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    Re: New Website: comments or Suggestions welcome

    I see a few typos on the "about" page - "artest's statement" and "artese's statement" (which I suppose should be "artist") and "biograophy"

    Secondly, the biography part; this is a matter of taste...
  2. Re: "By Request of Mark Osterman in Memorium of Ron Mowrey"

    He was so generous with his knowledge and time, often explaining things several times, in various ways. I can't really fathom that he is gone. Rest in peace, Ron. Hats off to all of your good work.
  3. Re: Toyo 5x7 deluxe monorail bellows and lens question

    Probably. From my experience, at least the plastic (Lisco, Fidelity) 12x16.5, 13x18 and 6 1/2 x 4 3/4 holders are marked with their actual size in white lettering.

    Try some paper negatives for a...
  4. Re: Toyo 5x7 deluxe monorail bellows and lens question

    The 6 1/2 x 4 3/4 film holders are for a different film format, but their outer dimension is the same as a 5x7" holder. You will have to get some 5x7" holders (or cut film to 6 1/2 x 4 3/4 size). The...
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    Re: Return to Cyanotype

    Thanks Thomas, looking forward to your further adventures with the cyanotypes. :)
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    Re: What camera shops to visit in Vienna?

    The site is the way to go. Westlicht is the auction house as far as I know, and there seems to be some sort of connection to the Leica inner circle, since they...
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    Re: Return to Cyanotype

    Looking good, always enjoyed cyanotypes. The "Hahn Simi-e" - is it perhaps Hahnemühle Sumi-e or is it something else?
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    Re: Voitländer Telomar 360mm, f. 5.5

    A quick search engine trawl gave me this: - look at page 17 for more information.
  9. Re: Fumbling towards a correct exposure for Dry Plates

    As an aside, does anyone know if rubylith (or some equivalent material) is available in Europe? I'd like to get some to cover a small window, but I don't even know where to start looking.
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    Re: Post y'ur Pinkham & Smith Pics!

    I sure wish that all of the pixies were collected online somewhere so that one at least could see them - they are photobucket shadows of their former selves these days. They have always been an...
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    Re: Question for sinar norma owners

    Thanks for the photo - I wasn't sure exactly what you meant, but now I see (pardon the pun). From the three 4x5s I have had (been handling a few more), my personal experience is that the Normas are...
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    Re: Opening top of Symmar-S 210

    Not to be another on board the boat (and indeed not suggesting Mr Fromm being a nutcase!), but I think Jim Galli mentioned something somewhere about making the Symmar into a f:9 soft focus lens ......
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    Re: Question for sinar norma owners

    I think a few photographs might help anyone more mechanically adept than me to figure the issue out. It sounds to me like old grime getting in the way, since locking down moves something else out of...
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    Re: Tilt/shift etc when doing wet plates

    Obviously, in this sort of game most anything is allowed in the way of lenses - we used an old, very battered Turner Reich 12" at the workshop and it all turned out fine. In my own specific case, I...
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    Re: Tilt/shift etc when doing wet plates

    Thanks for your comments. Normally I don't use much movements either, but I see the point of moving what little depth of field one might have with a wide or near wide open lens around. The field...
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    Tilt/shift etc when doing wet plates

    Just curious,

    do you wetplaters use a lot of movements? I've only done a workshop once, seen other people in action a few times and all of these occasions were portrait sessions. Given the...
  17. Re: Edward Steichen: In High Fashion - The Conde Nast Years, 1923-1937

    I agree on him being a favourite photographer, too. I find "Edward Steichen - Lives in photography", (ISBN-13: 978-0393066265) to be a really good book, but I am not able to say whether it is better...
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    Re: Biggest Sinar board opening you have seen

    Quote from the Sinar manual, available at Butkus, just for the sake of completeness.

