders of 130 paper developer I purchased from Photographer's formulary replaced because on adding the last ingredient to the mix from their lot, it...
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    Re: Trees & limbs fallen from the skies

    My dog did it.
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    Re: Can you recommend a darkroom workshop?

    The Photographer's Formulary does outstanding workshops as well. You have to go to them...but they have nice accommodations in the Montana mountains and get outstanding instructors. Their website for...
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    Re: Pet Pictures, Any Format.

    We lost quite a few trees in a windstorm recently. I was out scouting around to see what we might salvage, and our dog Willow decided to give me a scale of reference.

    Mamiya Press 23, HP5...
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    Re: Bergger Film Developer?

    That pinkish residue is most likely the antihalation coating. That drove me nuts at first. Two things I learned from Berrger is that you must used a pre-rinse of about two minutes, and you must fix...
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    Re: Bergger Film Developer?

    One thing about the Bergger Panchro 100 is that it requires a pre-rinse. I have discovered that about half a teaspoon of baking soda into the pre-rinse reduces the base-fog density a bit. I've tried...
  11. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    A Missouri Escape

    Mamiya Press 23 with 100mm 3.5. HP5 developed in HC-110, Dil. E.
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    Re: Pet Pictures, Any Format.

    My kitty likes to help me with everything.
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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    Wright Morris
    Eugene Atget
    Walker Evans
    Ansel Adams
    Edward Weston
    David Plowden
    Austin Granger
    Berenice Abbot
    Dorothea Lange
    Imogen Cunningham
  14. Thread: Cougars

    by Michael Graves

    Re: Cougars

    I was going to post my photo of a cougar, but her husband threatened to sue me if I did.
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    Re: Pet Pictures, Any Format.

    Great shot. You must miss Rocko immensely.
  16. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Some old fishing tackle my dad left behind.
  17. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Gas pump at a closed store in Missouri.
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    Reverse Osmosis System

    My wife had been begging me for a filtration system for our water for quite some time. We are on well water which comes out of an artesian well deep in a limestone bedrock. There must be some iron...
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    Re: Studio lights for a hack

    I have used some 1200-LED units for filming video and they were quite good. Watch your light balance when you're buying. It seems to vary all over the place. The ones I used were switchable between...
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    Re: No darkroom blues

    You can buy a roll of heavy black plastic. One layer of that is probably good, but I used two, because I'm an ARSOB. Gorilla tape will make it less likely to come off when you want it to than when...
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    Re: Plaubel Peco Profia

    Thanks, Gord and Daniel. Both answers are helpful. I think I just learned that I have 13x18 and not 5x7 holders. I'll try to put some film in tonight and see what happens. Now that I have a part...
  22. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    What years were you there and can you say what you were involved with? I was there from 72 to 74 while in the Air Force, stationed at Fort Meade, working for NSA.
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    Re: Plaubel Peco Profia

    I have a Plaubel Peco 5x7, and it uses these strange 1-sided film holders. Did they ever make a standard 5x7 back for my camera?
  24. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    There is a 40x60 shed on our property that has an overhang on the back side. Dad always used to stash stuff he didn't know what else to do with back there, and I've kind of avoided that area since...
  25. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    The Prickly Pear Trading Company, Berryville, Ark.

    Hasselblad 500CM with 80mm Planar. Tri-X in HC-110.
  26. Re: Antihalation layer not clearing with Bergger Pancro 400

    An update. I developed a roll of 120 Bergger in HC110, also with 2 minutes presoak, but doubled the fixing time. I got negatives that had a standard base fog of .07, which is a little higher than the...
  27. Re: Antihalation layer not clearing with Bergger Pancro 400

    Last night I soaked one of the strips of negatives for about 5 minutes in a tray of double-strength hypo clearing agent. That didn't appear to have any effect at all. So I mixed up two tablespoons of...
  28. Re: Antihalation layer not clearing with Bergger Pancro 400

    Thanks, Fred. I will give that a try and see what happens.
  29. Antihalation layer not clearing with Bergger Pancro 400

    I picked up a new batch of Panchro 400 from Freestyle. Earlier tests had looked good, so I bought 20 rolls. The first two I developed came out milky brown and it was apparent that the antihalation...
  30. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Both of these were shot with a Yashica Mat 124G on Tri-X film
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    Re: What did you compose at Waters Edge?

    Truman Lake, Missouri. Mamiya 7 with 80mm. Tri-X in HC-110.
  32. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Berryville, Arkansas.
    Hasselblad 500C/M with 80mm Planar. Ilford Pan F in Spur developer.
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    Re: Old Things,Farms,Barns,Buildings, Plus

    I'm not sure it'll start any more....

    Hasselblad 500C/M, 50mm Distagon. Tri-X film developed in HC-110.
  34. Re: Need help finding an older 12-14in lens/shutter

    If my memory serves me correctly that means two things. 1) I'm having a really good day. and 2) One of the lenses commonly used on that camera was a 12" Wollensak f4.5 -- NOT the soft focus version.
  35. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Getting some shots of my Dad's shop before I start doing some work on it.

    All shots with a Hasselblad 500C/M and an 80mm Planar on Efke 25 film.
  36. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Last shots of the summer, before the leaves fell. I was out shooting with my Fuji GW690.
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    Re: Reading a Luna-Pro

    don't go into the light!!!!!!!
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    Re: Is Steve Hopf still active?

    So did we ever find Steve?
  39. Re: CatLABS X film, from Freestyle - any user information?

    Over the weekend, I developed the first batch that I shot. I have not yet printed them, but the negatives laid out on the light table suggest the following. And once again, until I print something...
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    Re: Store Fronts

    Richmond, VT

    Toyo 810M, HP5 in HC-110
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