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  1. Re: Simple Q for LF newby: Lens shade (trad 35mm type) vs. Compendium Lens Hood

    I use an Ambico lens shade, that clips tothe 67mm filter rings that i have standardized on. I guess it was made for something like a Mamiya RB or RZ, but it works very well on a 4x5 as it is fully...
  2. Re: Camera Selection: Tachihara, Toyo 45Aii or xxxxxx?

    Most of the "accessoires" you will need, like a lightmeter, tripod, darkcloth, cable release, filters and film cassettes are independent of the camera you buy and once you have bought them they can...
  3. Re: Pre-soak for manual 4x5 B&W development in a Jobo tank?

    Not sure the presoak is needed when doing regular inversion or when rotating. You could do a few test shots and check if it leads to different results.

    I use a presoak when doing large format for...
  4. Re: Best B&W Film/Developer combo - for big enlargements via DSLR scanning

    The Delta100 is an excellent film to shoot fine detail. I always developed it in XTOL 1+1 and on smaller formats that combo was good enough to show all the flaws in my Pentax prime lenses.

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    Re: choosing a 4x5 camera

    Congratulations on the deal! When the Horseman is in good shape, i am pretty sure that camera will suit you well.

    Be aware that quite a few of us decide on a new camera based on the experiences...
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    Re: choosing a 4x5 camera

    And i have been a very happy user of a Shenhao HZX45-IIA over the passed 10 years or so. Mine came with a universal bellows so i can use my 58mm lens on a flat lensboard and it is rigid enough to use...
  7. Re: how to avoid the lens shade / compendium in the image

    When i doubt i look into the lens from the frontside and check if i can see all the edges and corners of the ground glass. When i can see them with some margin, i know i am right.
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    Re: Print contrast issue

    I never tried it myself, but in several posts here and on photrio on the topic of printing soft negatives it is suggested to use a #47 blue filter to achieve the maximum possible contrast.
  9. Re: Thoughts About Schneider 240mm f/5.5 Tele Arton in Compur 0 Shutter?

    I think that still is a pretty big lens with 810 gr. How about lenses like the apo-ronar, g-claron, fujinon A or another process lens in shutter? They are excellent performers and weigh less then...
  10. Thread: Which lens next?

    by Huub

    Re: Which lens next?

    Why not both? A 90 - 150 - 240 is a very nice set. And I would prefer a 240mm over a 210mm, because the focal lengths spread out more evenly. But it depends a lot on your shooting style and what you...
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    Re: Rethinking my 4x5 Field Camera choice

    I use a Shenhao HZX-IIa with an universal bellows, which does all the things on your wanted list and then quite a bit more. Mine is fitted with a universal bellows, which allows the use of my 58mm...
  12. Re: Photos with Super-Angulon XL 58 vs. 72 mm Lenses?

    Some shots of mine from my holliday in France last summer. The pictures were shot in the Abbaye d'Hambye and the Abbaye de la Lucerne, both in the Normandy. Lenses were the 58mm SA XL and a 75mm...
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    Re: Kit recommendations for a complete beginner

    You should take a look at the offerings of ffordes - not in England, but at the other side of Hadrians wall. I have dealt in de past with him and his service is great.
  14. Re: Focusing Issues with Nikkor T-ED 360/500/720 lens?

    I have the same set and tilting and swinging the front standard is a pain as the nodal point is way in front of the lens. It makes that even small amounts of tilts and swings lead to massive movemens...
  15. Re: How to decide for a set of three lenses for a Linhof Technika IV

    There is a Fuji 105mm f8 that does cover 4x5 and allows for plenty of movement. You could also consider the 110mm f5.6 super symmar XL, which allows for even more movement. The Schneider lens is a...
  16. Re: What size paper do you print the most? What's the biggest print you've made?

    My darkroom is equiped for a maximum size of 16x20, but it is 8x10, at least when i print from a 4x5 negative. Every year i tend do a few bigger prints to hang on my wall or for exhibitions - often...
  17. Re: Jobo 2509n issue: rotates freely on center spindle

    Had the same issue with some of my reels. Fixed it with a layer of thin paper tape on the spindle and then carefully sliding the reel over it again. It stopped the reel from rotating around the...
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    Re: Schneider Angulon on MPP mk VIII

    I don't know how much movemnets the MPP allows, but the 90mm Angulon has an image circle of 152 mm, barely covering 4x5, allowing no movements. For architectural work you probably will be better...
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    Re: Trial with the new B's 4x5 Developing reel

    Here is where XTOL replenished comes into play. I wasn't satisfied with the results i got with my Jobo tanks and 2509n reels in rotation, so i took the plunge about 18 months ago. I use a 2.5 L...
  20. Re: Setting up an Omega D-2XL -- missing pieces, etc.

