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  1. Re: Hi! Will the Schneider Symmar S 240mm f/5.6 cover 8x10 half body portraits wide o

    I've got the Caltar S-II 240/5.6 and it's a re-badged Schneider Symmar-S, so I assume it's optically identical.
    Sharp lens, good contrast and a great all-around lens for 8x10 landscapes, nature,...
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    Re: Which field camera for usage with 90mm lens

    I've had a Shen Hao TZ45-IIb and have been able to use 90mm lenses without much problem with the stock bellows. Many 4x5 Shen Hao cameras have the capability to replace the standard bellows with a...
  3. Re: How are Camera Bellows UK bellows holding up over time???

    The bellows frames are just attached to the inside of the rear standard with screws (12) which are obvious around the outside of the standard, and to the front standard with screws (8) which are...
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    Re: Avoiding purple tones with selenium...

    I haven't used Ilford toners, but with Kodak Rapid Selenium I get very little to no color shift at 1+20 with Ilford FB MG Classic. I usually leave it in the toner for 3-5 minutes.
    Try the Ilford at...
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    Re: New FLM Ultralight Tripod for 8x10 and smaller

    Ari - This tripod looks like a great idea and something I'm definitely interested in. I won't be ready to buy for a few more months, but I've been thinking of getting a lighter tripod for my 8x10 for...
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    Re: Need More LIGHT: Should I start PUSHING?

    Also, if you're focusing on anything closer than infinity, you need to compensate (overexpose) for the bellows factor. The longer the bellows is extended past the position it was at infinity focus,...
  7. Re: Rochester Optical Co. Premier Repair & Resources

    Welcome! Is this a "Premo" or "Premier" model? The ROC cameras were manufactured over many years, but many models share common features and materials during that time. Same goes for other...
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    Re: the "best" 5x7 Camera

    I've got the same type of Eastman View as Vaughn. I like it because it's reliable, durable and sturdy. Also, not terribly expensive and a lot lighter than my 8x10.
    I agree the one thing I'd improve...
  9. Re: Question for yellow filter users: #8, #12 or #15?

    For all-around shooting of B/W film, I'll frequently use a #8 Yellow to bump up contrast a bit, especially in overcast or flat light.
    For landscapes, I like the darker #15 Yellow or Orange filters...
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    Re: Show off your Large Format camera!

    Just-restored 8x10 Deardorff V8, with a new bellows from Custom Bellows UK. Outstanding folks to work with - Keith was great!
    Completely disassembled the camera, cleaned/polished all the hardware,...
  11. Re: How are Camera Bellows UK bellows holding up over time???

    Got the new bellows back from Camera Bellows UK, less than 3 weeks after I sent in the frames. They installed the bellows on the frames for me and did a perfect job.
    Everything fit back together...
  12. Thread: Rail lubricant?

    by jim_jm

    Re: Rail lubricant?

    I'd agree to keep the gears/tracks as clean as possible. Maybe wipe down with some furniture polish applied to a rag, but that's about all that should be needed.
    I'm currently restoring a Deardorff...
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    Re: Replacing split rivets on Deardorff

    Thanks to all for the recommendations!
    I ended up drilling out each rivet from below, then the legs were much easier to bend without damaging the wood. I managed to remove one rivet intact so I...
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    Replacing split rivets on Deardorff

    I'm sure several folks on here have replaced the leather handles on wooden field cameras, so I'd like to ask for some advice on the best way to approach this.
    Camera is an 8x10 Deardorff V8, and as...
  15. Re: Wooden 8x10 Eastman Commercial Camera - anyone know anything about it?

    Haven't used one myself, only the more common Eastman View cameras, but here's a link if you haven't seen this.
    Seems a seriously heavier build than other wooden cameras of the time at 20 lbs.
  16. Re: How are Camera Bellows UK bellows holding up over time???

    Just ordered a new bellows for my 8x10 Deardorff from Keith. Sent him the frames and he emailed me that the new bellows was fitted and ready to ship, less than a week after he received it. Said he's...
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    Re: First Monorail Camera?

    Manufacture of this particular model started in '27. It's also listed in a George Eastman Museum book, "500 Cameras" as first appearing in '27.
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    Re: First Monorail Camera?

    This is the earliest one I've seen. A German-made "Studienkamera" from around 1927, manufactured by Stegemann in Berlin. Similar triangular rail to the Graphic View.
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    Re: New to this and saw this in my first lens?

