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  1. Re: Looking for my first 8x10 field camera, what are my best options in 2021?

    Not trying to decide anything for you, but several pros and serious amateurs I have worked with got the itch to shoot 8X10... Some rented one for a couple of weekends, and some took the plunge whole...
  2. Thread: Zoom?

    by LabRat

    Re: Zoom?

    The application of LF zoom on a large scale is in use for copiers... But due to the longer FL's we normally use, there would be little change in magnification, more like moving camera a little...
  3. Re: Effects of B&W Rinse Waters into Septic/Drainfield Systems?

    Although we all should learn and practice mindful steps to mitigate environmental impact, bear in mind most papers and publications were written from studies of medium to large scale photo lab...
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    Re: The Linhof Technika III

    Great that you gathered this information about this classic camera!!!

    I'm still using a flat bed III, after using it as a portable 4X5 location camera professionally for years, and serviced it...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes


    An example of good reasons NOT to use a filter sometimes, where the distant haze look is allowed, and not a total loss of darker details in foreground ridge...


    Steve K
  6. Re: Importance of camera movements ->Alan & others, long & Linhof

    One good use for rear movements is if you were too close to a tall tower that was obviously impossible to correct, but when aiming upward, it looked too short and needed "stretching" in the height to...
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    Re: Show me your Struss pictures

    Another big part of these is how they are used, and the process...

    Look up work done by Karl Struss, and you will see he probably severely underexposed the scenes, then printed the images dark and...
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    Re: D-76; Mixing Small Batch?

    D-23 is a good formula for large negs that do not need much enlargement, but for very large prints or smaller formats (requiring more enlarging), there can be a slight mushy look due to lesser "edge"...
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    Re: Determine developing time for any film

    For 35mm, you have a built-in test strip for determining developing time...

    If you process a roll, there is the bit of the leader end on the front of the roll that gets processed that was fogged...
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    John Topham/Photographer???

    Hi, just stumbled upon the work of English photographer John Topham online, and wanted to ask our UK friends if there were any books, films, documentaries etc of his work??? Not much to see here...
  11. Re: Looking for advice on a used lens for an Intrepid camera

    The postwar Ektars should be coated, but you can check the front ring for a circle with an L in the type info (luminized)...

    Shutters should work, but might need a CLA soon, but very good...
  12. Re: Precision and Accuracy in LF Photography: How much is enough?

    Looking at your samples (before), it is clear there is a big difference with the overall density of the negatives... I think not the developing because on the thinner negs, there is a lack of detail...
  13. Re: Precision and Accuracy in LF Photography: How much is enough?

    Yea, some element in the chain is causing this...

    It's like being a chef... Your soup might be near perfect, but you can't serve it up if there's a fly in it... Get the fly out, and enjoy...
  14. Re: Precision and Accuracy in LF Photography: How much is enough?

    For color, really nailing the exposure at the "box speed" EI/ISO speed... Improving metering procedure before exposure... C-41 films have a wider latitude than chromes, but the 3 layers are in best...
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    Re: A really nice cable release

    Most cable releases are ok, but the bad or broken ones really stand out... I hate the ones with the locking screws, prefer the self locking ones...

    As mentioned, the Japanese camera OEM cables...
  16. Re: Precision and Accuracy in LF Photography: How much is enough?

    Yea, in general, with the process individuals use, but practice, testing, and approach makes the difference between good and great... And all formats have their own +/-'s...

    I came back to LF...
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    Re: Unsharp Masking…Would I/Could I/Should I?

    If you need it...

    Steve K
  18. Re: Precision and Accuracy in LF Photography: How much is enough?

    Saw this after typing last post... "Box" speed + different developer/time combinations will produce different results... First rule is to standardize materials and process... And stick with that...
  19. Re: Precision and Accuracy in LF Photography: How much is enough?

    If all things were equal, put your negatives on a lightbox and eyeball... This looks like your negs will have a different overall density, so this would be caused by exposure level differences, which...
  20. Re: Precision and Accuracy in LF Photography: How much is enough?

