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  1. Re: Matching mounting board; maybe splitting an order

    I've used Redimat in the past with good luck. They carry lots of brands; I use Alpharag mostly. I believe they sent me a swatch book before I placed a larger order. It may have cost a few dollars....
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    Re: What to do about leaf springs.

    Yep! A rotating slat that is tapered and a long slot of uniform width. Rotating the slat introduces more length and thickness, which cinches the back tight. It holds by friction. Low tech and...
  3. Re: Any thoughts on why my film washer is not working?

    Check the drain hose for leaks (water leaks, not air). If water is getting out somewhere except the bottom of the siphon hose, that's you're problem.

    If that's alright, then see if you can start...
  4. Re: New to 4x5. Please help me troubleshoot what I'm doing wrong.

    Vaughn has the right answer.

    Your film is light struck. The first thing I'd check is how you pull the darkslide and reinsert it. A common cause of this type of fogging is accidentally pulling...
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    Re: Why are all of my photos soft?

    First, have you examined the negative with a high-power loupe? If not, then the issue may be the scanning. Check this carefully before you do anything else. If you have access to an enlarger with...
  6. Re: Back to basics - newbie developing help

    The processing per se does not appear to be the problem.

    Your first image is most definitely a multiple exposure, double or even triple. This could be happening in camera or, possible, when the...
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    Re: Practical Movements for 90mm 4x5

    Over the years, I've accumulated lots of unrealized ideas about how to optimize movements on small, lightweight field cameras. Here are a few:

    First, swings should be able to be designed so they...
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    Re: My Set Up for Film Holder Labels

    I keep notes for several reasons. First, to note date and place and working title of the image. Place is important if I ever want to go back to re-shoot. Film type and indicated development are...
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    Re: My Set Up for Film Holder Labels

    I carry 50 holders when I'm on a road trip; that's 100 exposures. Often, I have to change film out to get more exposures than the 100 I started with. Sometimes I'm on the road for two-three months,...
  10. Re: Urgent need help to develop my film

    Very wise and important advice!

    First, read up, watch some videos and decide what developing method you are going to use. I develop in trays and like it very much, but it takes some practice,...
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    Re: A tale of two meters

    First, where did you send your meters? Quality Light Metric in Hollywood is my only choice.

    Second, many meters are calibrated to different specifications, i.e., different "Zones" if you wish. ...
  12. Re: 75mm or 90mm based on the following....

    Back on topic :)

    Get a 90mm. I've got lots of lenses; my most used are the 135mm and the 90mm, in that order. My 75mm gets used rarely simply because 90mm is wide enough 90% of the time. Plus,...
  13. Re: Olaf Otto Becker photographing from a dinghy in Greenland?

    Sure looks to me like he shoots from the boat for some of the images. I think it's a matter of choosing calm seas and patient waiting for the right moment when nothing is moving to trip the shutter....
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    Re: My Set Up for Film Holder Labels

    My holders are numbered by sheet, i.e., one holder has two numbers: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, etc. The holders are simply numbered with permanent marker in the small space provided. Each holder has a set of...
  15. Re: My hyper-confused self and the f-stop

    Glad to have helped!

    Now go out and make some photos :)

  16. Re: My hyper-confused self and the f-stop


    You're right about the total amount of light fooling an averaging meter. And, it does make a difference in the meter reading when you point your meter to a different part of the scene that...
  17. Re: My hyper-confused self and the f-stop


    I've highlighted where your logic breaks down. Yes, you are right, the "average" amount of light will be different in the scenario you describe.

    Your mistake is that, when...
  18. Re: Photographing long hallways - tilt or swing to achieve maximum focus?

    Exactly what I do. I did the math years ago using the method here: to arrive at optimal f-stops for whatever focus spread I have. I don't bother...
  19. Re: Photo travel by vehicle, what's your favorite?

    I've always needed 4wd since I spend a lot of time camping in the backcountry and driving off-road or on jeep-only trails.

    Here's my current ride, a Nissan Xterra:


    It has a truck...
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    Re: Change of fixer

    Yes, indeed, provided that one has a baseline established already, i.e., the correct clearing time for a certain film in fresh fixer, to compare to.

