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  1. Re: Simple Q for LF newby: Lens shade (trad 35mm type) vs. Compendium Lens Hood

    Yep, use my hand, hat, darkslide, body to shade the lens when necessary. After 40 years of LF photography, I've never noticed any loss of contrast, etc, due to bright light hitting the lens; and, I...
  2. Re: Backpack for Arca Swiss f line 4x5 171x171?

    When I'm carrying the whole outfit--camera, 6 lenses, 40cm extension rail, dark cloth, and all the misc paraphernali--it goes into an F-Stop Pro ICU XLarge that then goes into a Kelty P2 backpack....
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes


    After 20 years of strolling around our Arizona deserts, I've never seen one of these beauties! Thanks for posting...and, nice pic!!
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    Re: Any Clayton chemical customers here?

    Personally, I find the combo of F-76+ and Ilford Delta 100 to be magical! It works with other films, of course, but IMO there's something special that happens with the Delta film.
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    Re: Ansel Adam's books...what version??

    What Brian said. The new series has updated text.
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    Re: Intredpid cameras

    I would definitely stick with the Wista and find a 4x5 enlarger for analog printing or scan.
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    Re: A D-76 observation---any guesses?

    I haven't used pre-packaged D-76 for a very long time--mix my own--but, in general, you don't want any particles floating around in your developer. The potential for problems in the emulsion during...
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    Re: Colfax, Washington

    Very moody! I like it!
  9. Thread: Spur acurol-n

    by Alan9940

    Re: Spur acurol-n

    As stated above, I always buy direct and buy 2 - 4 bottles at a time. The stuff lasts for quite awhile; not like Rodinal or HC-110, of course, but long enough for me to use up most of it.
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    Re: HP5+ and Pyrocat HD in a Jobo CPP3

    Hard to tell about the bellows factor as you don't mention what lens was used; focusing at "no less than 20 feet" with a 600mm lens is something very different than the same with a 240mm. But, let's...
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    Re: Ilford FP4 Plus 125 developing help

    Your 1:31 ratio for HC-110 is called dilution B; just follow suggested time on Massive Dev Chart to start.

    Never used Ilford stop, but just follow directions on label.

    Haven't used Formulary...
  12. Thread: Spur acurol-n

    by Alan9940

    Re: Spur acurol-n

    I have used this developer for years, for roll film, though, following the recommendations contained herein:
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    Re: 300mm lens on Linhof Master Technika

    Not sure about the models you list, but the MT (called Classic now) has max bellows extension of 15 3/4 inches. Therefore, infinity focus is certainly no problem and with nearly 4 inches more, I'm...
  14. Re: On which consumer flatbed scanners can you do wet-mount scanning of 8x10?

    I've been wet mounting 8x10 directly on the glass of an old Epson flatbed for years. Since that size negative takes up a major portion of the glass bed, I run tape around the bed edges to keep...
  15. Re: New Computer - Photoshop CS6 - install Silver Efex Pro2?

    DxO purchased the rights, intellectual property, or whatever you want to call it from NIK Software. They do, in fact, own it. I, as you say, only have a license to use it.
  16. Re: New Computer - Photoshop CS6 - install Silver Efex Pro2?

    Now that DxO owns all the Nik software, I’m not sure about old serial numbers vs “new” software. I’d reach out to them for help.
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    Re: Methods For Hardening Film Emulsion?

    Modern films generally don’t need to be hardened. I suspect it’s something in your process that’s causing scratches.
  18. Re: Computer hardware when editing large format files (100MP+)

    Your computer configuration sounds a lot like mine and I have no issues editing both 4x5 and 8x10 scans, in PS CC, done at 1800. With color, I try to use only adjustment layers (to minimize total...
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    Re: Stearman Press SP-810

    I am anxiously awaiting user reviews, especially from folks processing 8x10. I tray processed all my LF film for many years using the shuffle method, but could never get even development when...
  20. Re: Anyone use the B&W King 5x7 (or 4x5) developing reel & tank (Nikor-like)?

