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  1. Re: Assessing film speed and development time without a darkroom.

    For standard black and white film like Tri-X, HP5, or TMax 400, you're pretty safe in using a speed that's half the manufacture's recommended ASA. (e.g., 200ASA for 400ASA film, 60ASA for 125ASA...
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    Re: Multiple Posts in a For Sale Thread

    Yeah, I pretty much knew where this was going. It's been my view that the "problems" solved by limiting within thread "bumps" in the FS forum were more theoretical than real, making the need to...
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    Re: Multiple Posts in a For Sale Thread

    What's wrong with posting multiple items in one thread, not that I have a particular problem with preventing that? The idea of restricting the number of sales per day was to avoid jamming the FS...
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    Multiple Posts in a For Sale Thread

    I just posted two listings in the FS forum, and I was prevented from adding more than one post in a given For Sale thread. Is this intentional?
  5. Re: How to finish, wash and dry fibre paper prints for exhibition and sale

    I like the idea of pivoting off of both what Doremus has recommended, and what Ansel Adams suggested in his books. Both involve fixing prints twice. Versus a 1+9, which results in a 10% solution of...
  6. Re: Welp, I did it, I ordered a lightweight 8x10

    What you say about down-weighting the tripod is true. I had the next model after a 3036, and it was just as heavy. Of course, as one might expect, the legs were heavier than the 3039 head that I...
  7. Re: Information on a Beseler 45 V with 8x10 conversion

    I know little or nothing about these, so take the following with a grain of salt. That said, I recall seeing one advertised with a the "heavy duty" chassis. It me makes me wonder if there might...
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    Re: Best New Scanners Available?

    Thank you for all the responses, they're very helpful.

    I'm thinking of medium format and 35mm film scanning, and I have a P45+. Can stitching even be considered as an option with digital film...
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    Best New Scanners Available?

    What are the best scanners for film that are available new?

    I'm thinking that the Epson Perfection V850 would be included in this categories. Are there others?
  10. Re: Camping suggestions on the west coast or western states?

    California . . . blah, blah, blah. :)

    I have to put a word in for the Oregon west coast. It's beautiful this time of year, from Bandon in the sourth, up to Astoria at the northern tip. Lots of...
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    Re: 180mm Apo-Rodagon Enlarging Lens

    It was nice to reread this thread and refresh my memory on the specs of the 180mm Apo Rodagon that I still have. 2x to 6x optimum range . . . that's ideal for a 4x5 enlarging lens. A 150mm...
  12. Re: Suggest Me Some Monitors For Photo Editing

    I have and really like my BenQ SW240. This is a true, graphics quality monitor having a bit-depth of 10 bits and a 14 bit lookup table. It has a color gamut that's 99% of Adobe RGB. At $399 for a...
  13. Re: Suggest Me Some Monitors For Photo Editing

    Out of curiosity, which model BenQ do you have?
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    Re: Uncertainty vs. Failure

    Interesting indeed, and insightful.

    In other words, we don't really require certainty to proceed. (Though, we may think that we do.) As a statistician during my career, I know that we "manage"...
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    Re: Must your image be technical perfect ?

    A good image comes from vision and composition. Good craft helps to limit the imperfections that you describe. And for sure, it's the lack of craft that can result in imperfections which can...
  16. Re: Ilford Photo 2022 Film Photographers Survey

    Oren, Thanks for making this available on the Forum.
  17. Re: Calibrating Pentax Digital 1 Deg. Zone VI Modified Meter

    Thanks everyone. I just received a response from Richard, so will definitely send meters to him.
  18. Calibrating Pentax Digital 1 Deg. Zone VI Modified Meter

    I have a Pentax digital 1 deg., Zone VI spot meter that needs calibrations. Is there any reason why a local camera repairman couldn't do this calibration? Or, does the calibration need to be...
  19. Re: What are we allowed to talk about in the Lounge?

    Only if the encrypted messages contain religious or political content. :)
  20. Re: What are we allowed to talk about in the Lounge?

