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    Re: Shot abandonment

    If I abandon the shot, it’s usually because I’ve lost the light.
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    Re: 1935 Linhof ,,NORMA'' ???

    I had a Technika of that era or maybe a little later at one time. It had the Technika rear movements and was a very compact, but solid, lightweight field camera.
  3. Re: Linhof Super Tech V infinity Stops 1 Or 2?

    Linhof service sets them up with two per lens at infinity, though I doubt you would see much of a difference in most situations using one as long as the front standard isn't loose. Maybe shooting at...
  4. Re: Longest expired transparency film you have used successfully?

    Recently I found a roll of RDPIII 120 that I'd exposed in 2015 and has been unrefrigerated for the past 2-3 years. It expired in 2007 and was frozen for most of the time until I exposed it, but had...
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    Re: Schneideritis

    It's better to reduce internal reflections in a lens than not, but then how many people always use a bellows shade at maximum extension to reduce the image circle to the minimum needed for the image...
  6. Re: Linhof wide angle device - what's the scoop?

    Nice looking Veriwide adaptation! I was considering doing such a thing with spare Sinar parts, but this situation with the 47 S-A XL and the helical fell into place sooner, so the Sinar odds n ends...
  7. Re: Linhof wide angle device - what's the scoop?

    I use a 47mm S-A XL on my Tech V with a Chinese-made lensboard and built-in helical. I'm sure there are much fancier helicals with better finish and smoother focusing mechanisms, but the helical I...
  8. Re: How many of you are self-taught (in LF)?

    I'm self-taught in LF. One of the major attractions of the zone system, is that it made it easier to learn photography from books, without having someone to tell you what a good negative looks like.
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    Re: Patrick Gainer, RIP

    Thanks for passing on the news, Sandy. Patrick was always a valuable contributor when he was able to be active on APUG and on this forum and was a moderating presence when controversy may have been...
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    Re: Robert White has died

    Condolences to those who knew him personally. I'd purchased a few LF/panoramic items from him over the years. Totally reliable and trustworthy.
  11. Re: Will Extreme Stretching of Bellows Effect Sharpness?

    At max extension I'd just be concerned that the front standard might be flexed out of parallel, even on a Sinar P, but you can look at the bubble levels to confirm that.
  12. Re: Portable Flash for LF - small but powerful

    As a point of reference, I have Norman 200 W-s portables (LH-2 and LH-3b heads and a 200C battery pack, as well as a 202 plug-in pack that usually lives on my copy stand), and at max output with a...
  13. Honolulu: Cooke Optics head speaking at Hawaii Camera, 19 Nov 2015

    Sorry for the short notice, for the few of you who might be in the neighborhood, but I just found out about this free event myself. Les Zellan, owner of Cooke Optics, will be speaking tomorrow at...
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    Re: Dagor 8.25 on 8X10

    Some people ask when they're thinking of purchasing a lens and don't have it in hand, but if you've got the lens, it's obviously best to check, since it could have been remounted, which can change...
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    Re: please explain panoramic formats

    For smaller formats, I agree with the original poster. If I want a panorama, and I'm carrying a 6x6 SLR, I can shoot with a plan to crop, and it's like I get rear rise/fall on my 6x6 SLR, because I...
  16. Re: Adams Retouching Machine Operating Instructions

    Other manuals that I've found useful, though they predate the Adams Machine are

    How to Retouch Negatives. The Photo Miniature. Vol. XI, no. 122 (Jan. 1913).

    Robert Johnson (et al. in many...
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    Re: Stainless steel trays ?

    I think stainless is best for normal B&W processing. They last forever and are easy to clean and can be found relatively cheaply second hand these days. I've replaced most of my plastic trays with...
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    Re: Some things I'd like to see made.

    Gowland made the Pocket View in 8x10" and 5x7" in various incarnations in addition to the 4x5", some more minimalist and lighter in weight, some slightly heavier with more features. I've been using...
  19. Re: Adams Retouching Machine Operating Instructions

  20. Re: Adams Retouching Machine Operating Instructions

    I've emailed Jim for a copy of the PDF. Maybe I can find a place for it on the forum or resize it to fit.
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    Re: Grafmatic : Pros and Cons?

    VC may have repeated the information, but that kind of bench testing was more characteristic of the earlier publications, well before VC began publication.
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    Re: Grafmatic : Pros and Cons?

    I don't know if someone's mentioned it, but there was at one time a test of various filmholders in either Popular Photography or Modern Photography that showed that Grafmatics had better film...
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    Re: Grafmatic : Pros and Cons?

    That would be the Fuji Quickchange system. It was not sold as a reloadable system--the idea being that you bought a holder and a preloaded cartridge of I think 6 or 8 sheets--but it was in fact not...
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    Re: Grafmatic : Pros and Cons?

    I have lots of them in 4x5" and 2x3" and I like them, mainly because they are a compact way of carrying a lot of film. I like the number wheels, which make it easier to line up film with notes after...
  25. Re: Bizarre (silly?) question of the year attempt: 5x7-to-4x5 reducing film holders?

    Toho did make the reducing filmholder, but obviously, the reducing back is going to be the easier solution to find. Some 4x5" cameras with reversible backs are actually 5x7" cameras with 4x5"...
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    Re: Mixing Film w/Food in a Freezer

    I've got a separate small top-loading chest freezer that doesn't have a defrost cycle for film and paper, so I don't have to open the door every time I need ice cubes or food items, and so it keeps a...
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    Re: 4x5 that extends to 400mm easily...

    Bigger camera and reduction back is the answer, I think. You don't just need the extension, but you want a sturdier camera that can support all that extension easily.

    If you want to stick with a...
  28. Poll: Re: Poll - Member forum browsing practices

    Mostly from my laptop, but a good percentage from Tapatalk on my iPhone.

    I like the fact that there's a built-in link in Tapatalk to find my own recent posts and see if there is any followup on...
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    Re: Broken promises?

    Promises, promises... Thanks to the moderators for keeping things under control and closing a thread when it became unproductive and potentially damaging to the forum.
  30. Re: Need help with some Vericolor II Type L

    To reduce the fog/magenta cast around the edges (producing a green cast on the print), try pulling one stop (double exposure and reduce development to compensate.
  31. Re: Technika-flex - Linhof Twin Lens Reflex?

    There's a picture of it in The Linhof Camera Story.
  32. Re: Lubrication of moving parts of a LF camera?

    For the metal gearing on an all-metal camera, the late Martin Arndt (former U.S. authorized Linhof service) used to recommend Vaseline. Aside from being suitable for the purpose, it was no problem if...
  33. Re: Absolutely smallest tripod of carry-on kit

    Another nice compact tripod of beautiful design is the old Linhof Reporter that folds flat with three legs all in the same plane.
  34. Re: Absolutely smallest tripod of carry-on kit

    For travel, I like the Feisol CT-3441S--

    But you might want a larger head than the (optional) one that folds with the tripod. For larger...
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    Re: New Moderator

    Good man for the job. Good luck, Oren!
  36. Re: A lot of spam masquerading as real posts lately

    We've been seeing a fair amount of this on APUG for the past several months. One common ploy is to cut and paste a passage from somewhere else in a long thread, so it is even topical, but then...
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    Re: ULF Why do it?

    And by the way--contact prints.
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    Re: Tech V repair

    I'd guess they can, but I'm not a machinist.
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    Re: Rule change re: Valuation Requests

    Well done.
  40. Re: If you had no batteries, would you stay home?

    No problem exposing with sunny 16 and other rules of thumb.

    For long exposures, just remember your favorite march. They're usually 120 beats per minute, except for circus marches, which are...
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