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    Re: Cambo SC v SCX

    Fred Picker (who made and sold the Zone VI folding field cameras) advocated for practicing your setup procedures a hundred? times without actually making a picture. So when you had to move fast you'd...
  2. Re: TF-4 User For Years...Want To Try TF-5

    i've been using TF-5 for film and paper for a while now. It works very well, doesn't stink, and my FP4+ negatives developed in Pyrocat have a definite "imagewise" stain. I also use a citric acid stop...
  3. Re: Schneider Goerz Red Dot Artar Lens History?

    Here's how I understand it; Schneider purchased the Goerz name in the early 1970s. They kept the Artar lenses and discontinued their (very similar) Repro-Claron line. They also made various Dagors in...
  4. Re: Any advice on cutting your own museum glass?

    I've long used acrylic for glazing, for the obvious reasons; the weight and fragility of glass. There are several museum-quality, UV-protectant types.
  5. Re: Posting - message about "leave the page"?

    I've seen this. Probably due to a slow wi-fi; it doesn't happen when I am physically close to the router. My antique MacBook probably doesn't help, either.
  6. Re: New book on alternative printing from Christina Anderson

    Looks interesting.
    But be aware that the algorithm is watching all the time. Yesterday I clicked on the link, examined the book's description, and left the site.
    So far today in my FB feed, there...
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    Re: Greetings from the Maritime Alps

    Welcome aboard, sir!
  8. Re: Portable Solution to Make Overhead (90°) Photographs

    If you want to shoot subjects directly overhead, perhaps a 45-degree prism might answer.
    In the before times, there were devices like the Spiratone "Circo-Mirro-Tach" that threaded into the filter...
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    Re: Southern Yosemite Highway 41 closed

    Three or four years ago I saw them testing the 747 tanker. It was noticeable overhead for its size (no commercial carriers fly 747s into Tucson), slow flight, and unusual flight patterns. Those are...
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    Re: Southern Yosemite Highway 41 closed

    I too wondered about using jetliners as air tankers. But the old veteran prop jobs are aging out, and some years ago the gov't outlawed the WW2 veteran aircraft after one crashed. People who know...
  11. Re: Carl Zeiss Tessar 18cm f/4.5 - Filter Size?

    Many, if not most, older LF lenses do not have their lens barrels made to fit the modern filter sizes. The threads on the inside of the barrel are only there to assemble the lens.
    Brian Shaw has...
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    Re: Hi from Wales, UK

    Welcome! I have only seen Wales from the other side of the Bristol Channel, 25 years ago. I'd like to visit there someday. Perhaps in the meantime you'll share some of your photographs?
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    Re: Shutter Help! Xenotar 135mm 3.5

    Three things-
    1) the leaf shutters for view cameras "almost never" are accurate at their highest marked speeds. If the top speed is important, the best you can do is get the shutter adjusted, and...
  14. Re: Which lenses did Carleton Watkins use in 1861 for his mammoth plate camera

    Since Mr. Watkins' studio, containing most of his photographs (and presumably records) was destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, you may have great difficulty finding much more information....
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    Re: Deardorff Identification Help

    One wonders, as one does, what the Marine Corps wanted an 11x14 field camera for.
    And have any of the photographs made with those impressive cameras survived?
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    Re: RA-4/color darkroom printing in 2021

    Deepblue, very nice. Keep up the good work.
  17. Re: Bernd & Hilla Becher at the Metropolitan Museum

    I recall seeing a show of the Becher's work, probably at the George Eastman House, back in the '90s. letchhausen's idea about seeing their work as a whole is a good one. I find their work...
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    Re: All Those 45 Technikas...

    Well done, sir. I've always admired those cameras, and came close to owning one once. Maybe someday!
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    Re: Omega D3 Questions

    A long time ago (late 1980s) we had a D3 at work, along with several other types of Omegas. We were able to use the D3 with a medium length cone and a 135mm lens to enlarge 4x5 negatives. I do recall...
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    Re: Kodak copy film 4125?

