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  1. Re: Albumen Print Toning Color Shift Examples

    Carleton Watkins definitely gold toned his prints. His prints would not have survived this long in the fine condition that many of them are in without toning.
  2. Thread: Fixer

    by Gary Samson

    Re: Fixer

    You can use a Ilford Hypam diluted 1:3, its economical and easy to purchase.
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    Re: Taking a class and now totally baffled

    While I think that Ilford FP4+ is a good suggestion for expanding tones, I would not assume that all of the subjects Ohio will be photographing are caucasian with skin tones placed on zone VI. Once...
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    Re: Taking a class and now totally baffled

    Here are my suggestions:
    1. I would stay with Kodak D76 straight and rate the film at box speed.
    2. Use an incident meter to measure the intensity of light falling on your subject.
    3. Make sure...
  5. Re: What can cause TINY TINY white spots on a neg?

    The OP reported tiny white dots on the positive image and purple dots on the negative image that create the white dots in the positive image. Please see my original post.
  6. Re: What can cause TINY TINY white spots on a neg?

    I bought the Fomapan 100 because I read many good things about this film and wanted to test it. I processed several exposed sheets in Pyrocat M and saw the spots on the film with a loupe. I ran...
  7. Re: What can cause TINY TINY white spots on a neg?

    204730Are you using Fomapan 100 film? I have identified a problem with a box of this film (4x5 inch) 50 sheets, expiration date April, 2022, batch no. 021354-03, purchased from B&H. See the attached...
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    Re: vacuum frame

    Here is a website for Edwards Engineered Products, they make vacuum frames.
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    Re: Film & Developer combo for Salt Prints

    Bob, you are very welcome! As a photography educator for forty years, sharing information has been vital to helping my peers and students to achieve their artistic vision and I have benefited greatly...
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    Re: Film & Developer combo for Salt Prints

    Here is the link:
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    Re: Film & Developer combo for Salt Prints

    The combination that has worked out the best for me is Ilford FP4+ and PMK Pyro. Rate the film at ISO 125 and develop for 12 minutes at 72f with constant agitation. The developer should be diluted...
  12. Re: Processing HP5+ in PMK developer for salt prints.

    Hi Greg,
    Ellie Young’s conclusion in her manual is that Ilford FP4+ and PMK Pyro is the best combination for salt printing following her recommended processing procedure. When I taught salt...
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    Re: Exact Full Plate Image Dimensions?

    Hi John,

    I just measured my vintage Eastman 6.5 x 8.5 inch film holder and the image area is 6 and3/16th inches by 8 and 3/16th inches. I hope this helps!
  14. Re: Insight Requested on ULF Studio Camera Project

    Hi Leo,
    Since you want to make Ambrotype portraits with your camera, I would recommend that you think about increasing the amount of lighting for that purpose. I use 4800 watt seconds for my...
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    Re: November 2019 Portraits

    Thanks! The aperture was f11.5.
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    November 2019 Portraits

    Studio portrait of Anastasia. Wisner 4x5 Technical Field Camera, 240mm f5.6 Schneider lens, Ilford HP5+ film, Pyrocat M developer.
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    Re: In Memory of Bruce Barlow

    I am so sorry to learn of Bruce's passing. I used the Fred Picker video on printing for many years with my photography students, Bruce was the gracious host who gently held everything together in the...
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    Re: Dark Clouds on Negative Development

    You should be washing your film after the Fixer Remover step, did you leave it off the list of the processing steps accidentally or are you doing this? Are you processing one sheet at a time?
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    Re: Beginning Wet Plate (part 1)

    I strongly urge you to buy the wet-plate manuals by Osterman & Scully, John Coffer and Quinn Jacobson, they all have useful information that will guid you through the process. Coffer's manual comes...
  20. Re: 2018/2019 8X10/11X14 Print Exchange begins today

    Received my box of prints yesterday, thanks to all the participants!

  21. Re: Dektol dilution recommendation for overexposed negs? (16x20 prints)

    Based on your description of how you exposed your negative using an orange filter, f45 and a 10 second exposure, I think you may have grossly over exposed the negative. I think the correct exposure...
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    Re: When Good Pyrocat goes Bad

    I have never had a failure with Pyrocat, but I use the Pyrocat M version and mix the A and B solutions from scratch myself using distilled water and storing the solutions in wine bottles with air...
  23. Re: My Journey To 16x20 TinTypes: Step 2 - Plate Holders

    Are you sure your lens will cover the 16x20 format?
  24. Re: Kodak XTOL Replenished - Small Tanks - Ilford FP4

    Xtol instructions suggest agitation every 30 seconds, and that would be my first recommendation to increase contrast. If this change is not sufficient, I would also increase the time by a minute or...
  25. Re: 2018/2019 8X10/11X14 Print Exchange begins today

    Hi Randy,
    I'm in on the print exchange.

    Gary Samson
  26. Re: Single sheet tray processing (8x10") with PMK


    Do you have the book on PMK Pyro by Gordon Hutchins? Mr. Hutchings has a specific procedure for processing single negatives in a tray with PMK Pyro that works very well. If you are serious...
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    Re: ULF Tipping Point

    Do you have any experience making wet-plate images, if not, there will be a steep learning curve to pour, expose and develop a plate of this size. If you are planning to make 11x14 inch head shot...
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    Re: 5x7 matt for a 4x5 print

    I would suggest at least an 8x10 inch mat for 4x5 inch images.
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    Re: How much stock solution do you mix?

    I use 1.5 liter glass wine bottles with stoppers that allow you to create a vacuum after use. This has been a very successful way for me to keep Pyrocat M for months after mixing. I have never had...
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    Re: Uneven Development

    Can you describe how the film was developed, tray, tank or deep tank with hangers?
  31. Re: ABC Pyro versus PyroCat HD for contact printing

    As a start, I think your Pyrocat negatives are over developed in the Jobo and also possibly over exposed. I would suggest running another test and reducing your development time.
  32. Large Format Nude Portrait show at the Vermont Center for Photography

    My show, Unburdened Beauty: A Decade of Nude Portraits, opens at the Vermont Center for Photography in Brattleboro, Vermont on Labor Day weekend, and the reception is on Friday, September 2 from 5:30...
  33. Re: Uneven development of FP4 in XTOL in JOBO 3010

    In terms of rotation speed, I recommend that you use the highest rotation speed for the first 30 seconds of each processing step and then reduce the setting to the F setting. I would also eliminate...
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    Re: PhotoPlus Expo 2015

    I will be attending on Friday afternoon with twenty five photography students from New Hampshire.
  35. Re: Wisner, Zone VI. Or Shen Hao? Field camera help?!

    I have owned a Wisner 4x5 Technical View Camera since 1991 and exposed thousands of sheets of film with it. It has never been repaired or serviced in any way. I have used 47mm through 240mm lenses...
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    Re: Scanning ULF Prints for Web

    Hi Will,
    If you have two lights and can control the ambient light in the room, set the lights to a 45 degree angle to the artwork and adjust for even illumination. You should have polarizing filters...
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    Re: Silver nitrate contamination?

    Have you tried shooting outside on a clear day? My exposures on a clear day on the north side of a building in shade run about 5 seconds with a f3.5 Petzval lens. I'm using the same collodion from...
  38. Thread: Nude

    by Gary Samson

    Re: Nude

    Ray, this is an exquisite image!
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    Re: is there a way to get grain in 4x5?

    I think Ilford HP5+ in Rodinal diluted 1:100 is your best bet.
  40. Re: Advanced daylight tank for sheet film - survey

    I would be very interested in this tank for myself and for the college I teach for. How about a Kickstarter project to make this a reality?
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