    Or, if the fixer simply won't clear the film at...
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    Re: Change of fixer


    First, let's talk fixing times for fiber-base prints. Ilford recommends 1 minute for Hypam mixed 1+4 and 2 minutes for the 1+9 dilution. Fomafix recommends 3 minutes at the 1+5 dilution...
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    Re: Change of fixer

    Just checked out the Fomafix at Freestyle. It seems to be a rather conventional rapid fixer, in the same league as Hypam and Rapid Fixer. There's really nothing that different about Fomafix that...
  23. Re: Photographing long hallways - tilt or swing to achieve maximum focus?

    Neither. In situations like that (I'm assuming a scene with the camera centered in the hallway), where you have near objects at equal distance at the top, bottom and sides of the image (the floor,...
  24. Re: Relevance of zone system when scanning

    First, for negative film, especially black-and-white, the dynamic range is much larger than seven stops. It's the printing paper that is the roughly 7-stop bottleneck, and even then, you can squeeze...
  25. Re: explain like I'm 5......... 90mm lenses

    At the risk of tangling topics, here's the short answer:

    A meter averages the light from the angle of view it sees. Meters with different angles of view will indeed give different readings. ...
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    Re: Describe a style for me

    Seems like you are doing a pretty good job of describing things yourself :)

    I'd use the term, "rich in midtones," or "with a full range of tones," or "wide dynamic range," etc. instead of the word...
  27. Re: Developing Time the cause or somethings else....

    Everyone has to test to find their personal optimum developing time. So should you. Recommendations are just starting points.

    If your negatives are overexposed, then it's the meter or shutter...
  28. Re: Relevance of zone system when scanning

    One of the functions of the Zone System is to optimize the density range on the negative for the print media. If the print media is a scanner, then there must be an optimum range of densities that...
  29. Re: explain like I'm 5......... 90mm lenses


    You're confusing the actual size of the aperture with the f-number. Just remember, f/8 means: focal length 8, which means the actual size of the aperture at f/8 is dependent on the focal...
  30. Re: explain like I'm 5......... 90mm lenses

    Yep, you're talkin' real crazy! :)

    Think about it: if f/8 (or any other f-stop) was different from lens to lens, then you'd not get the same exposure for the same f-stop when you changed lenses.
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    Re: New Dektol Mixes Dark Brown

    The brown color is definitely the result of oxidation and not optimal, even if it works. Your stock solution shelf life is likely shorter.

    I'm sure Kodak Alaris would like to know their...
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    Re: Question on New-to-4X5 Schooling

    Movements aren't really all that difficult to get your head around. You just have remember that it is the orientation of the back to the subject is what determines if lines are parallel or not,...
  33. Re: 4x5 Kodak HSI: any special considerations?

    Making sure your bellows are opaque to infrared is a consideration. Some bellows aren't and will fog the film. Most main-stream filmholders should be fine, but check darkslide opacity to infrared...
  34. Re: Using a recessed lensboard backwards

    I use a homemade top-hat board to get my 300mm Nikkor M to focus on my Wista DXs. Works fine as long as you don't have to do a lot of swinging or tilting with the front standard.

    Reversing a...
  35. Re: explain like I'm 5......... 90mm lenses

    In this instance, two things make lenses bigger: Speed (maximum aperture) and coverage (size of image circle). This latter is a result of lens design: more and bigger elements are needed to do the...
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    Re: To loupe or not to loupe?

    After cataract surgery, you have one focus distance uncorrected - period. For anything else you need correction. For closer than your 14-16 inches, you'll likely need a combination of reading...
  37. Re: Advice on a spare-time project? 4x4 back and holders

    The simplest approach to me would be to modify standard 4x5 holders by adding a mask to bring it to 4x5 (or two masks, one at each end so the 4x4 segment ends up in the middle). Then you would simply...
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    Re: Fujinon A 240mm F9 variations

    The version with the lettering on the inside of the barrel is single-coated. The ones with the lettering outside the barrel are EBC (multi-) coated.

    The silver-ring Copal 0 shutter is older, but...
  39. Re: Hypo Clearing Agent = Ilford Washaid? I am confused!

    A working solution of wash aid doesn't usually last more than 24 hours anyway, so keeping it around long enough for slime to grow is likely well past its useful life.

    That's the problem with the...
  40. Re: Hypo Clearing Agent = Ilford Washaid? I am confused!

    I assume you're asking about wash aids? E.g., Hypo Clearing Agent, etc.?

    Shelf life for powdered Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent is indefinite as long as the package is undamaged. Storage life for the...
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