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  1. Re: Are there any fast Dialyte ~10" lenses

    Yes, I took it apart and it was a 4/4.
  2. Re: Are there any fast Dialyte ~10" lenses

    It was labled Dagor-S or S-Dagor, but was not a 6/2 design, it was 4/4.
  3. Re: Are there any fast Dialyte ~10" lenses

    I once had a Goerz S-Dagor (or maybe Dagor-S?) which was a 10" f4.5 dialyte. I was told it was originally for reproduction.
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    Re: Lee Filters Lee100 System

    I have the older Lee system and have difficulty fitting some of my thicker filters. I have a large number of glass Tiffen filters which came with a Cine camera that I would like to use with the Lee...
  5. Re: What happened to "The World's Most Complete Fujinon Large Format Lens List"?

  6. Re: Which Camera is Thomas Struth using here - please advice

    As mentioned above, the bellows extension looks around 150mm and the lens is mounted on what looks like a Technika board (with an adapter to a larger board). I think only the 150mm Super-Symmar XL...
  7. Re: What is this antique thing?

    Yes, it looks like a hydrometer. I have a similar looking one. Pretty, but hard to use compared to current glass models.
  8. Re: Beautiful Contemporary Daguerreotypes

    Well spotted! In the 19th century mirror prisms were occasionally used on landscapes to correct the reversal, but probably not here. And beating my dead horse, if these were contact prints they could...
  9. Re: Beautiful Contemporary Daguerreotypes

    I totally agree that these don't "demonstrate the typical spectral sensitivity of that medium," but underneath some of the photographs there is a copyright and credit claiming they are...

  10. Re: Beautiful Contemporary Daguerreotypes

    There is nothing I know of on the web. Jerry Spagnoli used to teach how to do this in his workshops (using some sort of long-gone Agfa material), but no one I know does this regularly.
  11. Re: Beautiful Contemporary Daguerreotypes

    Contact printing Daguerreotypes or even enlarging on a Daguerreotype plate is possible with the right (blue or UV) light source. Daguerreotype can stand much longer exposures than wet-plate because,...
  12. Re: Beautiful Contemporary Daguerreotypes

    Interesting, they don't really look like Daguerreotypes. I don't see any of the tell-tale signs that even the best 19th and 21st century plates have, like polishing marks, specks of mercury amalgam...
  13. Re: Tip: Home-made C-41 and RA-4 chemicals

    What a great resource! Thank you, I always wondered if this could be done from scratch.
    Any guidance about replenishment?
  14. Re: Potentially useful LEDs for darkroom/alt applications
  15. Re: Paper for both Kallitype and Platinum?

    I have been very pleased with Legion's Revere Platinum with both VDB and Kallitype. Less expensive than most of the other options. I don't do PT/PD, so can't speak to that.
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    Re: Durst Laborator 138?

    It depends on what you have and what you will need to buy. The regular condensers are not hard to find on ebay and the 138s with condenser heads are easy to maintain, easy to modify, and a pleasure...
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    Re: Ebike?

    I will try to get some images posted. I am traveling (!) but will be back at home in mid August.

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    Re: Ebike?

    The clips that hold the bags onto the RadWagon are plastic and break, so be careful. I replaced mine with metal pipe clamps.
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    Re: Ebike?

    I have the same RadWagon as Tin Can. Bought it mostly for quick shopping and errands when I am too lazy to take my "real" bike. I have used it for a year and have about 1,000 miles on it so far. I...
  20. Re: Neutral Density filter advice?

    I have set of four 4x4 Tiffen NDs (.3 - 1.2) which are absolutely indispensable for 16mm cine, but I have never needed them with still photography and 100 ISO film, even with faster lenses than you...
  21. Re: 5x7 B&J no longer focusing correctly - why?

