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    Hermagis Format Size

    I have a 'Hermagis Portrait Sie2 No2'. The barrel is about 4.5 inches in diameter and 6 inches long without the lens shade. The aperature goes from f3 to f14. Looking at the reflections in the glass...
  2. Re: Succumbed to long lens lust, now what? (ULF question)

    Just saw the picture of the home built camera. Assuming that the camera in the background is a C1, it must be huge! Do you have any pictures of your groundglass setup and your film holders, and/or...
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    old lenses

    Where could I purchase a copy? Thanks
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    Wollensak Beach Multi-Focal series A

    " The rapidity of this lens is gained by the excess surface caused by the concentric curves and because of this unique construction, admits more light to the plate than do other lens of equal...
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    Wollensak Beach Multi-Focal series A

    per a instruction sheet I got, Beech developed his own exposure system. 11.7=f3.3, 11=f4, 10=5.6, 9=f8, 8=f11, 7= f16, 6=f22, 5=32, 4=f45, 3=f64.

    My question is could some one explain the US...
  6. Fairchild K-38 Operating instructions?

    In one of the questions under the ULF heading, I'm the one that suggested using an Argyle Stat camera with an alum. frame as a camera. Unbolt the legs and the front stage ( Whole thing, frame, etc,...
  7. Fairchild K-38 Operating instructions?

    I recently bought a Kodak 36"f8 lens with a Fairchild K-38 shutter on Ebay. There are two protruding shafts that turn and a third that is spring loaded that you can push in about a 1/4". Any idea on...
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    B&L 8x10 Ic Lens performance

    Has any one here used a B&L 12' series Ic lens? I have tried doing a search. Found the comments on a 5x7, but nothing larger. Supposedly it is a tessar design.
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    Sticky "Studio Shutter" repair

    I bought a lens with a sticky "studio shutter". Has any one ever tried cleaning one of these? Or have a link on how to clean one?
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    Wollensak Beach Portrait Lens?

    Has any know of a Howard Beach or information on the Beach lens made by Wollensak? There is one for on ebay. The seller quoted a brochure saying it was a portrait lens... thanks
  11. Taking the plunge into ULF ! Building my own...

    You might try doing a search for an Argyle Process camera on ebay. While its not a field camera or made of wood, they are comparitvely sturdy and light weight. It is made from anadized al. extrusions...
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    Kodak Lens Serial Numbers meaning?

    Somewhere I had once seen an email explaining Kodak's serial number system and h ow to date their lens. Does any one have any info on this? Thanks
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    8x10 Enlarger Building Question

    I went with the Stat camera idea. You can pick them up on on ebay for $50 and up. I purchared a Walsburg with 3 lens and a 32x40 vacuum plate for $200 last year. The origional owner had lost his...
  14. Removing moisture from between elements.

    I guess you could say it looks like bubbles. Looks like a slight haze when you hold the elements up to a light, but using a lope, it looks like a faint condensation over the inside surfaces of both...
  15. Removing moisture from between elements.

    Hi, I pulled my Wollensak Velostigmat Wide Angle Ser.III 6 1/4 F 9.5 out of my bag y esterday and noticed what looks like condensation between the lens elements. I h ave removed the two lens element...
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    Aperature location effect on Focus

    I have a Kowa 480f5.3 and a noname 360f4 barrel lens' mounted on lensboards for a Calumet C1. I have never shot the camera or lens as both lens have no shutter or aperature. Last week I found out...
  17. Elwood 5X7 Enlarger diffuser - Help Please

    I have a 5x7 Elwood also. Where do youall get replacement lightbulbs?

    On hotspots... Has any tried raising or lowering the light in their condencer. I saw an article years ago on adjusting the...
  18. My first LF camera: Meridian vs Crown Graflex vs Calumet Cadet

    I have a Meridian B with the square lens board. It is a little cruder than a Graphlex, but it has a rotating spring back mounted on movable pins(that extend out upto 1 3/8") to give you some rear...
  19. Who Has Info on Nikkor LF and Process Lenses

    Rots of Ruck! Over the last 6 years I've purchased 4 or 5 Apo nikkors, a Packard #8 shutter and a Calumet 'green monster' as a hopeful project if the honeydo's ever slack up. The only written ...
  20. Is a Busch Pressman model D a good first view camera?

