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    Re: glass neg carrier

    If the top of the glass carrier is instead a diffusion material, there is no dust problem and Sir Issac Newton takes his rings and leaves the building.

    I use various kinds of plexi for...
  2. Re: How to open old Gralab 450 for repair?

    I'll guess that the screws that hold the case together are under the rubber feet.
  3. Poll: Re: What's your #1 anxiety about LF (in your personal life)?

    I'm in the "other" camp. I'm still shooting all the time and I already have so many negatives to print that I worry I won't get to all them in my lifetime.
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    Re: Developer trays

    I have all flavors. I like hard rubber trays and enamel trays. Both are fairly rare and finding a seller with reasonable prices and low shipping for more than one tray is unusual. Stainless is...
  5. Poll: Re: Some Darkroom questions, mostly on enlargers

    Question one) Consider analog and digital print making to be two different art forms that are non-competitive. When photography matured long ago, painters didn't stop. When TV was invented, the...
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    Re: Darkroom Safe Light

    Longer wavelength, not shorter. Blue is short, green is middle, red is long.
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    Re: Hard water!!!

    I have 29 grains hardness. A glass of standing tap water precipitates calcium carbonate. No iron, no chlorine, so that's good. I mix film developer with distilled or RO water. And the last dunk...
  8. Re: mounting gelatine filters between glass

    You can buy lens adhesive from Edmunds Optical. Why not just use gelatin or poly without glass? Lighting gels are so cheap. You can get dozens of 100mm square gels from a single piece. No worries...
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    Re: Vitamin C developer for paper

    I figure it like this: Vit C is a substitute for hyrdroquinone and phenidone (or I use Dimezone, dissolves easily) is a sub for metol. For now, I buy Legacy Pro EcoPro Ascorbic Acid Paper...
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    Re: Going Long on 5x7

    I used the Nikkor 600/800 Tele. Great lens, but very heavy. Now I use the Fuji 450mm C. If I need longer, there is plenty of negative and I crop.
  11. Re: Beseler 45MCRX motor struggles when raising

    I heard the 'X' in the part number was for the 'X' shape supports on the main chassis.
  12. Re: Beseler 45MCRX motor struggles when raising

    I have an old 45MX (maybe other letters) that I bought used in about 1980. It seemed old then, but the motor is still strong. Makes me think that your carriage could be off or you missed a lube...
  13. Thread: Spotting

    by Eric Woodbury

    Re: Spotting

    You can go backwards by using dilute ammonia on a cotton swab to remove SpotTone.

    I use a loupe from Edmunds that has a cut-away on the side that allows the brush to be under the loupe and in...
  14. Re: Advice needed for stuck lens retaining ring, please

    The front element was stuck on my Fuji 360mm and the shutter needed work. My camera repair guy wrapped the front group rim in double-sided tape for a good hand grip. Came off easily.

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    Re: Going Wide on 5x7

    The El Nikkor 90mm f/8 is a comfortable lens on 5x7. Prices were very low on this lens a while back, but not sure now. 72mm SA XL is a fun lens for 5x7, but not sure about portraits unless they are...
  16. Re: Darkroom Design for a 9.8ft x 10.1ft room

    My first darkroom in this house was a bedroom. 9' x 9' with a low ceiling, 6' on one side and about 6'7" on the other. (I had a hole in the drywall on ceiling where the enlarger could rise to full...
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    Re: Cordless telephone for darkroom

  18. Re: XTOL not mixing well and not working any more!

    LegacyPro EcoPro Ascorbic Acid film developer is the same (at least close enough) to XTOL. I've never had an issue with it. I mix in distilled water, store in 500cc bottles, 10 of them. Never had...
  19. Re: Source needed for KCN, potassium chloride

    Roger, sorry about the title. Apparently that is an edit I can't make.

    No, I don't want to "PLAY" with it, but I'd like it for wet plate collodion. It gives the color I prefer. What I have is...
  20. Re: Source needed for KCN, potassium chloride

    Artcraft does not carry it. The link points to KCl.

    Shipping is to another state where I need it. East coast. Probably if I drive out to the mines in Beatty NV, they'd give me a carload. 30...
  21. Re: Source needed for KCN, potassium chloride

    I'm in Santa Barbara.

