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    Re: Jan Pietrzak’s passing.

    RIP, such sad news. Jan was a gifted photographer and artist, and a genuinely kind person. I am sure he inspired many aspiring artists besides myself, which isn't a bad legacy to have in your wake....
  2. Re: Historical Process Workshops at Luminaria SLC

    Thanks Peter, always a pleasure to share and learn with folks!
  3. Historical Process Workshops at Luminaria SLC

    Just wanted to let the community know about some workshops that I am teaching in Salt Lake City in 2020. Our alt pro sampler is geared towards locals, as it meets once a week, but the majority of...
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    Re: 24 inch lens on Chamonix 8x10

    Rich I’m in SLC and have a chamonix 8X10, and run lenses in that weight range without issues. Drop me a message if you want to drop by and check out the camera in person.
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    Open Studio SLC, UT

    My little tintype studio / workshop space / custom historical process lab is having an open studio in Salt Lake City today! We have a handful of friends showing work in the shop, so there are lots...
  6. Re: How to get the right angle on stiffeners for tapered bellows?

    Draw the pattern in some sort of computer program and then out put it directly onto what ever you are using as a stiffener. My favorite way to tackle this now is to build the pattern in adobe...
  7. Re: Luminaria, a new center for alternative process photography in Salt Lake City, Ut

    Just wanted to say thanks to any and everyone who took a look at our kickstarter for Luminaria, we reached our funding goal today. We really appreciate it and we are looking forward to creating some...
  8. Re: Luminaria, a new center for alternative process photography in Salt Lake City, Ut

    Thanks Bob, we'd love to get you out this way if everything works out. China was a trip, I will shoot you a call when things slow down a little.
  9. Luminaria, a new center for alternative process photography in Salt Lake City, Utah

    Hey LFPFer's, I wanted to make a quick post about a new venture that I am co-opening in Salt Lake City, Utah. Luminaria, a collodion portrait studio and alternative process workshop center. We are...
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    Re: Central/Upstate, NY USA ?

    Grew up in Ithaca, but no longer there. Cant think of any LFers still in the area but I will post back if someone comes to mind. Feel free to PM me though if you have any questions or if I can help...
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    Re: Sangre de Cristo Mountains Colorado 2017

    That is a beautiful area, please share some images after you wrap up your trip. Would love to see them.
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    Re: suggestions for ULF bellows Manufacturer

    Thanks Neal for this link, do you mind telling us what sort of price range your new bellows for your toyo fell into? Looks like an interesting option for people here in the US.
  13. Re: Carbon Transfer Workshop by Sandy King at the Formulary

    Great opportunity to learn a great process from one of the best. Looks like a good line up this summer at the Formulary. Have fun.
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    Flip top Plate Burner

    Anyone have any experience using one of these old monsters for alt pro? Seem to be lots on the 2nd hand market, would love to hear a story or two about some first hand experiences with them.
  15. Re: Tucson Arizona - WETPLATE workshop - 15 April

    This would be a great workshop for anyone who wants to learn collodion the right way. Each instructor has a ton of collodion and photographic knowledge, and the price is right. Have fun!
  16. Re: Alt-Process Prints from Digital Negatives or Positives

    Sandy your VDB prints are really the benchmark for that process. I am always amazed to see what you do with that process, its incredible. Any wisdom you would be willing to share with the community...
  17. Re: Altered Narrative Exhibition at the City Gallery in Charleston, SC

    Looks like a really great exhibition Sandy, congrats. Wish I could be there to see the work in person.
  18. Re: Pre-mixed Platinum/Palladium kit vrs mixing own chemistry.

    good call, you also have to put a value on your time and energy when talking about creating your own metal salts. My time and energy is better used in learning how to really master a process, rather...
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    Re: post alternative techniques

    Thanks Bob, I am printing a lot of color gum right now, so I just convert to multichannel and that splits the k layer into the CMY correctly. Each color is linearized individually, and the standard...
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    Re: post alternative techniques

    I think if you are linear on all of your CMY layers, order doesn't really matter too much. I shuffle the order depending on my registration system. Print CYM at a workshop or demo without a plate...
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    Re: Exhibition by Fred Dusel in Nashville

    I'm sure these images will sing in carbon, wish I could be there to see them in person. I hope this show gets the attendance it deserves.
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    Re: Kerik Kouklis Exhibition/Sacramento, CA

    Mark summed it up more eloquently than I could on my own, agree 100%. Hope this show is a well deserved success, wish I could make it.
  23. Re: 4th annual meet and greet! It's that time again!

