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    Re: Anyone else here on Instagram?

    I do..grudgingly and little used

    this is my second one.. I got kicked off IG the first day with my first

    I been a little more careful with the new account though and use it to see what some...
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    Re: 4x5 Tripod Question!

    not with a majestic tripod... the head slips over the doesn't screw on to it
  3. Re: Etsy: An On-line Gallery for Selling Prints?

    oh man.. I got a goldmine in my closet then
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    Re: help choosing portrait lens?

    get the will not be disappointed... I've seen them in shutters too

    I shoot a 240 and 300 (in shutter) on my 5x7...never a bad rendition!
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    Re: Seeking Advice For Shutter on Vintage Lenses

    sinar shutter with a rube Goldberg adapter to your camera (unless you shoot a sinar or horseman)


    a big ol #5 Betax or Ilex with a set of adapters so you can use various lenses in front of...
  6. Thread: Is This Art?

    by DrTang

    Re: Is This Art?

    oh... that's good stuff

    some kooky university / art major language... but that can be ignored
  7. Thread: Tripod part???

    by DrTang

    Re: Tripod part???

    that is a stud for a bogen / Matthews super clamp..with a tripod screw top

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    Re: Preferred Format, and why?

    5x7… I think it choose me

    I will shoot everything from 120 to 11x14 (sometimes) in a shoot.. and dag nab it..the 5x7's always come out the best...always

    could be the heliars.. but even with...
  9. Thread: Your Studio!

    by DrTang

    Re: Your Studio!

    here's an old 360 degree's a yurt so it's a circle... and it is also my storage area
  10. Re: Curious about creation of a custom filter adapter, what it would take

    I think they are 39mm, but the 'pitch' is different than regular filters. Tiffen used to make a whole slew of series filter adapters that 'pushed on' to the outside of the lens front.. maybe you can...
  11. Re: New to the group first post Have a Century No. 7

    Missing the back - which are relatively hard to find, and lensboard- 9"x9" - those are easy to get on ebay.. but since you know what you have, you can eaily find out what they are going for by...
  12. Re: Waterhouse Stop Fabrication Alternatives in 2019?

    I bought some thin brass at the hobby store.. took some tin snips and a file and created some crude-o stops that work just fine in like 15 minutes.. I only needed two f-stops though - f8 and F16.....
  13. Re: Linhof Apo-Lanthar 210mm - Duftige Schärfe "fluffy sharpness" - Open Aperture Tes

    I always understood that Apo Lanthars were color corrected Heliars … so the soft -sharp focus thing makes sense.. I've found shooting B&W with my heliars, the light/dark transitions unlike other...
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    Re: 8x10 Film Choice Paralysis

    I only shoot FP4 (because Tmax 100 is so dang expensive, otherwise…)

    because it matches all the other film I shoot in studio, there is less mess-ups

    take one reading - set all...
  15. Re: What portable lighting equipment do you use when your shoot portraits outside stu

    the only thing I can add is to not cheap out on the light stand(s).. if weight is no object.. then get C-stands and a couple sandbags.. if you want more portable.. then Matthews medium kit stands are...
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    Re: San Francisco - Monterey 10 Days

    see the redwoods and hwy 1.. at the very least... the missions will let you shoot outside with a tripod and stuff.. probably not inside though..but who knows..
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    Re: 11x14 Deardorff Studio Camera

    can someone with a S11 do me a solid? measure the back 'board' outside dimension

    I seem to have a 11x14 unmarked back with very Deardorff looking hardware that is 18.5" square outside dimension
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    Re: Current state of instant film?

    I bought a kickstarter 'Magy' thing that can be used on some Nikon, Canon, Pentax and Leica M cameras..It uses the instax new square film.. the photos are reversed side-to-side.. but the results are...
  19. Re: Jollylook - The First Cardboard Vintage Instant Camera!