    “Specially large lens panels:

    (Fig. 29) The SINAR lens panels normally supplied are big enough for all...
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    Re: With a large format camera documentary Humanities

    Absolutely fantastic to see - thank you for sharing and inspiring.
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    Re: UniColor Dingle Bell Tested

    I thought it looked a bit famiiliar - it looks like a Durst Coltim, but since it says "W Germany", it could well be something that Kaiser manufactured back in the days.
  21. Re: Need Advice on 16x20 cameras and film from owners/users

    It just struck me reading this comment, that Matt Magruder does (or did, don't know if he still makes photographs) multiple exposures (wetplate, though), see examples:...
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    Re: petzval like lens for my 8x10 Bernard

    You could also look for a LUC or Gitzo shutter to put on the front of the lens - the LUC shutters are made in a few sizes. Like the Packard, they are limited to one speed (1/25 s).
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    Re: Light trap foam thickness, Sinar Norma?

    I haven't had any light leaks, but the the weave/foam is pretty old. I was thinking I would redo both front and back standard on my 5x7, but the back is more urgent I think.

    Thanks for the...
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    Light trap foam thickness, Sinar Norma?

    Does anyone know how thick the foam needs to be in the frames on a Norma? Or should I just go with say 3 mm, and hope for the best (not very Norma-like, but there you go ...)?

    And where do I get...
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    Re: Anyone use 5x7 x-ray film

    Where does one find x-ray film in Europe, actually? The auction site or somewhere else?
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    Re: Box of paper dated 1952, what to do with it?

    I'd try lith printing, if conventional printing does not work out.

    As per Mr. Galli, I've had papers (also Gevaert, as it happens) that must be from the 50-60's, that still work fine. Try it and...
  27. Re: How different are Tessars from different companies?

    When did this happen, is there some way to distinguish the 4.5ers? I have a 1920 Tessar, a 150/4.5, that I have yet to actually test, but I hope it covers 4x5" (or at least 9x12 cm) straight-on.
  28. Thread: Tripod Holes

    by Jimi

    Re: Tripod Holes

    Very interesting, please continue!

    I've always enjoyed "then and now" photographs. I assume the original dry plate is blue sensitive since the sky is blown out?
  29. Re: Trying to recall the name of a vintage exposure table device

    Yeah - you got it!
    I got to thinking yesterday that the name might have started with Posi-something and searched upside down and around, to no avail.
    Wonderful, indeed!

    Now I know what to look...
  30. Trying to recall the name of a vintage exposure table device

    I am racking my mind, trying to dredge up what this might be called - a lot of perhapses and ifs in here:

    An exposure table, a proto-lightmeter so to speak, that was as far as I can remember made...
  31. Re: Tips/Ideas For Hand Making Lens Caps For Vintage LF Lenses?

    I happened to pass by another description of how to make a lens cap:

    I tend to make them out of cardboard and blackout curtain (thin, I think mine...
  32. Re: Please post your Manuals & Resources on Building your own Large Format Camera

    The first link I found (way back in the 90's, I think) was this: - still good.

    I don't have the confidence to build something like this, and...
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    Re: post alternative techniques

    Crinkly perhaps (as is the tree itself) but the print has a wonderful presence. Well seen and well done!
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    Re: Rapid View Portrait (RVP) Pictorial lens

    " ... the ungrudging care ..." - what a way to describe it - they did indeed think of the small, but important details!
  35. Re: Thornton Pickard shutter: replacement string/cord ?

    Isn't IanG the very same esteemed Mr Grant? I thought so, but I may be mistaken. :)
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    Re: Seeking Advice For Shutter on Vintage Lenses

    J Lane glass plates, perhaps? Iso 1-2 or up to giddy speeds of iso 25 (with Ortho emulsion). :) But maybe the end goal is the more standard look of film and being able to capture moments?

    A Sinar...
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    Re: post alternative techniques

    Expensive yes, but available at (assuming you are located in the UK) for example. Always wanted to try out Argyrotypes, it looks really great.
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    Re: Sinar Pan/Tilt Head question

    Resurrecting this thread again - I am having a bit of a worry. I used my pan/tilt head the other day and happened to see that the outer disc on mine (the one that is cracked in the OP) was moving and...
  39. Re: First Post! - How Do I Measure My Bellows Extension To Calculate Bellows Exposure

    I've been using this one for years - works well in my opinion:
  40. Re: Norma maintenance manual - 8x10 swing question

    Oh, bugger ... well, there has to be a first time too for making a downright stupid mistake.

    Apologies, indeed!
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