    I would love to come to this meet up, sounds like a really fun day. Have to see if I can make it happen
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    Re: Tri Color Gum over Pt. / Pd. Workshop

    This one's gonna be great!! Great opportunity to learn an absolutely amazing process from one of the best. Wish it wasn't 2000 miles away!
  25. Re: Cause & Effect, Verve Gallery in Santa Fe, NM

    Thanks, just got back to SLC. Was a great opening, over whelming turnout to support the show, saw some old friends and made some new ones. Talked, talked and talked! Pretty amazing experience.
  26. Re: Cause & Effect, Verve Gallery in Santa Fe, NM

    Headed down to Santa Fe today, looking forward to meeting a LFPF or two at the opening. Thanks
  27. Re: Cause & Effect, Verve Gallery in Santa Fe, NM

    Thanks so much Erik & Bob. The Show is up until the 5th of September, but I believe that my work will be there a little longer. I am really looking forward to the opening, have always loved...
  28. Cause & Effect, Verve Gallery in Santa Fe, NM

    I have a couple of prints on the wall in the current show at Verve Gallery, in Santa Fe NM. The formal opening is on 7/17, I know that there are some members from northern NM here, and it would be...
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    Re: Unique new public darkroom in Denver

    Chris and Viviane are great and Denver is lucky to have them and Processus in the community. Really excited to visit them this summer.
  30. Re: Exhibit Announcement: The Alchemist's Vision

    Hope this opening was a huge success Kerik, wish I could have been there. Congratulations.
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    Re: What to see near Lehi, UT

    I would check out golden spike and the abandoned sites north of the great salt lake, and Thistle in American fork canyon just south of Provo. Take the rt turn onto 89 from route 6. You will see some...
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    Re: What to see near Lehi, UT

    There is tons of stuff that is day trip-able from Lehi, everything from dunes at little sahara, the west desert to high alpine lake vistas, along with urban and industrial areas in and around salt...
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    Re: Wet Plate Developer (How much to use)

    I agree with Mark, technique is everything. I would worry less about the actual volume of chem used, just get the plate covered. Once you get comfortable with the whole developing thing you can...
  34. Re: Need a lesson in NYC from a professional who knows Wet Plate photography with fla

    I am with Garrett on this, UV coating or not doesn't make a huge difference, on lenses or bulbs. It just takes a lot of light to burn in your image. Not really any way around it, you need lots of...
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    Re: Thin Gage Aluminum Supplier

    love me some Fresson prints, those things are great. They seem to give color a texture that is completely unique, hard to put into words. I feel that its a whole different level of mastery when you...
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    Re: Thin Gage Aluminum Supplier

    I use .019 aluminum sheeting that it get from Home Depot here in the states for all my 3 color gum, cmy gum over platinum and gum & cyanotype over palladium. I register visually without any issues,...
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    Re: What size Petzval covers 14x17?

    Andrews reply is right. would be helpful to know what you want to shoot and also where your gold mine is. obviously it will be much easier to find a petzval that will cover a head shot on 14X17,...
  38. Re: David Prifti tintypes at Concord Art Association

    would love to see these. Images from a talented artist, and incredibly generous person who is missed by many. I truly hope it is a well attended show, and know that his images and spirit will...
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    Re: Help in Selling used Equipment

    You can always look for a high school photo program to donate any extra items. Some kids will be stoked to develop some old donated film or make a couple of prints on a real enlarger. Probably get...
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    Re: Carbon Transfer Prints

    Thats gotta be a sweet looking print Sandy, thanks
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