    I'm one of the original backers.. and honestly, have given up on ever seeing a camera. I figure Kickstarter is always a crapshoot and I lost this roll...HOWEVER.. that Kickstarter magy back I got...
  20. Re: The Camera and Technique of Andreas Gursky (Then And Now)

    looks to me like he was on a train or something moving that affected the foreground more than the background... looks shot with a phone or digital from a moving train
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    Re: Show off your Large Format camera!

    newly built 4x5 - fixed focus based on a Polaroid Big Shot and a lot of tape
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    Re: 8x10 Camera mainly for portraits

    I have thought about using laser pointers on either side of the front standard.. kinda like how focuspots work...would need a dead man's switch or foot switch to turn them off just prior to exposure...
  23. Thread: My Dream lens.

    by DrTang

    Re: My Dream lens.

    Hmmmmmm...a 15" for 8x10 sounds mighty tasty - esp if one could stop it down a bit to moderate the softness as wished
  24. Re: Just starting, was curious the quality of my lens

    I use a 215 acutar on my Keith twin lens 4x5 - - it's very sharp.. maybe a bit too sharp for me but it's a matched set with the what am I gonna do?
  25. Re: Need replacement for flickr to store and share photos

    isn't like $100 a year for unlimited on flickr now?

    seems like that should be doable - especially since they probably have a following and a lot of people have bookmarked the pages
  26. Re: 7th Annual Large and Ultra Large Format Meet and Greet

    I'll just bring a couple things I have sitting around - no big sales table or anything..I figure these are the people who would be interested in them ..if anyone is
    … and it's better to check things...
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    Re: Anyone used Foma 320 for portraits?

    just developed some in straight D-76, rated it at 200

    seems okay... and way better than in rodinal which it did not like at all

    oh.. and no pre-soak

  28. Re: 7th Annual Large and Ultra Large Format Meet and Greet

    will try to make it.. kind of a longish haul for me (Santa Barbara)..if I do..I will have a couple cameras to offer and a few lenses everyone bring lots of money!!!!

    models you say??? ...
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    Re: 11x14 back for a Deardorff Studio Camera

    I had some guy in the Czech Republic build me a back for my Indian 11x14 - came out pretty good considering he's half a world away

    my measurements was slightly off..but a little filing fixed that...
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    Re: Using electronic flash with LF cameras

    I would start by putting the flash - on full - right next to the subject and blasting it about 3 or 4 or 5x the suggested GN aperture...just to see if you get ANYTHING

    if not..then it is a...
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    Re: Printing Images on Card stock.

    I used to print my own postcards - image on one side, postcard stuff on the rear... on glossy clay coated stock I special ordered cut into 8.5x11 (size my printer took back when)

    of course I was...
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    Poll: Re: 3. Would you yourself pose nude?

    I have a deal with my models..they take their clothes off..I keep mine on

    so has worked out well
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    Re: Opinions on upgrading from 4x5 to 8x10

    Commercial Ektar - 12 or 14 inch

    'nuff said
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    Re: So now I know why photo clubs are useless

    or take photos of their photos and enter that next contest - hahahahahahaha

    best option is not to enter at all...I mean..even if you 'win'.. what do you get? a ribbon??? bragging rights that a...
  35. Re: The best way to store lenses long term? Vacuum seal?

    Almost every lens that I've bought that has had mold or fungus 'hazing' has come out of a leather case... now..not all lenses in leather cases have had fungus.. but it is rare for me to find fungus...
  36. Thread: Nude

    by DrTang

    Re: Nude

    latest 8x10 shot
  37. Re: everyone's favorite topic: what lens is this??

    dang...thanks!!! I KNEW I had seen A.M. before ...just couldn't reach it in my brain filled with bellows compensation numbers and filter factors and came with a marked Aviar lens
  38. everyone's favorite topic: what lens is this??

    no pictures until later

    lens itself is black body, barrel, marked 8.5 inch f5.6 Anastigmat.

    On the front rim is: A.M. and a crown and then No. 2

    might be a process lens
  39. Re: Any real advantage to pre-soaking HP5 to remove the anti-halation layer

    helps me with HP-4 in 8x10 only..which is weird

    5x7... fine, but 8x10 has weird white 'clouds' occasionally that never happen when I remember to pre-soak... and they never appear on 5x7 even when...
  40. Re: Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings, opens at the Getty November 15th.

    that I will see
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