    I Use an old Meriden B, And later bought a garage sale Pressman to replace it; except it didn't have a lensboard and has sat idle ever sence. I have seen a couple on ebay, I think the starting...
  21. Origional designed use for Nikkor 260f10

    I recently purchased a nikon 260f10. looking back through old postings, It is sa id to be either a Metrogon or Topogon design. Anybody know intent of these desig ns? The nikon 260f10 has a barrel...
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    developing litho/orthofilm

    Hi, If you are looking for low contrast results, try looking at , They have just had several responces on developing Lith (Kodak and Arista) film to make printable...
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    red filter - polarizer

    If you are b&w shooting landscapes with a lot of dark green trees and bushes, you mite try a Yellow Green (X11) filter. It darkens the sky a bit while brighting up dark green folage.
  24. Can a scanner be mdified to work with an enlarger?

    I have a besler 23, an elwood 5x7, a Umax Astra 1200s, and a computer with Adobe 5.5. When moving a few years ago, I lost my extra bathroom for the wet side of printing (can still do processing in a...
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    Info on Busch Pressman Model D 4x5

    Dear Mr. Pressman, I bought a wonderful condition Model D at a garage sale several years ago for about $75 ( but without a lensboard). It's been sitting on a shelf ever sence waiting for its own...
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    Suggestions for large format demo

    Out of courosity, why are you giving the demo?

    I have done pinhole camera projects with elementary school classes. The 'hook' for them was building the cameras and getting out of class for the...
  27. Dektol as film developer on Arista 400

    In the last few weeks there was a post on using Dektol as a fim developier (with a 1 to 10 mixture for 5-6 minutes). Somone else responded that Kodak used to li st Dektol as a high energy developer....
  28. Has anyone built their own developing tank?

    I have recently bought several 8x10 sheet film hangers and one rubber tank. Has anyone here built a 3-5 slot tank (similar idea as as a"Nova" tank except for sh eet film (maybe 2-3 hangers)? Seems...
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    Has anyone used Ortho Litho film?

    I noticed that Freestyle sells Ortho Litho film, 8x10/100, for $32.95 a box. Is this the same type film, blue-green sensitivity only, that photographers used to use? Has any one used this film? Does...
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    20 Feet of Bellows

    Based on the equations in the back of one of A.Adams books, a 762mm f11 lens with 6.2 meters of extension; magnification would be about 7.1X, f11 becomes f90, f64 becomes f540, depth of field would...
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    Making your own printing paper?

    Thanks for all the responces. I guess I should have added that my wife is a non camera kind of photo person. The article was sort of cool in that it aproched the topic from a photo-101 stance. I...
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    Sensitometry to RGB?

    This doesn't answer your question. But if you have an enlarger and an incident light meter you might try to find a copy of "How to Use the Zone System for Fine B&W Photography" by John P. Schaefer...
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    Making your own printing paper?

    Recently I saw an article in a photo mag. on making your own printing paper with 'Liquid Light(?)'. Later I mensioned the article to my wife, and she said could I get her a copy of the mag. or the...
  34. Motorcycles and large format photography...

    Hi, I bought a KLR-650 a few years ago with the same idea as yours (except I had hopes of doing the 4WD roads around Silverton CO) . It (rather I) lasted about two short trips. Both the camera...
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    Majestic Trypods and Heads

    I'm still looking for a head for my 3050 Bogen and a green (monster) 8x10 Calume t.In looking back over past postings I haven't seen much on Majestic trypods and heads (1200 series). From time to...
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    75mm Ysaron in Prontor shutter

    I am thinking about buying one to use as a wide angle on a 4x5. Does anyone know what the coverage of the lens is or how it compares to the major makes of wide angle lens? Thanks
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    Tripod Head for 8x10 calumet

    Thanks for the info on paper negatives.

    Next question. I recently bought a 8x10 Calumet Csomething (green). I've current ly have two tripods, a Bogen 3020 and a 3050. I have in the past used...
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    Paper Negatives?

    I have recall in one readers' 8x10 responce that they had used printing paper as a substitute for 8x10 film. What paper were you using? Any problems in using it in a 8x10 film holder?

    I tried...
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