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    Re: Greetings from New Orleans

    Welcome from New Orleans! The New Orleans Photo Alliance has just installed a darkroom with a 4x5 enlarger and an Alt Process area.

    I think the soft launch is...
  2. Re: June 10th, 3pm EST: Arkady Lvov and Platinum Printing

    Sorry to have missed this but I subscribed to their YouTube channel and will look for it archived there.
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    Re: How Many Pros use LF?

    Replying to sharktooth: The studio was already set up with this platform when I came in 15 years ago. Plus we like the resolution of the MFDB and the equipment is paid for. We rented the Canon 5Ds...
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    Re: How Many Pros use LF?

    I'm a bit of an outlier in that I am a staff photographer (rare these days, I think) for an antique store (15 years!) and use a 4x5 Sinar with a medium format digital back mounted to it. Actually,...
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    Re: Blowing up a Kodak 2D to 12x20

    Cool project! Can't wait to see the final result. Good luck!
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    Re: Who is shooting 20x24 film nowadays?

    The best explanation of why anyone would use ULF:

    "Love everything about it. The difficulty. The cumbersome hassle. The overcoming. The lack of logic. The uselessness of it all. But they are my...
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    Re: Presence in 8x10 photography

    Oops, I stand corrected.
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    Re: Presence in 8x10 photography

    Keep in mind that there is no color film available in 5x7 format.

    I think one of the benefits of 8x10 vs. 4x5 has not as much to do with film resolution, etc. but that composing on a larger piece...
  9. The Fence: Gulf South Regional Showcase

    I've got some of my 7x17 images in the Gulf South Regional Showcase of The Fence, a year-round public photography project exhibited in major parks and downtowns across North America. Ours is on the...
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    Re: 11x14" vs. 7x17"

    Cool! It took me awhile to get the hang of composing in such a wide format. If the same happens to you, don't get frustrated. In the end, it's a wonderful format to work in.
  11. Re: New large format photography collective: The Dark Slides

    Very cool! Did you guys meet via the forum? Good luck!
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    Re: (possibly) taking the large jump

    You may want to think about strictly contact printing alt processes such as cyanotype, platinum/palladium, kallitype, etc. No need for an enlarger and you need minimal materials.
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    Re: 11x14" vs. 7x17"

    I had an 11x14 for a bit but decided to sell it to afford the 7x17. The primary reason was that the boxy 11x14 ratio was so close to what I already had in 8x10 and I felt that the 7x17 pano format...
  14. Thread: Avedon

    by Thom Bennett

    Re: Avedon

    Huge fan of Avedon and will read anything about him. Thanks for posting this.
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    Re: Review of new Ansel Adams book!

    Nice review; looks like an interesting read.

    As a 7x17 user I've been curious about Adams' work done with the 7x17 panorama format. It is mentioned in his list of cameras used and I know he did...
  16. Re: How hard is it to replace the bellows of Kodak Master View 810

    The great thing about the KMV is that you can service it yourself with a few tools.

    For a nominal fee this site has the parts list and the manual: ...
  17. Re: The story of Yamasaki Optics photographic lens lab

    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting story. One of my favorite lenses for my 8x10 is the Yamasaki Congo 360mm f6.8.
  18. Re: Thom Bennett, online exhibition Thursday, September 10th 6PM

    Apparently the IG feed was glitchy at some point. Here's the FB link that is clearer:
  19. Re: Thom Bennett, online exhibition Thursday, September 10th 6PM

    Thanks for those who watched! Here's the link to the recording:
  20. Re: Thom Bennett, online exhibition Thursday, September 10th 6PM

    Corran, the session will be recorded. If you do make it to New Orleans definitely let me and David know. Always nice to meet fellow large format folks. I don't know if the show will still be up.
  21. Re: Dynalite "factory" repairs available.

    Thanks for sharing this info! I was worried about getting some repairs done when I heard Dynalite shut down.
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    Re: How to get into ULF?

    The best and most effective way to get into ULF is to find some poor sap like me who thought he was going to be the next Art Sinsabaugh and offer him a few coins and the vague promise that his soul...
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    Re: Post your signs

    Some 7x17 work:




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    Re: Graflex Super Graphic problem

    I got the sliding arms back in. Took the ground glass out and used a flat head screwdriver to lift the end of the springs high enough to slide the arms back in place and gently let the springs back...
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    Re: Graflex Super Graphic problem

    Ah! Nylon string. Brilliant. I'll give that a try.
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    Re: Graflex Super Graphic problem

    204805 I see where the release arms go but cannot get them under the long tension arms. Cannot figure out how they came out.
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    Graflex Super Graphic problem

    Somehow, the young man I am mentoring detached the sliding release arms of the Super Graphic graflok back and, for the life of me, I can't figure out how to get them back on. I'm talking about...
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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    Shared darkroom. We can do up to 20x24 prints in both silver and alt processes.

  29. Re: Large Format Product & Food Photography Tips/Advice?

    A bit sideways on the topic but I heard an interesting presentation by this photographer/teacher at the national SPE convention in 2015 about the history of aesthetics in food photography. As I...
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    Re: Split grade printing question

    I do a full image test print with the green exposure going across the paper from bottom to top (say 3/6/9/12/15 seconds) and then with the blue exposure from left to right (3/6/9/12/15 seconds). Once...
  31. Re: Photographing long hallways - tilt or swing to achieve maximum focus?

    Try this: focus on the nearest point you want in focus. As you begin to stop down, focus more into the scene while keeping that near point in focus. At some point (if the gods are with you) the far...
  32. Re: "The Other City" exhibition by Thom Bennett

    Yep, you nailed all the locations! You'd probably enjoy Michael Zell's book.
  33. Re: "The Other City" exhibition by Thom Bennett

    Yes, we have a very active photo community and the PhotoNOLA Festival tries to tap into as much of that as possible.

    New Orleans was the 2nd city in the U.S. to have a daguerreotype studio. Jules...
  34. Re: "The Other City" exhibition by Thom Bennett

    Got some images onto the website:
  35. Re: "The Other City" exhibition by Thom Bennett

    Corran, if you do get to New Orleans, here's the listings for all of the PhotoNOLA exhibitions. Most will be up until January, some longer.
  36. Re: "The Other City" exhibition by Thom Bennett

    Thanks Thomas. I will be putting them on my website, probably in the next week. I'll take some install shots to post here as well.

    Michael's book is a fun read. He's got two more in the series...
  37. "The Other City" exhibition by Thom Bennett

    I have an exhibit of 7x17 contact prints at a local library during PhotoNOLA 2019:
  38. Re: Scanning Kallitypes, Van Dyke Prints, Etc.

    What Greg said.
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    Re: Kim Weston Nude Workshop

    I took the Nude and Platinum workshop over a dozen years ago and had a great experience. It was still geared toward film then but the most important aspect, for me, was how to work with the models....
  40. Re: Clarence John Laughlin - Father of American Surrealism

    There was a great exhibit a few years ago at The Historic New Orleans Collection (who have the Laughlin photo archive) about his correspondence with other photographers.
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