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  1. ADMIN: I think we are going to ....

    Oh, sorry, that was Netscape. It works great in Opera.

  2. ADMIN: I think we are going to ....

    Although isn't particularly linux/mozilla friendly . . .
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    Leather Handle on 8x10 Deardorff


    What you need to find is an old luggage repair place. I took my camera to one and the woman there wasn't even fazed. I don't know how she did it, but for about 30 bucks she installed a new...
  4. ADMIN: I think we are going to ....

    I don't see any reason not to have it a if it's free and it works, which it probably will. If not, I hereby pledge 50$ for the next year's service. Please don't go with advertising if you...
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    8x10 Protar V lens


    My 1907 Bausch and Lomb Catalog says the "Bausch & Lomb-Zeiss Series V Extreme Wide-Angle f-18" lens in the 8x10 size has a 7 and 3/16 inch focal length. The lens has a 9/16 inch diameter...
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    Question about 4x5 negs


    Just fyi in case you do not already know this, you can make your own black and white contact prints at home with ease. All you need is a sort of dark room, a few plastic trays, a sheet of...
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    Accidental 8X10 purchase

    Hi Richard,

    I got in to 8x10 the same way you have, and boy did I make a lot of mistakes. The one thing to keep in mind is this: 8x10 film is very expensive, and the time spent on each shot, from...
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    Vignetting - Another Post


    On one of my 8x10 lenses I kept getting vignetting and could never figure out why, because I was judiciously looking through the (cut) ground glass corners before every shot. Then I figured...
  9. 9-1/2" f6.8 Goerz Dagor AMerican Optical Co. for 8x10?

    The 9.5 inch will offer modest room for movement. Some have said there is a slight focus shift from 6.8 to 22. Contrast is good for a classic lens as there are only four air-glass surfaces, and...
  10. Omega D5500 with CLS or D5XL with DII Dichroic ?

    Hmm, what's the matter with the D5500? I have one and like it, but I have no experience with other 4x5 enlargers, except worse ones. I find it very easy to use and have no complaints.
  11. Super Angulon 90mm.&Speed Graphic 4x5: Marriage Made in Heaven? Not?

    Well, Gary's comments about putting the 90 mm on the hinge on the focal plane shutter models was gnawing at me, as a little wisp of a memory of maybe having to do that after all started to come back,...
  12. Super Angulon 90mm.&Speed Graphic 4x5: Marriage Made in Heaven? Not?

    Hi Gary,

    Ah, the light bulb finally went on. Yes, if your camera lets you switch the back into portrait mode, that would likely make a big difference. I never thought about that - those Super...
  13. Super Angulon 90mm.&Speed Graphic 4x5: Marriage Made in Heaven? Not?

    Okay, that makes one more person who says you get the bed in the image with a 90 mm lens focused on infinity on a speed graphic. No matter what I do, I cannot get my lens to do this on either my...
  14. Super Angulon 90mm.&Speed Graphic 4x5: Marriage Made in Heaven? Not?

    It completely mystifies me why, when this question comes up, as it does from time to time, people always say you need to drop the bed with speed graphic and a 90 mm lens. I can't figure out why...
  15. What is the absolute worst piece of advice aboutLarge Format you have ever gotten, read or over heard?

    "Don't you already have two 8x10 cameras?"
  16. All-Ttime Funniest Comment You've Gotten While Shooting

    I was shooting pictures of Seattle's Kingdome before they blew it up and while I was waiting for a cloud to pass an extremely intoxicated homeless man staggered up and wanted to look at the...
  17. What is the absolute worst piece of advice aboutLarge Format you have ever gotten, read or over heard?

    Merklinger's book, which I read and enjoyed (his other one, "Ins and Outs of Focus" is even better), would be totally unnecessary if it weren't for the fact that EVERY other large format book that...
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    Homebuilt LF cameras

    Tony, I know what you mean, but the awful truth is that you do not know photomasochism until you have built your very own 4x17 pinhole camera that uses what you think might be some kind of X-Ray film...
  19. Need opinions on Caltar 210 f:5.6 lens on 4x5

    Here is a copy of correspondence I had with Schneider on this subject. Start at the bottom for the first message, from me to Schneider. The top message is the last. The short answer is that...
  20. Anyone shoot a 90mm F6.8 Optar that could recommend it?