    Did you change holders at any point? I have a few plate holders that have non-standard film to glass depths.
  22. Re: Wet Plate Beginner's Questions Thread

    I use medium-speed filter paper from a local lab supply. I have quantitative filters (as opposed to qualitative) but I don't think this matters.
  23. Re: Wet Plate Beginner's Questions Thread

    In my experience it is best to decant the varnish before filtering. I throw everything into a mason jar and shake it everytime I walk by for a few days. Then I let it sit for a few more days until...
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    Re: Half plate size?

    Depends on the century and technology... 19th century (Daguerreotypes & collodion) was typically 4.25 x 5.5", 20th century (film) was usually 4.75 x 6.5". It seems to me that dryplate spanned both...
  25. Re: How are Camera Bellows UK bellows holding up over time???

    Good by me. I have been using a set of 5x7 Norma bellows they made in November 2012 hard and often, and have not seen any changes.
  26. Re: Fastest Speed of all 4x5/9x12 Sinar Norma


    I am curious to what extent you have found variation in focal lengths in lenses of the same nominal length, make, and mount? Years ago I tried to do something similar to this using two 8"...
  27. Re: Rebuilding a Deardorff 11x14 Studio Stand

    My approach has been to remove the camera, outrigger-legs, weights, caps and cables and move the remainder (platform, columns, and base) with the platform as close to the base as possible. I had...
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    Re: 150mm - 165mm for 4x10

    6 1/2" f8 Goerz WA Dagor. Uncommon, but not impossible to find. Many are single coated. There is also the Carl Zeiss Jena Goerz-Dagor 15cm f/9 lens, but these are rare and not coated.
  29. Re: Are Daguerreotype Included in Wet Plate Threads

    Jerry Spagnoli and Mike Robinson teach, and there may be others. Jerry teaches the Becquerel method (iodine only, with orange or red light to develop), Mike teaches mercury development. I stopped...
  30. Rebuilding a Deardorff 11x14 Studio Stand

    No, I never found any that fit, but only looked at McMaster. My bases are also 1 1/4" and are made of some sort of metal. Let us know if you find anything better. Image attached of the original and...
  31. Re: Designing a studio space for natural light portraiture

    Lots of good images of daylight studios here:
  32. Re: Are Daguerreotype Included in Wet Plate Threads

    Thanks Monty. Did I give you the Daguerreotype I made of you? If not I should.
  33. Re: Are Daguerreotype Included in Wet Plate Threads

    Your estimate seems correct, about 100 active Daguerreotypists worldwide, and perhaps 30 times that who took a workshop.
  34. Re: Are Daguerreotype Included in Wet Plate Threads

    Probably not, unless it is renamed "19th century processes" or something like that. Technically they have very little overlap, and the skills and equipment needed are quite different.

    I don't know...
  35. Re: What is the "object" in this lens?

    The "flower" is cement failure... not good, but may not be bad (for use) either.
  36. Re: Rebuilding a Deardorff 11x14 Studio Stand

    The wheels I bought were a near perfect match.

    I can likely take the measurements if you tell me which you need, here are two:

    3 3/4" from middle of axle to top of mounting bolt
    2 3/4" from...
  37. Re: Rebuilding a Deardorff 11x14 Studio Stand

    I ordered new wheels, but not stems... see below. I ordered a set of levelers, but found that the feet I ordered too big. I ordered 3" feet which interfered with the wheels. I think 1" might work and...
  38. Re: My negatives are backwards....Shanghai 8x10 Film.

    How could that be? Is there is no antihalation coating or were they overexposed (vis a vis the "correct" side of the film)?
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    Re: D 23 Users

    This is a good point, thanks Steve. The Kodak replenishment directions include both the amount of replenisher to be added after each square foot (or roll) of film processed and the maximum proportion...
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    D 23 Users


    1000ml Water
    10g Metol
    100g Sodium Sulfite
    20g Sodium Metaborate

    Kodak instructions (from 1947) are to add 22ml of replenisher per roll of film processed (3/4 oz per roll)...
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