    You will need a cone for the 135mm or the 150mm lens, as you won't be able to cranck out the bellows far enough for smaller prints. Shorter lenses can be used with a flat lensboard.

    I don't have...
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    Re: Ilford FP4+ Emulsion Damage

    It could also be something completely different, not related to emulsion damage or a processing error, like for instance a saggy bellows, blocking the light from reaching the film. You seems to have...
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    Re: S-K 360mm f5.5 Tele-Xenar photos?

    I used one for years as my longest lens, until i felt i needed something even longer and bought a Nikon 360/500 set, which still sees regular use these days. The Tele-Xenar came in a #3 Compur...
  23. Re: Schneider Super-Angulon 90mm/f8 - potential issues

    At f32 your dept of focus should be plenty enough to make almost everything in this picture sharp. What i find weird is that you are indicating certain area's of the picture that are possibly less...
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    Re: fit release cable in recessed board

    Try Gebr. Schreck in Germany: https://www.drahtauslö
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    Re: Toyo 45AII

    With a possible 41mm front rise and some more when using indirect rise, it will depend on the image circle of the lens.
  26. Re: Can the center filter be replaced by post-processing?

    The main risk you will run when stacking filters is that of vignetting as it will decrease your image circle, next to possible quality loss due to adding extra surfaces that might cause reflection...
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    Re: Toyo 45AII

    In the past i have used a 58mm SA XL on a Toyo 45A in a 12mm recessed lensboard. I added some curved cable release extention thingy so i was able change the cable release easely. The bellows was...
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    Re: help developing problems 8x10 - WITH PICTURES.

    They look underdeveloped indeed. This could also be caused by not using enough developer or the developer being too cold. When using Rodinal you should at least use 8 ml of concentrate per sheet of...
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    Re: Need help identifying what went wrong here:

    Two paddles is what you need, the other set is voor 9x12. I don't know why it went wrong this time, but sometimes those things just happen. You might load again with a few spare sheets of film and...
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    Re: Deciding on paper development time

    Take a negative with good shadow detail. Make 5 test strips of the shadow area and develop those for 1 min, 1.5 min, 2 min, 3 min. and 5 min. This will tell you all you need to know.
  31. Re: Development, the next big step in my large format adventure

    Don't worry too much about it: they were made to be used in the water bath of a jobo processer. They will float in a sink filled with water and it will take quite a lot of force for actually submerge...
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    Re: Processing: What About Water?

    And when the water is somewhere between 18 c and 25 c you can adjust the development times without adjusting the temperature of the water. On the Ilford website there is a table that gives a rough...
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    Re: Nikon Nikkor W 105mm f/5.6 S

    When looking for a 105mm like lens with a small back group i can recommend a 110mm Super Symmar XL. Image circle is plenty for 4x5, but it is a big and expensive lens.

    Together with a 75mm it...
  34. Re: TriX and HP5+ time difference in processing time with D76

    Checking the Ilford datasheet on HP5+, it states 13 min for 1+1 ID-11. Because D76 and ID11 are more or less the same developer, I would use this time.

    A few factors also to consider are subject...
  35. Re: Correct lens board for 4x5 Chamonix and a few other beginner things

    As a first lens i would advise you to get something in the 135mm - 150mm - 180mm area. And when you have planned to do portraits: a 210mm will do very well too as a first lens. A 120mm has a slightly...
  36. Re: New to Large format - need help about telephoto lenses!

    I have been in the same position as you are now: wanting a longer lens for landscape work on a camera with 30 cm of bellows draw. Over the past 15 years I have been working with a 150mm - 240mm -...
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    Re: Re-using Film Developer with Sheet Film

    What you could do is setting up a replenishment system with XTOL. Basically you make a working solution, often 2.5 L or 2 L is used of undiluted stock solution. This working solution you use to...
  38. Re: Lens comparison - Tessar - Heli Orthar - Protar.

    Did you notice the irregularities on both the long sides of the negative?

    My guess is you used a jobo 2509n in rotation. A lot of people do have excelent results with it, but i suffered the same...
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    Re: nikkor t ed 800 / 1200 mm

    I have been using a 360 / 500 Nikon T* ED set for about two years now and it is great to work with. I use it mostly in the 360mm configuration, only changing it to the 500 mm when i need the long...
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    Re: Coverage of a CM FUJINON W f/5.6 105mm lens?

    The 105mm f8 SW and NSW were intended to be used on 5x7 and 6x17 camera's if i remember correctly. With a reported image circle of 250mm they have plenty coverage for 4x5 and it is this lens that...
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