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  1. If it runs why screw with it?

    Forum was messed up for a while but all is OK now.
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    Hypergon on homemade box camera

    Here is my set up with the 75mm Hypergon and spinning star filter. The air is regulated by an original style bulb with air reservoir. The bag protected by mesh keeps the air flow constant and the...
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    75mm Hypergon on 8x10

    Here is a quick shot with a 75mm Hypergon on 8x10 film.
    Sharp enough for me even out to the edges.
  4. 24x60 camera details

    I will gladly post more info about the swing lens camera but I need a bunch of time to straighten out my website and reload the info there. It has been more than hectic for me since I was in a bad...
  5. San Francisco Lawrence panorama reshoot 2006

    For the people that wanted to see the image made over SF, here it is. The negative was cropped to the same dimensions of the original Lawrence print. There is a lot more detail in the real image. ...
  6. #16 cirkut

    Another ULF pan camera that is fun is my #16 cirkut. It uses fans to regulate the rotation as shown in the youtube video here:
  7. 24x60 camera

    Here is a photo of my 24" x 60" swing lens camera. It uses a 19 inch dagor. It was built to replicate the 1906 San Francisco panorama by George Lawrence. April 18th 2006 the camera was flown in...
  8. Never should have been called "photography"

    Digital work should have started with another name. For example digiography or pixelography. As soon as it took over in main stream camera work the war started. Too bad. I do both but would...
  9. Re: turner-reich 12" convertable antastigmat fungus removal

    TR convertible lenses do not have air spaced elements. As well the lenses are held in place by rolling the brass rim down on end facing inward. The rim is not easily removed but can be done in a...
  10. August 21,2017 total solar eclipse on wet plate

    This is a series of wet plate images I made in Oregon during the total eclipse. I custom made the camera using a 47.5 Red Dot Artar and used a half plate holder.

    I was in a serious car...
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