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  1. blurring at edge of image circle without any vignetting?

    I didn't take note of the amount of rise in this Super Angulon 90mm 5.6 f22 4x5 shot but I find it very odd that there is such a blur at top with no vignette. I used rise and no other movements....
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    Re: Need help reassembling an Optimo shutter

    I just cleaned an Optimo, wasn't wanting to go past removing front face and flushing, but the aperture jammed up at the last minute (I think as I kept working it wet it began to dry out and then was...
  3. Re: convert standard film holder to Graflex lipped holder

    I've only been looking for about a month but have only seen 2 of the correct film holders, and at 29.00 each if I want at least 6 or 8 of them I'll pay 7.00 each and modify them.
  4. Re: convert standard film holder to Graflex lipped holder

    Michael thank you for pointing out the groove. I will have to grind off the lightlock ridge and then dremel-in a groove above it. Just eyeballing it I'd say the trick will be 1) getting the groove...
  5. convert standard film holder to Graflex lipped holder

    I got a Marion Soho 3.25 x 4.25 SLR and while I was waiting for it I also bought 3.25 x 4.25 film holders. The camera takes graflex film holders with the 1/4 inch lip along each side however but I...
  6. Re: Lab for scanning 4x5 central eastern US (VA)

    Thanks and I figured money is better spent investing in equipment that can be used over and over rather than services so I got a V700 and betterscanning holders and wetmount holder. I am very happy,...
  7. Lab for scanning 4x5 central eastern US (VA)

    I need to replace my Epson V600 so I can do 4x5 wetscan, but in the meantime I bought a 10-pack of Portra 400 for a special shot. Any recommendations on a good lab? I can develop in my C-41 kit or...
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    Re: Alignment workflow (architechture)

    Thank you all, you are appreciated greatly. I have a Berlebach Report 332 wood tripod which has a proprietary ball head-- if I want to change heads I have to first spend 120.00 for a Berlebach flat...
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    Alignment workflow (architechture)

    Hello, I have a problem with my architectural shots - I level the camera, use the glass grid along with front rise to get parallel sides, and use the glass grid to check for level against some...
  10. Re: How to take apart a film pack to use as single sheets

    Thank you all for your help and information. The filmpack sheets do fit in the plate holder and although I had to cut the paper edge off in the darkbag, I would just refrain from pulling the dark...
  11. How to take apart a film pack to use as single sheets

    I've been using xray film in 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 plate holders - I put a piece of plexiglass in the holder to act as the glass plate and lay the film on top so it is nice and flat. But now I just got an...
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    gas bubbles on negative mystery

    I've read that gassing in stop bath shows up as black/dark bubbles, but these are light. 4x5 film, SP445 development tank, Rodinol 1:50 8 minutes, I fill the beaker with water then dribble a little...
  13. Re: current options for backpacks that will carry up to 5x7

    I got an old tubular aluminum frame backpack from Craigslist for 40.00 from a guy that backpacked across Europe with it. It's great. Photo backpacks are designed so you can open up and pull out...
  14. Re: critique please, newbie- am I asking too much of this lens Schneider Super Angulo

    Thank you all and I should have known better than to tilt the front. I understand Peter's comment about focusing 1/2 way "deep" into the awning to get both the bricks and the awning fronts in focus,...
  15. critique please, newbie- am I asking too much of this lens Schneider Super Angulon

    4x5 with 120mm Schneider Super Angulon 120mm, f32 with front rise and tilt. I got the awnings in focus but the building facade is a bit too far back, I understand that error. I'm wondering if the...
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    White writing showing on old prints

    Many old photos have a description in white lettering on them. I'd like to try this and was wondering what was used to write on the negative. I don't think a sharpie is opaque enough and was...
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    Re: Obsidian Aqua, catechol staining developer

    THIN NEGATIVES -I've mixed 2 batches and double checked the recipe I get nothing but thin negatives on my 4 separate tests this weekend. 2 years ago it worked very nice. Everything mixed from...
  18. Re: Paper Negative Reversal Process (In camera positives)

    I am just starting out with paper negatives, getting interested in positives.

    I see permanganate bleach mentioned in this thread, and I see very nice photos on Flickr by dipositif who uses...
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