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  1. Re: collecting some info for project

    Once upon a time there were several plans/instructions around the internet for view cameras. Some simple some sophisticated. I've lost the bookmarks over time but there may be some out there yet.
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    Re: Might this shutter release be useful?

    It should be about 5mm for any of them.
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    Re: omega D5500

    The repair isn't hard IF you're careful. I did this once and don't want to do it again. With that it should be a permanent fix.
    You need to be very careful with the spring, the edges are sharp and...
  4. Re: Where can you buy those tiny screws that are used to mount flanges on lens boards

    Machine screws or wood?

    Wood are typically #0

    machine screws down to about 1mm at a hobby shop that sells RC cars(not the cheapies) They also have drill and tap sets for them
  5. Re: Anybody know what camera this is, and what model Weston meter?

    Were the original Marchioni's made in black with bakelite knobs?
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    Re: Detailed drawings and specifications

    The GG has to be mounted at the "T" distance. It's measured from the face of the GG holder to the ground(facing the lens) surface of the glass.
    Someone'll let you know in a bit.

    Light traps are...
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    Re: Help a beginner with the first LF setup

    From the tightening collar and number of leg sections it's a Series 3 performance, compact legset with center column.
    Compacts have more leg sections for a similar height of a tripod with fewer...
  8. Re: Help replacing the handle on a Graflex SLR

    ^^What he said.
    The problem is installing the new strap if you intend to use rivets Although pop rivets may work they're not
    gonna be pretty.
    You may think about using "T" nuts and screws. T...
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    Re: Low-to-ground tripod?

    It's easier to level using three points rather than four. Use a triangle or square of plywood and three carriage bolt, head downward threaded into "T" nuts.
  10. Re: Any interest in a modern timer release for LF lens?

    For the selfie I'm guessing you would select a shutter speed and the timer just trips the shutter?

    Be nice to have timed exposures using B simply because it's an open/close with only one release...
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    Re: Can you add a locator pin to a tripod?

    It shouldn't be a difficult DIY.
    Careful measurement and a drill press. Oh, a pin, brass or steel. Your choice.
  12. Re: Is Ansel Adams' The Print a good beginner's bible?

    This is a much more easily understood book for the beginner. Vestal taught photography and has a much more readable style.
    The Adams series Is really dry reading. Buckets of information from either.
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    Re: Rear lens caps

    There are a couple of DIY solutions on the interweb. The most time consuming part is waiting for glue to dry.
    I use leather for mine and get it from women's purses from charity shops.
  14. Re: Holder hinge tape: options(and pro's/cons)

    Gaffer tape wasn't intended to be a permanent solution to anything. It's claim to fame was the ability to remove it without damage.
    Duct tape & electrical tape adhesives either dry out or turn into...
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    Re: cheap generic flash kits

    Yeah, Taxes are'nt a concern unless the recipient balks when his stuff hits local custom. If shipping is inexpensive from the US that doesn't make it inexpensive, does it?

    Since Buff sell only...
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    Re: Calumet Stainless Steel Print washer

    That looks like the washer made for Darkroom aids once upon a time.
    When DA closed way back when, Helix began selling them. Presumably Calumet also picked them up.
    A really excellent product with a...
  17. Re: A footwear thread for landscapers (running shoes vs. hiking boots?)

    Gotten so used to the ankle support, I'm uncomfortable in low shoes.
    So! Rockport hikers sometimes with gaiters, don't like traipsing through the weeds & gathering sticky things etc.
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    Re: Modern Copal shutter repair sucsess!

    just google "clockwork escapement" there's quite a bit there.
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    Re: Light leaks or damaged film?

    You could make a washer from a circle of felt & put it under the knob. It would eliminate one suspect area.
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    Re: cable releases

    3rd pic doesn't look like the Nikon/Yashica/Leica fitting. Older funky for odd brand of shutter.
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    Re: Enlarger Baseboard Replacement?

    MDF with Formica facing is fine for the baseboard. I've used two pieces of 3/4" glued together, Formica side out.
    If you intend to make larger prints take this chance to go with an oversized board.
  22. Re: Gossen Luna Pro enlarging attachment manual/instructions?