    I had one of these once and got rid of it, and I'm sorry I did. If I remember it didn't offer much in the way of movements but it was really quite sharp and still pretty okay on the edges,...
  21. Kodak Commercial Ektar 81/2" f/6.3 for 8x10???


    I used to have this lens and I made a few 8x10 exposures with it. You could get an image all the way to the corners of an 8x10 plate if focussed at infinity, but the image was really bad out...
  22. Trying to find any sourse for infrared film for 4x5

    Hi Mike,

    You might go here for a few boxes anyway:

    I'm not affiliated with the seller, just found it while surfing around.
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    Can't get motivated --


    I go back and forth a lot between Pentax 6x7 and my 8x10. Every time I get a good shot with the P67 I take a look at the print and think, "you know, that's a good picture, but it's too...
  24. Fuji-W and Fuji-CW, anybody know the difference?

    Ah, hmm, yes, very good. I did go to his site, but he has no link from to his lens page. It looks as if the answer to my question is shrouded in black mystery, however. Oh well. ...
  25. Fuji-W and Fuji-CW, anybody know the difference?


    Anybody know the difference between these two f5.6 lenses? I can't find anythin g on the web except an indication that the cw is "newer."

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    Can lenboard cause light leak?


    Hmm, those are odd light leaks, such confined lines. I am assuming they are not contrails . .

    Lensboards can indeed cause light leaks. I have to tape up my deardorff boards each time....
  27. At Last! A ULF Digital Pinhole! Or, if the box fits...


    You can save yourself an awful lot of money by using paper negatives, at least to start. I'm not sure there is any single weight paper available in that size (it would be worth calling...
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    wider angle than 90mm question


    I think you are pretty much stuck with the f18 protars (hmm, did they make an f18 protar wider than 90 mm? Maybe not) and the, um, hmm, well, non-Schneider? Was there a goerz wide-angle...
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    lens coverage vs. f-stop

    Hi Matthew,

    This is actually one of those experiments anyone can do at home and quickly disprove the conventional wisdom, which is that image circle gets larger with a smaller aperture.

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    Film tent vs. Readyloads?

    As a card-carrying TMAX-hating, readyload-eschewing, film-tent-owning photographer, it pains me to say this, but wouldn't the readyloads make a whole lot more sense? Sea-kayaking and camping =...
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    Condensation on film?

    It sounds like it's worth a sheet of film to run the experiment: pull the holder out of your fridge, go outside, pull the darkslide, and take a look.
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    New to LF 4x5 vs. 5x7


    I shoot 5x7 once in awhile, but I go the other way, with a reducing back on my 8x10. Or pinhole box camera. And I don't shoot color. However, I found this on...
  33. Freestyles Europes Finest Warm Tone FB What is it?

    Hey, I did a google search and found the BW printing section mentioned above, (it's at 0%26%20Finishing ) and it looks...
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    Crown Graphic and Schneider


    I have a crown graphic in front of me. Not only that, I also have one of those dial angle finders carpenters use. I am going to do an experiment with my camera and the dial gauge. First, I...
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    Crown Graphic and Schneider

    Hi Dan,

    My primary 4x5 camera is a crown graphic. I use the 8x10 more these days, but have used the crown quite a bit. I shot a 65 super angulon on it many times. It is very difficult to focus...
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    vintage"toy" cameras... holga and diana


    I've only played around with a Holga a little bit. You can get them at They use 120 film and cost about 30$ US.

    There are several sites on the web devoted to...
  37. Vignetting due to the sunshade,tilts,shifts and swings


    Yes, it is in fact not possible to make a large format photograph with a traditional lens shade. You must use a compendium shade. To get one, simply send a whole lot of money to...
  38. An Unusual question fro all of you - part II??

    I prescribe a 4x10 pinhole camera that has to be taken apart to be loaded, five sheets of film, and a 7 day backcountry trip.
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    Should I sue?

    "This is both a contractural *and* copyright issue, and copyright is the much bigger club to swing. When someone agrees to terms in order to use your image, failure to live up to those terms is...
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    Should I sue?

    It sounds to me like a contracts claim, not a copyright claim, and thus would not be in federal court. My advice is to bluff. Why not find an attorney who will draft a letter demanding payment and...
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