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    Re: Wet / dry plate photography

    The only way to get a true positive is to print from your wet/dry negative. I suggest that you take some time and watch the "Live from studio Q" videos that Quinn Jacobsen has put on youtube. The...
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    Re: Collodion - Wet Plate Images

    The center of the image circle on a Petzval lens is pretty darn sharp. They were meant to be. The swirl that so many like comes from using a lens designed for a smaller format than that being used....
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    Re: Using a recessed lensboard backwards

    There are "Top Hat" lens boards made for just this purpose
  4. Re: Fitting a Jena Tessar 21cm 210cm in a Linhof board

    You need a board cut for a Copal 3 shutter and a retaining ring
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    Re: help choosing portrait lens?

    I think you should consider a Goerz Dogmar as a more than adequate stand in for a Heliar. It will certainly save some money and they can usually be found in shutter up to about 14"
  6. Re: I'm looking for a "thing", something to hold my lenses with Technica boards

    I use an Orvis "safe passage" reel case. It currently has 11 lenses in it. It seems that it is no longer available, but you may be able to find a used one somewhere.
  7. Re: portrait lens that will fold inside crown graphic

    I have a 210mm Dagor in a Copal 1 shutter that I would wager would fold up into a Crown. You might look at older lenses. Dagors are all pretty small for their focal length and they seem to be coming...
  8. Re: Need help with the first complex lens board I've ever seen

    I would think that the pins on the front would be threaded and would turn out if you went at them with a pair of pliers. It would be easier than using a hacksaw, that is if it works.
  9. Re: Rayments Patent camera - who has one? - need some measures

    Mahogany is a pretty soft wood and I would wager that the "breadboards" at the top and bottom are of a harder wood to prevent them from wearing out quickly. I know that many of the old studio cameras...
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    Re: Studio Tripod for 8x10

    I use a big old Bogen tripod. It doesn't have a model number on it but I think it's a 3050. It has a head, also unmarked with a 4" square QR plate on it. Together it weighs north of 40 lbs. I was...
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    Re: Some B&W Bridges...

    The "Old Bridge" at Memphis. 90mm Caltar II S, FP4+ Rodinal

  12. Re: Help with stuck iris in Prontor Professional 1

    Here is a link to a couple of Prontor repair manuals that might be helpful
  13. Re: Polaroid Originals (was Impossible Project) 8x10 film ?

    I made an inquiry several weeks ago as I had an opportunity to get a processor and holder for next to nothing. I was told that at a minimum it would be next April before they had any more 8x10 film...
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    Re: Retaining ring or workaround

    The rings are specific to the shutter. Look here for what you need
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    Re: Advice on possible light leak issue.

    I think that what you are experiencing is the failure of your 13 years expired Polaroid film, not a light leak
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    Re: Kodak 8.5 in f6.3 Commercial Ektar?

    It could be very difficult if you don't have a 5x7 camera
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    Re: Darkroom Pop-Up Tent Recommendations

    Look into Quickfish tents. I use one of their tents for wet plate work, the Quickfish 3, and it would be OK for maybe 2 people, but would get tight with any more. They make larger versions though,...
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    Re: Just developed 16 color neg...

    Do what Steven said, get a sous vide circulator for $90 and you are good to go, with temperature accuracy to .1 degree. It's a no brainer
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    A Cautionary Tale - Ries Tripod

    Way back in March I made an impulse buy of a nice Chamonix 8x10 camera. I have a big old Bogen tripod that can easily mount a small building, and hold it steady, but it just isn’t suitable for use in...
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    Re: First LF camera

    That seems like a pretty nice price for the Nagoka
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    Re: ID this Collar / Ring / Spacer thing please?

    I had an old 400mm Komura that has been laying around unused for years. I just removed the shutter for other purposes and have one of these things that I don't know what to do with. It's yours if you...
  22. Re: Commercial Ektar Wide Field

    190mm isn't at all overkill for a 4X5, the most commonly found lens on a 4X5, in my experience, is a 210mm. I have been playing with a 135mm Wide Field Ektar lately and love it
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    Re: Hole in the Rock in October?

    It's always a crapshoot, but October is about ideal. I spent the first three weeks of Oct 2014 exploring the canyons of the hole in the rock road and it was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. You...
  24. Re: Jos. Schneider Kreuznach Doppel Anastigmat Isconar 135mm f/6.8 Lens

    Thank you for the replies! I shot a couple of sheets with the lens yesterday and I think Ian nailed it, it is nice and sharp, but very low in contrast. It will be fun to play with for a while
  25. Jos. Schneider Kreuznach Doppel Anastigmat Isconar 135mm f/6.8 Lens

    Does anyone have any information on this lens? I have done a few searches, but I haven't found anything about this particular lens.
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