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    Re: Lens Board Shutter Combo for Sinar

    Would that be the flange focal distance?
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    Lens Board Shutter Combo for Sinar

    In a recent darkroom purchase I gained a Schneider 1:8/65mm Super-Angulon lens with a Compur #00 shutter. I have a Sinar F2 and am wondering if I will need a recessed lens board, or will a flat board...
  3. Re: Where to buy film and paper in Canada?

    Beau Photo, Vancouver, BC
    The Lab, Vancouver, BC

    The Lab also provides full service film development and printing of all sizes. They specialize to the...
  4. Re: What about putting fiber based B&W paper in the freezer ?

    May I ask what the correct procedure is?
  5. Re: an interesting editorial on the state of photography today

    This article echos the bemoanings of my mentor-teachers during a recent year of photography school. The old guard had little regard for the current state of the union, and admonished best they could...
  6. Re: Liquid Emulsion On Shale- Focus Issues

    Why didn't I think of that? I have three enlargers and two of them are equipped with red filters ~ I even use them!

    Thank you.
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    Re: Whats everybody doing with Photoshop?

    Amen Brother(Sister?). I haven't opened Photoshop for over a year - amazing what can be accomplished with a few chemicals in a personal space...
  8. Liquid Emulsion On Shale- Focus Issues

    I am a novice LF photog and an intermediate print maker, working wet darkroom for B&W and a 7-ink photo inkjet for Giclee.

    I am about to embark on a project that involves printing on shale and...
  9. Re: Hybrid Film and Digital - Your Approach?

    My Approach to Hybrid:

    I scan my chosen negative, usually one that is less than perfect, then I experiment with burning/dodging in Adobe Lightroom. Once I am content with the effect of the...
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    Arkay A-25 Print Dryer

    I was recently given an old Arkay A-25 plate & canvas style print dryer and am wondering if anybody is familiar with them:

    How long do they take to dry a print?
    Where should I begin with heat...
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    Re: Karsh is History documentary


    Why does Canada block the USA from online content? What a crock! I mean it is available to stream online if I lived in Canada.

    I hate to burst your Yankee bubble,...
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    Omega DII 4X5 Condensor

    I am looking for an affordable (just finished a year away at a photo school and my debt load shows it!) LF 4x5 Condensor for my Omega DII assembly. Any extras kicking around?
  13. Re: Why do you shoot medium format with your 4x5" equipement ?

    I purchased a Sinar F2 kit last year and it came with a Calumet C2 roll-film holder. Using roll film in the holder is, at this time, for me, an educational solution with several benefits.
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