    I can understand why Oren closed that thread. There was a time when political discussions resulted in absolute mayhem, especially in the Lounge. And, the topic at the end of that link is certainly...
  21. Re: APO Sironar S lenses in 300mm + in today's market

    Did you indicate that you tend to be near the vehicle? Either way, does it make sense to have wind breaks around your camera, to limit environmental influences?
  22. Re: APO Sironar S lenses in 300mm + in today's market

    Interesting about your experiences with the wooden tripod.

    Through what I've read in this thread, I'm wondering about what 8x10 camera that you're using?
  23. Re: Recommendation for a mini-fridge for paper

    Years ago I purchased a chest freezer, and we keep both frozen foods and film and darkroom paper in it. It comes in really handy for both.
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    Re: Two or three wheel dolly

    Here's what I used with my 8x10, before I sold most of the kit. I currently use this rig for 4x5.
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    Re: Fujinon 300mm & 360mm W puzzle

    The IC is proportional with focal length, if the angle of coverage stays the same. (80 deg.) There's a 20% jump in focal length between the 250mm and 300mm lenses. There should also be a 20% jump...
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    Re: Ansel Adams exhibit in Seattle

    We had an Ansel Adams exhibit in Portland a while back. I wouldn't surprise me, if it's the same exhibit. I enjoyed the exhibit that we had in Portland.
  27. Thread: Tripods

    by neil poulsen

    Re: Tripods

    The tripod/head world changed for me in two phases:

    PHASE I:

    For decades, I used a Bogen 3036 tripod (or its derivatives) tripod. It was the right height for me an my cameras. It could...
  28. Re: Test exposure steps in half stop increments.

    Out of curiosity, what shutter speed will you be using? What kind of film are you using? What are you trying to achieve with this series of tests? What's the purpose of doing this testing? What...
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    Re: My Show in Klamath Falls, Oregon

    My wife and I travel to K. Falls on occasion to see her family. I'll look forward to seeing your show. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Re: How Many LF Formats Do You Use/Own?

    Three: Definitely 6x9 and 4x5. I'm selling all my 8x10 lenses, but will likely keep my 8x10 for a particular project.

    4x5 is black and white.

    6x9 is primarily for digital color, though...
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    Re: Replacement Bellows for 8x10 Sinar Norma

    Custom Bellows just replaced a Sinar 8x10 bellows for me a few months ago. Excellent job, as usual with them. I wouldn't go to anyone else.
  32. Re: which Spot lightmeter for field use (dead Spotmeter V) ?

    Of course, Pentax Digital spot meters are excellent. I just purchased a Zone VI modified version.

    As a result, I sold a Minolta Digital Spotmeter F that I thought was good.
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    Re: Arca-Swiss 5x7 platform restart

    I'm wondering how they'll price the 5x7 conversion kits?

    Of course, they'll assume a 141mm front format frame. But, one might (?) be able to attach a 171mm to 141mm reduction lensboard to the...
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    Re: Arca-Swiss lensboard Adaptor

    I have a Luland 171mm adapter to 6x9 that works well. Fit is tight; no wiggle room.
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    Re: Where’s all my zone system experts??

    Sounds similar to John Sexton's approach; he uses masking with black and white film, and he's careful about minus development. For example, one of the techniques that he demonstrated in his Fine...
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    Re: The zone system. Do I have this right?

    Yes. With the testing I've done, that tends to be my experience.

    But, we can probably say that the 1/2 ASA guideline has it's limitations. I do calibrations once every couple of years, and I'm...
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    Re: The zone system. Do I have this right?

    Expansion and contraction is the point, especially with black and white film. It's too bad that we can't do the same thing to the same degree with color; but, color tolerances are too tight.

  38. Re: History of Promo Actor 8X10 Headshot Discussion

    I had a friend who had been a photographer in Hollywood during the '40's and '50's. Back in the days of black and white, I remember seeing these B&W photos in movie theaters during the '50's. He...
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    Re: 5-liter Graduates for Mixing Chemistry

    It's important to stick with your principles! :)
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    Re: Nikkor 90mm; f/8 vs f/4.5

    And, the 90mm f8 Nikon lens is an 8 element lens that has the same image circle (235mm) as most f5.6 90mm super wide lenses. That's the clincher for me, and why I prefer it to any f5.6 version.
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