    Those 3 dots are nothing to be worried about. Even if it is schneideritis, it's going to take years or decades to advance, if it does at all.
    Will have zero effect on your images, even if they were...
  20. Re: Lens storage and carry - stupid but practical question

    I keep mine in lens wraps with caps on (if I have them). No specific aperture set, preview closed, but I keep the shutters at B or T. They stay on the lens board but I don't have enough cable...
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    Re: Post your churches

    Taken with a 4x5 Crown Graphic, 135/4.7 Optar lens.
    TMax100 developed in HC-110, printed on Ilford MG FB paper. Scan of print.
    Didn't have much time for perspective adjustments as the light was...
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    Re: Teeny, tiny wood screws

    Rockler Woodworking has them also.$252F4$2522
  23. Re: Print Washers, again. Interested in the 'tray type'.

    They're the removable dividers that keep the prints separated.
  24. Re: Print Washers, again. Interested in the 'tray type'.

    I've been using this Paterson washer for a few years now, replacing a Kodak tray siphon and 16x20 tray.
    Dividers separate four 5x7, two 8x10 or one large print up to 12x16. If I'm only washing a few...
  25. Re: Lane Dry Plates: What is a practical ISO rating?

    I also had some issues with underexposure on my first batch of plates, just a matter of getting used to the different sensitivity from film.
    I asked Jason about reciprocity factor for long...
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    Re: CLA for old shutter

    Another vote for Carol.
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    Re: 8x10 BTZS tube film scratches

    I've been using BTZS tubes for 4x5, and my own homemade tubes for 5x7 and 8x10 for a few years now, and haven't had any problems with scratches yet. I do shake the tubes for the first 30 sec (as...
  28. Re: How to avoid splotches on edges of negatives from drying

    Use PhotoFlo or other wetting agent mixed with distilled water, not tap. Mix according to the instructions on the bottle, which for PhotoFlo is usually 1+200, very dilute.
    After your final wash in...
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    Re: The art of printmaking

    I have several books on printing which I refer to all the time for techniques and inspiration:
    1. "The Photographer's Master Printing Course" by Tim Rudman
    2. "Gradient Light" by Eddie Ephraums...
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    Re: Rocks and stones

    River Rocks
    8x10 Eastman View 2D, 250/6.3 Kodak Wide-Field Ektar lens
    Ilford Delta 100, HC110 Dil B
    Scan of Contact Print

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    Re: The Setup and the Shot

    8x10 Eastman View 2D with a 250/6.3 Wide-Field Ektar lens. Good tripod and a rock-solid head are a must for pointing the 8x10 down like this.


    I love the patterns on some of these rocks,...
  32. Re: Suggest a place that can make some developing tubes

    Like Dave mentioned, it's easy (and inexpensive) to make your own tubes from ABS pipe, caps and adapters from the hardware store.
    I bought 4x5 tubes from BTZS several years ago and have been happy...
  33. Re: Strange marks on re-washed negative that won’t come out?

    Was your Photo-Flo working solution a fresh mix? I've seen residue floating in working solution that was a month or more old.
    I think the age of the concentrate itself should not be an issue, as I...
  34. Re: Removing sheet film from rotary tubes question

    Sure Dan.
    I'd been really happy with the BTZS tubes for 4x5, so I figured I could make my own slightly larger tubes for 5x7. I didn't want to pay for the 8x10 BTZS tubes, which process both 5x7 and...
  35. Re: Removing sheet film from rotary tubes question

    I process 4x5 film in BTZS tubes, and 5x7 and 8x10 in home-made tubes. I've found that by lifting the corner of the sheet with a fingernail, I can easily grasp it with my fingertips. Sometimes the...
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    Re: (possibly) taking the large jump

    As Kent mentioned, there are many great older LF cameras out there. Often you can find 4x5 or 5x7 cameras for less than five hundred dollars, sometimes including the lens.
    Many older cameras have...
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    Re: 4 x 5 Contact Printing Question

    I've been using the new Ilford MGRC (V) paper for 8x10 contact prints and have been really happy with the results. I much prefer it over the older MGIV. I alternate between the RC and FB papers,...
  38. Thread: Still Life 2020

    by jim_jm

    Re: Still Life 2020

    Thanks! The wheels spin really fast in a crosswind. Not a good design for real road riding or time-trialing, you'd get blown off the road!
  39. Thread: Still Life 2020

    by jim_jm

    Re: Still Life 2020

    8x10 Eastman View 2D, 250/6.3 Wide Field Ektar
    Ilford Delta 100, HC110 Dil:H
    Scan of contact print on Ilford MGRC
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    Re: Glass plate negative storage

    I've been using glass negative storage boxes and archival-quality negative envelopes for 5x7 and 8x10 glass negatives from the following sources:...
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