    I've heard this chemical is used in gold mining, jewelry polish, and bug killing jars.

  22. Source needed for KCN, potassium cyanide

    For fixing wet collodion plates, I prefer the color given by KCN. Does anybody have a source for this where it doesn't cost a fortune or require a dump truck to deliver?

    Yes, I know it is...
  23. Thread: Salthill

    by Eric Woodbury

    Re: Salthill

    I have a dual mirror alignment tool for setup of a copy stand. Very nicely built. Elegant. I've never seen another like it. Hasselblad.
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    Re: 8x10 film holder case

    I use a Trader Joe insulated shopping bag with zipper across the top. Wife found it at the thrift store.
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    Re: Mat Size vs. Mount Size

    You are right. 16x20 is a lot of bulk to store. You can use a small board, a 2-ply board, or no board for the 8x10. There are many styles of mounting and framing, as you are about to find out.
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    Re: Digital file to B&W negative

    Yes, silver printing. Contact or enlarged. I don't need bigger than 8x10.
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    Digital file to B&W negative

    I'd like to be able to use a digital camera to make a conventional negative. I know this is possible, but a few questions:

    Can a digital negative be enlarged? I expect not, at least not by much....
  28. Looking for a count up timer for use with film development

    This should be trivial to find, but not the case.

    When developing film in an open tray, I'd love to have an LED count UP dimmable timer. I can't seem to find one that isn't a project.

  29. Re: Southern California incinerator source for black-and-white negatives?

    As I understand it, BW didn't burn many and not the good stuff. It made for a good show.

    Negs will shred fine.
  30. Re: Fujinon C 450mm F/12 .5 (or another) to replace Fujinon T 400mm F/8 for Lightweig

    I've used both these lenses. I had a 400T early on. Bought it brand new for use with 4x5. It was heavy and optically my copy was a turd. I sold it within a couple of months. Now I use the 450C...
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    Re: Mat Cutter Storage

    Probably because it has a cheap particle board support. Add a couple of lengthwise stiffeners to it so it won't ever sag and store it anywhere you want.

    [A mechanical engineer should check...
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    Re: Leaf Shutter High Speed

    The "half-max" levels are not well-known here as the photo sensor is probably acting as a switch and certainly not linear between OFF and ON. Perhaps the 'switch' is fast enough and this doesn't...
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    Re: Leaf Shutter High Speed

    As Robert noted, phototransistors are not to be trusted for evaluation of amplitude. Depending on the circuit, transistor, etc., linearity is not the best. For absolute amplitude, a photodiode is...
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    Re: UV Lightsource

    Monty, I'm no expert, but many here are. The question I'd ask is how much sunlight do you have? Since you can measure your UV, exposure should be easy.

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    Re: Cutting Aluminum Sheets

    I use a tablesaw with carbide blade to cut up to 3/16" (so far) aluminum plates. Make sure your safety gear is in place. If your plate is too flimsy, put it between masonite or equivalent for the...
  36. Re: Solar UV exposure meter - for printing processes

    A few of my customers over the years have used their MetroLux in this fashion. This is the reason a MetroLux can such long exposures. A special photo diode and filter is required as our standard...
  37. Re: Curiosity testing for diffraction limitation -- very general

    Be sure to read this and the article mentioned near the bottom by Dr Hansma.

    It is said that optimum f/# for LF lenses, and maybe others...
  38. Re: An Un-Announcement of My Carbon Workshop, Yosemite, Oct 2020

    Dang it Vaughn, your photos beg me to go back to Humboldt. I lived there a couple years and my girlfriend (now wife) was a ranger there. We sure miss it. It's nice to see a wide horizontal when...
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    Re: Tape like a post it note

    Lithographer's tape is good. 3M Scotch 616. This number is red transparent. Comes in black, also. Kapton tape is good in that it doesn't leave residue. It is fairly sticky. No static...
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    Re: Bleitz Camera Co

    That's a Paillard Tripod. Some relation to Bolex. That's a different head than I've seen on the tripods I have. I see a 16mm a custom head for a 16mm Bolex. They have a level bowl on them. Nice...
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