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  1. Re: Darkroom timers, and then there was FADU

    How did reprogramming the Sonoff go? I understand you need some sort of USB adapter to do it. And, I'm curious how what kind of tablet you have and how it did in the fog test on paper. I think a...
  2. Re: Darkroom timers, and then there was FADU

    Hmmm... good points--I just have an old school incandescent 15 watt bulb in my enlarger which I'll test using a suggested method in the FADU documentation (do 10 - 2 second exposures and compare that...
  3. Darkroom timers, and then there was FADU

    My first enlarger timer was a Gralab--you know, the one with the minute and second hands. The last second on it isn't very accurate.

    Then I got ahold of a Gralab 505 electronic timer, with...
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    Re: Instant Film

    First, instant 4x5 film is rare and if you can find it, will cost a bundle. The same goes for 100 series pack film, though you can sometimes find FP-100C for $60/pack of 10 exposures, but you'd need...
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    Rollei black magic

    Has anyone tried this paint on emulsion? I'm wondering how manageable it is, whether it can produce half decent prints, and how durable the result is.

    Also, if you've used it, I suppose you'd have...
  6. Re: B/W film & B/W chems - What's in your darkroom?

    I started a year ago with FP4+ and HP5+ and ID-11 and Ilford rapidfix for film, and Ilford MGIV/dektol for paper.
    Over the year I've settled on Arista ultra 100/400 for film (35mm), and Arista 76...
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