    Pro Copy 4125 was invented specifically to make copy negatives from B/W photographs. I must have used thousands of sheets in my photo lab days. It did its job well, but it was not easy to get the...
  21. Re: “Tripods for Bipods” (John Sexton new tech tip video)

    It could be that Mr. Sexton has considered that many of his watchers do not speak English as their first language.
    Speaking slowly and clearly never hurts with comprehension... it wouldn't help if...
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    Re: Post Your Waterfalls

    Unusually seen and very nicely done, if a bit vertigo-inducing.
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    Re: Deardorff: "New" vs Old?

    When I bought my first view camera, in 1982, I had no idea that Deardorff was still in business. I'd seen the cameras in the studios of commercial photographers that I'd worked for, but never thought...
  24. Re: Planning Roadtrip for June in Middle/Western USA

    Sounds like you're having fun. I look forward to (eventually) seeing your photos from this trip.
  25. Re: Calibrating Pentax Digital 1 Deg. Zone VI Modified Meter

    You have a local camera repairman? Lucky you. But if you have to send it out, Mr. Ritter is your man.
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    Re: Question using Goerz 19" Artar lens

    If nothing else, a 19" lens has little inherent depth-of-field. So you'll likely need a smaller aperture than with a shorter f.l. lens.
    Camera movements for d-o-f, well, you're just going to have...
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    Re: Why are we here?

    "Why are we here?"
    A question from the dawn of human consciousness, still being asked.
    There are almost as many answers as questioners.

    I'm a member of this forum because I've been making...
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    Re: FP4+ in Pyrocat HD

    FWIW, I develop in trays and my usual time is 10.5 minutes @ 68F. I can (but often don't) process 12 sheets of 4x5 in an 8x10 tray with 2L of Pyrocat-HD.
    That said, if your shadows seem too deep,...
  29. Re: Bergger pancro 400 in bergspeed: Unseen base fog

    It's worth mentioning that Rodinal was never meant to be used with fast films. In fact when it was introduced (in the 1890s?) there was no such thing as "fast film" and enlarging was a rarity. So it...
  30. Re: Which paper is closest to graded Brilliant (Guillemot version).

    If you want to bring back a long-gone paper, I'd talk to Paula Chamlee. She and her late husband, Michael A. Smith, devoted a great deal of effort (and no doubt a small fortune) to make their...
  31. Re: Developing Litho film with lower contrast

    Looks like a pretty successful answer to a difficult technical problem. Congratulations!
  32. Re: How to mount a Goerz Artar 10 3/4 inch in a shutter?

    Goers Artars are very sharp lenses with slightly lower contrast than lenses made in the last 40 years. They cover about 45 degrees- so this lens will work well on 4x5, might cover 5x7. A Packard...
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    Re: 300mm Rodagon with Slight Edge Fungus

    You won't be using the lens wide open, I imagine. So the fungus around the edge should have no visible effect. The scratch? In such a no-flare situation I think you'd never see any evidence of it.
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    Re: Post yer 35mm shots!

    Congratulations Roger, you've found a Volvo 1800 that looks even worse than my own car. No small accomplishment!
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    Re: Post yer 35mm shots!

    Sad to see that poor carcass of a BMW 2000CS- perhaps the most rust-prone vehicle of all time. I think the graffiti in photo #2 was tagged by the BMW's owner, who had been sold the car as an "easy...
  36. Re: Which paper is closest to graded Brilliant (Guillemot version).

    I used that paper, and I can't think of any current emulsion that has that look. I recently bought a package of Bergger double-weight glossy, but have not been able to test it properly yet. It's made...
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    Re: Nikkor-SW 75mm f / 4.5 on Chamonix 45F2

    Despite the small difference in focal length, you'll find that the 75mm lens "sees" much wider than a 90mm. I bought a Nikkor-SW 75/4.5 lens 20+ years ago, for shooting interiors (at which it...
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    Re: LIttman Camera, still being sold ?

    It was an interesting idea.. but the pool of available Polaroid cameras, never large, is ever-shrinking.
    And the actual market was equally small... those who liked an intriguing idea, and those who...
  39. Re: Henry William Jackson glass negative from NGM 1989/2 , Is it colorful ?

    Let me consult with my wife; she is a photograph conservator and will help with identification.
    In the meantime, let's hope someone already informed will explain.
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    Re: Filtering for a deep red filter

    I used to have a Zone VI modified meter, and metering through the filter worked well, at least through the mild correction filters I used. I rarely used the really strong ones, like a #25 or #29 red,...
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