    It work like any of the compact enlarging meters.
    A good print is made and a reading from light/dark?(don't remember) area is noted. Following prints are read from similar areas and the values...
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    Re: Cart or Stroller to Transport a Sinar F2

    A three wheeled jogging stroller. They usually have 20" wheels, and balloon tires.
    The ability to tilt the cart back to go over large roots or rocks is a big plus considering
    that with a two...
  24. Re: Contact printing 5x7 negatives on 5x7 paper, with white border

    Take a negative & piece of paper to a craft store or general merchandiser & fit a 5X7 frame.
    You may eventually need to make a more permanent back for it or even buy a better piece of glass.
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    Re: Jobo 2500 cog lid for 2840 paper drum?

    You could run a wire to ground. This could be as easy as connecting a wire from the internal ground wire to a water pipe or drain.

    What sort of plugs do you use in VN? Here in the US there are...
  26. Re: Adjusting Beseler 45V-XL spring tension.

    Any way you decide, be really careful with the springs.
    They can really hurt whether it's fingers or jaw.
    I'd think the safest way would be to weight the head.
  27. Re: Old Deardorff V8 rebuild rear standard question

    I had a 5X7 DD. The knobs are retained by deformed threads at the end of the shaft.
    The best way to clean them is using a die of the correct size. Because it's an American camera the threads are ...
  28. Re: Different shutter speeds on Graphex f/4.7 135mm

    In the situation you're in, 1/5 @ 4.7 you're underexposing by about 1/2 stop.
    f4->5.6 is one stop and 4.7 is roughly 1/2 stop from f4.
    the older speeds vs newer are pretty much a wash because of...
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    Re: Problem with Copal 3 lensboard

    For a temporary fix(!) remove the flange and wrap the threads with gaffer tape and make it a press fit. I've seen that others use this as a permanent solution. Euwww.
    At least you can test the lens
  30. Re: Cleaning and prepping 5x7 & 8x10 wooden holders

    Bookbinding tape seems to be what's used in many originally. Gaffers tape is thicker and the adhesive will loosen in time.
  31. Re: Problem mounting a Fujinon W 300mm with copal 3 on deardorff 6x6 lens board

    You may be able to find a local cabinet maker or wood worker to cut the recess you need. It shouldn't be expensive(he said, being an optimist.)
    A front mounted flange may work IF the rear group can...
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    Re: Help with my Manfrotto 055 tripod

    Remove the top plate on the tripod. There should be enough thread to grip the screw with a pair of pliers.
    Cushion the jaws of the pliers to protect the threads and unscrew the bolt. A bit of nail...
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    Re: Problem reinserting dark slide

    A blood sacrifice sometimes helps.
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    Re: What have you done to save money?

    Two pieces of Formica covered MDF glued together, covered sides out & handles from IKEA(fancy schmancy!) Sink blanks are fine.
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    Re: Coating problem, fungus? what is it?

    Unless you got a SUPER deal don't bother messing with it.
    Return it and be done.
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    Re: Stop by and copy my images?

    I like this one best.
    But the free post cards are great too.
    Do you have a guest register for people to leave information on for future shows either by email or direct mail?
  37. Re: Beseler 45MX -- cracked condenser stage, no neg carriers, no lensboard -- need pa

    Lensboards are simple flat plates. I don't have dimensions but they're easily made with 1/8-3/16" aircraft ply from the local hobby shop or JoAnn/Michaels craft store.
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    Re: Q about my Wisner

    I use paraffin(canning wax) & just rub a little on.
    Candle wax will work too.
  39. Re: does anyone know how to clean the rust off a lens chuck?

    You're not lubricating it just protecting the metal from rusting.
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    Re: 8x10 Bellows Extension and Angle of View

    It seems that a "moderately tight" head shot isn't going to be done at 1:1. That's very tight, pretty much the same as your ~50mm lens with 50mm extension. 1:1, that's one eye.
    As Mr Solomon says a...
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