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    Re: Spokane in July

    Palouse area is located starting 20-30 miles south of Spokane. Take road 27 from eastern Spokane to Pullman. You will see a lot of small towns, farms, barns, rolling hills. In July hills will be...
  2. Re: Issues with Pyrocat-MD Any suggestions?

    When I posted description of my problem on APUG, Formulary asked Mr. King to handle this, he sent me e-mail asking details, wondering about my workflow, but indeed, reason for the failure was never...
  3. Re: Issues with Pyrocat-MD Any suggestions?

    I had similar issues with Pyrocat MC from Formulary. It didn't work with any film I tried. All negatives were blank or very thin. Try to increase amount of developer, use 2:2:100 or more. I asked...
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    Re: JOBO is driving me crazy!

    You could buy the cog separately:
    I believe it will fit both 25xx and 15xx tanks.

  5. Re: Best Epson desktop printer for B&W these days...?

    Frank, if you could use custom inks, then Epson 1400 could be the most flexible and economical solution. It will require QTR which you already have. I use self made inksets designed by Paul Roark and...
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    Re: Hp5 + Perceptol + Jobo 2553

    Yes, I do presoak for all films when developer is not Xtol. I use Jobo CPA, so it is easy. I am doing presoak for 4-5 min, as recommended in Jobo documents.

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    Re: Hp5 + Perceptol + Jobo 2553

    I am using Perceptol 1:2 for HP5 (and 1:3 for Acros). Film is rated @200, and time in Jobo was 14:30 min at 21C. I believe I got this reference from Barry Thornton book, his time was 11:30 at 24C and...
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    Re: Papers with No OBA and Metmerism

    I always was thinking that metamerism is caused mostly by inks. From my experience with Epson 2200 OEM inks it seems to be true: you could take paper like Silver Rag (no OBA) and still have the same...
  9. Re: No Dual Monitor Support for either VISTA or Windows 7

    I have two monitors on WIndows 7 calibrated by X-Rite tools. I see that it works -- second one greatly improved after calibration. So, before talking to incompetent people in X-Rite and raising heat...
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    Re: epson V700 or epson v750pro?

    You probably could use SilverFast Ai on v700. In fact, it detects v750 as "V700" when running with v750. It is easy to check -- just download trial version for v750 and install it to use with v700.
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    Re: Fuji Acros Development Time?


    I was using Perceptol 1:3 for Acros 4x5 sheets in Jobo, I got the idea of this from Barry Thornton book. I rated film at 64 ISO. My time was 13 min at 20C and I did 5 min presoak. I also...
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    Re: v700, silverfast se, & windows 7

    You could use your serial number with downloaded software, if your own copy is not too old. I got scanner (V750) quite a while ago and still use upgrades downloaded from the silverfast web site, in...
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    Re: Piezography K7/MPS and IJC/OPM?

    What prevents you from preparing profiles for K7 in QTR, like you did it before? If you print through QTR, all you need is simple profile for any inkset. For me it takes about 30 min and one page of...
  14. Re: Product Review: Variable Height Mounting Station

    Epson holders could be easily modified to make height adjustable. It will cost you fraction of price that charges for a piece of brittle plastic. Like PenGun above I too suspect...
  15. Re: Epson V700/V750 Dual Lens System. Please Explain.

    If I remember correctly, if you scan 8x10 film placed on the glass or scan in reflection mode, then scanner uses "low resolution" lens, otherwise it is "high resolution". Those two lenses focus on...
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    Re: Chamonix Extension Rack

    I don't have a digital camera, so could only describe it. It is the piece of carbon fiber that attaches to the end of extension bed, and front standard attaches to it. Total belllows extension with...
  17. Re: What bag to get for a 4x5 system (Sinar F2)?

    I don't think I could find or wish anything better than Kelty + PhotoBackpacker things that I use now. Dedicated photo backpack is just way too heavy and fancy. I also have big Tamrack bag they offer...
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