    Depends... If you are shooting chromes, there's no latitude there... B/W has some fudge factor but avoid needing it... I found early that LF seemed to have less latitude than smaller formats, so got...
  21. Thread: Digital IR

    by LabRat

    Re: Digital IR

    Don't dig up the basement!!! :-0

    Steve K
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    Re: Color of Ansco/PF 130

    Well, 130 contains a healthy amount of other developing agents also, so if (when) the glycin is exhausted, it should still develop (differently) with the glycin inert in its coffee like color...
  23. Re: I need an advice - travel to Australia with 8x10?

    I found that the time spent on location while traveling was the best indicator on what format to use... If someone only had a weekend someplace, they really don't have much time to scout out LF...
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    Re: D-76; Mixing Small Batch?

    I used to make up Microphen (ID-68?) from scratch when I did theatrical photography using 35mm Tri-X... Gave me a true push to EI800 with very fine grain, contrast range that a spot lit figure and a...
  25. Re: 4x5 lens recommendation for fast shutter speeds

    You might also find that very fast speeds on some modern cameras are too fast (like 1/4000th), where the waves look "naked" and incomplete due to the collective way we see fast moving action, so...
  26. Re: I need an advice

    One modern problem is many security types don't know what film is these days, and if you go through a checkpoint without letting them scan it, there are stories of them taking it into a back room,...
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    Re: D-76; Mixing Small Batch?

    I had asked many years ago a knowledgeable industry professional if I could divide a packaged developer, and he said NO... Even after componding the basic chems, they were mixed together on something...
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    Re: Common Large Format Mistakes

    Thinking you bought a vintage camera that turned out to be an accordion... :-(

    Steve K
  29. Re: 4x5 lens recommendation for fast shutter speeds

    Now that you mentioned it, being near shore = higher humidity that can cause the sheet film to buckle badly until it evens out on it's own, so a roll format might behave better...

    The Graflex 1000...
  30. Re: Anybody removed the carbon fiber baseplate of Chamonix 45F1 from the focus assemb

    Acetone is usually used to free thread lok, but it might affect the surrounding material, but isopropyl alcohol could be tried...

    I have used a small, hi-wattage soldering iron for small screw...
  31. Re: How much dimmer on the ground glass is an f/9 lens vs a f/5.6? Or f/5.6 vs f/4.5?

    Depends on lens... Some of my f10 process lenses "snap" into focus due to increased contrast, color saturation etc when focused, as well as a "sparkle" on specular highlights...

    Wides are...
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    Re: Best dual axis bubble spirit?

    IMO, the uber-precise machine set-up levels are way overkill for general photo applications, as they are so sensitive that with a camera on a tilt head, a bare tweak to the tilt will send bubble hard...
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    Re: Shipping 8x10 wooden camera safely

    Enough bubble wrap around it, placed in an oversized sturdy double box with gg packed separately, and camera wrapped in waterproof bag (in case box gets wet) is fine...

    Steve K
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    Re: A few advise before I dive !

    What I think everyone here is trying to explain here is the electronic shutters were uncommon, and IF this shutter has any issues now or in the future, there is almost no one that can service this...
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    Re: Weekend Mystery Quiz

    Did anyone win the tortoise ride??? ;-)

    Steve K
  36. Re: What is the Most Difficult Large Format Photography

    I have an old saying; "For enough $$$, ANYTHING is available"...

    Steve K
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    Re: Once upon a LF wedding..

    Hope you feel better soon!!! Health is wealth...

    Nice handling of the formals!!! They translate to personality for the couple very well, and the challenges well tackled by the photographer...
  38. Re: Always go for the light stand with the heaviest weight rating?

    There are light stands strong enough to hold heavy heads, but one big problem is when stand is too light and extended, one bump or when outdoors in a breeze, stand will like to topple over crashing...
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    Re: Front element chip: How bad is this?

    The chipped piece can be re-cemented in place with Canada balsam or superglue, and not leave a shadow on film...

    Steve K
  40. Re: STILL LIFE - Lens Thoughts & Recommendations

    You could try an old Tessar or other faster large barrel lens for limited DOF or OOF effects...

    A lens with a large diameter front glass...

    Steve K
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