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  1. HELP--which color print film for a wedding?

    Fuji NPH 400 is great...Like you I only do weddings as favors to very good friends. NPH is very fine grained and will easily go to 8x10 with no problem. You'd be surprised what some regular...
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    Early soft focus & Edward Weston

    Another suggestion that is certainly not the same but harkens back to Steichen and other pioneers would be a pinhole. Soft/sharp and interesting effects but you need lots of light/time of...
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    Early soft focus & Edward Weston

    I hope you're sitting down when you see the price for the new Cooke soft focus ?4.5 229mm Portrait lens. It's $3500.00US at Badger when available. I'd play with soft focus or fog filters or...
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    agfa optima 100

    I agree that Optima 100 is a great film. I've only got 2 boxes of 4x5 left since it's not available in the US now. I'm going to write a nasty letter to AGFA. I've been using their products since...
  5. shipping film/ film holders /camera to - from france

    I use "Picto" when in Paris for E6. I showed them my business card and they discounted the processing about the same as the TVA (20%). Processing took about 3 hours as I remember.

    On film, I...
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    Question about 4x5 negs

    I agree with the other answers......most labs will make the contact sheet with the negs in "Printfiles" and they will appear soft. You can request/make the labs shoot the contacts out of the...
  7. Old developer called 777, any good for Large Format

    There was an article in the Leica Historical Society of American magazine about the 777 Panthermic developer about 4 years ago. It stated that this developer gave results very close to Pyro in...
  8. Recessed Lens Board for 90mm SA on Linhof V?

    Kent, How is it that you DON'T have to drop the bed with the 75mm to keep the front rail out of frame?? Please advise........ Thanks, F. William Baker
  9. Recessed Lens Board for 90mm SA on Linhof V?

    I'm sure that Bob of HP Marketing will give you the correct answer but on my Master Technika I use the recessed boards for both my 75mm and my 90mm Grandagons. The recessed boards certainly make...
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    Polaroid equivalents...

    I always rate either Fuji Provia or Agfa RSX at 80 ISO for the true speed. This from my pro lab for the last 5 years. When all else is concerned......either "snip" or bracket. Good Luck

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    Minolta Autometer III F

    One of the best meters ever for both reflected/ambient or for flash ..but... Minolta hasn't supplied either parts or repair/service for over 4 years...get a grip and either get the IV or V and get...
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    AGFA RXS 100

    A very large percentage of my commecial work is photographing paintings for art galleries for reproduction for catalogues. These are then drum scanned by the printer. The colors must be bang on as...
  13. 305 G-Claron on Linhof Master Technika

    Anyone have any experience with a 305 G-Claron or other similar (Rodenstock) len s on a Linof Master Technika? I need to know how much bellows draw when doing t able top product shots to get close...
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    Muslin Backdrops for Portraits

    Does anyone know of a source for muslin backdrops that is reasonable? I have a LF project of portraits made over several days. Rental is $18 US per day. If I' m going to spend close to $100 I might...
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    Pro Lab in Prague?

    Greetings....A friend will be staying in Parague for 4 months. Dedicated B&W sh ooter. Before he can set up a darkroom in his flat, he is in need of a pro qua lity lab. Any and all suggestions...
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    Ida (likeanew) Lupino

    I have been using the Toyo for several years with good success. It's enough magnification for almost any instance. Rubber coated on the end that you place on the ground glass. I just scoot it...
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    Fuji CMW 135?

    For Fujinon lenses try "The F Stops Here". They order directly from Japan, they require 60% down with order. The price is based off the yen vs dollar exchange rate. They have a currency...
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    Photograph Painting and Art Work

    I shoot paintings for several galleries for either catalogue reproduction or large banner to hang outside of gallery (6'x12').

    Here's my setup: Linhof Master with Symar 210, 2400 Speedo with 2 ...
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