    I agitate the B&W tank like I would any other hand tank, albeit more slowly and deliberately. Here's the agitation sequence:

    1) Pick tank up
    2) With one hand on top and one on the bottom (I find...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes


    Hope you don't mind a constructive comment and, perhaps, you know this already... Use of front tilt in scenes like this is problematic because the upper area of verticals (trees in this...
  22. Re: Need Advice Re : First ever visit to South Rim of GrandCanyon in January

    Just about anywhere along the rim makes for nice photos, especially if you get some beautiful light and, maybe, some weather. All around the Watchtower is nice, too, IMO. Have fun and make some great...
  23. Re: Anyone use the B&W King 5x7 (or 4x5) developing reel & tank (Nikor-like)?


    I use the B&W King 4x5 tank and have never even seen a Nikkor 4x5 tank, but, based on pics of the Nikkor reel, etc, I'm thinking they're very similar. I do normal inversion agitation or...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    +1! Love the feeling in this image.
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    Re: Which Chamonix 4x5?

    Oops...thanks for pointing that out...did the math the wrong way! ;)
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    Re: Which Chamonix 4x5?

    I just recently contacted Hugo about using my Fuji 450C on the F2 and he assured me that with their extension board, it wouldn't be a problem. No idea what this is in 35mm terms (maybe, like...
  27. Re: Scanner, enlarger, or contact printer? Which one and why???


    Scanning will certainly provide much flexibility for output, especially starting with a 4x5 neg. If you have something larger than a consumer level 13" printer, you can print to very large...
  28. Re: Scanner, enlarger, or contact printer? Which one and why???

    In order of cost: contact printing, scanning, enlarging. As already mentioned, both contact printing and enlarging will require a dark area, though enlarging will require a larger dark area. Yes, 4x5...
  29. Re: Best B&W Film/Developer combo - for big enlargements via DSLR scanning

    I've never used DDX with Delta 100, but I think there's something truly magical that happens with Delta 100 in Clayton F-76+! It's one of my favorite combos. I doubt that you'd see any huge gains...
  30. Thread: Technical Pan

    by Alan9940

    Re: Technical Pan

    I suppose related to assessing a value for selling is... Do you know how the film has been stored for 30+ years? I've only ever used it in 120 roll format and used Technidol many years ago, when it...
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    Re: Ansco 130 - 1:1 or 1:2?

    I generally use Ansco 130 at 1:1 for 1 - 3 mins development time at 68F. Mix it myself from raw chemicals.
  32. Re: Scanning 4x5: Buying an Epson Flatbed VS my current DSLR (5DII) VS Lab Scans

    I've never used a DSLR to scan film, but have used an Epson flatbed to scan 4x5 and 8x10 film for nearly 20 years. IMO, the quality from a flatbed scanner is fine for LF film, once you're familiar...
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    Re: FB Enlarging paper availability at B&H

    @Greg Y, have you considered fotoimpex? I've ordered several 100-sheet boxes from them over the past couple of years and they're very reliable. I tend to make a larger order when I do order to...
  34. Re: Using Pyrocat HD in a CPP3/BW Process Questions

    I have a CPP-2 and have processed LF film in Expert Drums for many years using Pyrocat-HD at 1:1:100 and at 2:2:100 (for alt process.) IMO, running the drum at speed 4 is too fast for any staining...
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    Re: Nikkor M300 f9.0 not sharp

    Were there any camera movements involved? Were you using the center of the image circle or something closer to the outside? What camera was used? Tripod? Tripod head and mount? Was it windy? If the...
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    Re: New Ilford darkroom survey, December 2019

    Thanks for alerting me to this survey. Done.
  37. Re: Differences Between Tri-X 400 and Tri-X 320

    I have used Tri-X 320 outdoors for 40 years; works fine! Personally, I like the tonal rendering of Tri-X 320 vs HP-5. Never really warmed up to the TMax films, though I do like the 400 version better...
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    Re: Easy Testing Used LF Lenses?

    Like others have already commented, I've always followed Fred Picker's advice in that if the lens can render bare tree branches against clear sky, it's sharp enough. I'd be willing to bet that any...
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    Re: What Happened to Dry Mounting Prints?

    I have B&W fiber prints mounted on archival board w/archival overmatt framed in Nielsen silver frames hanging on various walls of my home for nearly 40 years now and they still look as good as the...
  40. Re: Which shutter-speed is park-position when not in use?

    I've used Copal, Compur, Seiko, and Ilex shutters for 40 years and I've always left 'em on whatever speed was last used. Not saying this is right, but I've never had any issues with my shutters. I...
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