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    Maria Isabel LeBlanc

    was featured on today. She is a large and medium format user and darkroom printer. I really liked her workó
  2. Re: Should I Drum Scan, X1 Flextight Scan, or use the Epson V850 w/Aztek Wet Mount Ki

    If you really want to print 6x8 feet I think you must use drum scans. I use an older Imacon Flextight that has similar results to an X1 and found it to be a significant step up from a 4990 Epson...
  3. Re: Linhof Technika's wide angle focusing device broken

    Yes it is
  4. Re: Zero Centering Yardstick - where to buy

    Mcmaster Carr, of course (they have everything)
  5. Re: Too late, too expensive for this year, but maybe the next? Little Italy and Autum

    All the descriptions of driving in Boston are spot on, I've had many fun adventures there. A few years (pre-GPS) ago my wife and I had hotel reservations downtown and found it impossible to get...
  6. Re: Kodacolor Introduction Party 1928

    You’re right Randy. I’m done
  7. Re: Kodacolor Introduction Party 1928

    I don't want to totally hijack this thread, but didn't the Germans deploy them in much greater numbers than anyone else in WWI? At least early on.
  8. Re: Kodacolor Introduction Party 1928

    Yes, and the Germans had much more time than the Americans to figure out how to use them most effectively.
  9. Re: Kodacolor Introduction Party 1928

    Thanks Randy. Color movies must have been a revelation. Interesting that John Pershing and Hiram Maxim were honored guests. The inventor of the modern machine gun and the man who's troops had it used...
  10. Re: Gitzo 1349 Mountaineer Sticky Leg

    Thanks Peter!
  11. Re: Gitzo 1349 Mountaineer Sticky Leg

    What lubricant is recommended for the metal threads?
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    Re: Straight Edges

    Look at straightedges from McMaster Carr. They have them up to 10 feet long.
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    Re: What did you compose at Waters Edge?

    Thank you so much Roger.
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    Re: What did you compose at Waters Edge?

    That's a fine looking photo Roger!

    Chicago is a treasure trove of iron bridges and has 52 moveable ones in total of which about 40 are still in operation. I believe only Amsterdam has more...
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    Re: Barbara Crane


    I met Ms. Crane at a party many years ago. I believe the meeting was more memorable for me than it was for her. She will be missed.
  16. Re: Learning about environmental portraiture - which photographers should I study?

    Les Krims "Making Chicken Soup", "The Deerslayers", "The Little People of America"

    Not as serious and dour as August Sander, et al...
  17. Re: Hi from the Northwest Suburbs (Chicago)

    A slightly belated welcome! I'm about 30 minutes east of you
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    Re: Hi from Boston!!

    Welcome from nearby Chicago. Our son is moving to Boston in 2 weeks, does that count?
  19. Re: replacement pad for Seal masterpiece 500 Dry Mount Press?

    I personally think it is best to just figure out how to buy the correct pad, but would like to add that not all felt is made from wool. It can be produced from synthetic fibers which I assume would...
  20. Re: Avoiding harassment when shooting in the street

    Or you can use Simon Norfolk's camouflage when he photographed in Afghanistan in the early 2000s. He wore Hawaiian shirts and shorts—he wanted everyone to see him and think he was a bit of a harmless...
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    Re: Sources for Stainless Trays?

    I would suggest starting a new thread on the yellowing problem you are having as I doubt that it is caused by plastic trays. Sounds more like maybe insufficient fixing, or an agitation issue. Photos...
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    Re: Washers and Knobs

    I can't help with the knobs, but I had a similar problem with a Tahihara i used to own. I used fiber washers topped by thin stainless steel ones. I got them from—get ready—McMaster Carr. The only...
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    Re: Sources for Stainless Trays?

    Maybe a restaurant supply house, although the alloy might not be what you need.

    The oxidization on plastic trays does no harm—it can be a badge of honor showing long hours perfecting your craft....
  24. Re: exposed film

    In my limited experience the police know the laws pertaining to photography much better than the average citizen. I have had several pleasant chats with officers from various jurisdictions—a couple...
  25. Re: John Sanderson: Carbon County on Lenscratch

    You're welcome John. I think you are doing some very interesting work and am glad that it is getting the exposure it deserves.
  26. John Sanderson: Carbon County on Lenscratch

    Our very own John Sanderson has a nice piece on Lenscratch today detailing his project Carbon County. Go take a look you will be pleased.
  27. Re: Long Term "Archival" Storage of Negatives & Transparencies

    I store 120 negatives much like you do. I keep my 4x5 negatives in polyethelyne sleeves inside paper envelopes. The envelopes then are stored inside an archival box. I get my supplies from Archival...
  28. Re: 4x5 field camera with geared movements

    Yes, but it does have geared front rise. I really like mine and am happy to put up with the extra weight for the precision and robustness the Technika offers.
  29. Re: [Imacon Precision II] Calibration Sheet, and a Few Other Questions

    Jimmy Bjaaland at B23 should be able to answer any of your questions and help with any parts or service you might require for your Imacon. I found him to be very responsive and he had the parts I...
  30. Re: Exhibition in Observance of the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

    Very nice Robert, congratulations!
  31. Re: Semi Stand and EMA Development Question

    I can't help with tube development. I do EMA in a homemade slosher type tray. I found that the initial agitation is vitally important to have streak and mottle free negatives. I agitate for 2 minutes...
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    Re: Does Durst-Pro-USA Still Exist?

    No I did not. My life was quite complicated at the time and I just wanted all the nonsense and lies to go away.
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    Re: Does Durst-Pro-USA Still Exist?

    Drew you are so correct about Mr. Jensen—I was one of his victims. I reported him to the Oregon States Attorney because I could not get the parts I ordered nor my money back , but they decided to...
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    Re: Headache from Fixer Fumes?

    I used to have a similar problem. Years ago I switched to Ryuji Suzuki's Neutral Fixer which I mix myself and use full strength for film and paper.

    The formula:

    Ammonium Thiosulfate 60% ...
  35. On Being Photographed by Richard Avedon

    The New Yorker has a nice piece on what it was like to be photographed by Richard Avedon.
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    Re: Desk installation has begun

    Beautiful looking drawer unit! I assume it was custom made and fairly recently completed. Perhaps you have already thought of this, but are the insides of the drawers finished? If so I strongly...
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    Re: Mike Disfarmer Studio Technique

    If you're an Amazon Prime member they have an interesting video titled "Disfarmer"". It includes interviews with people he photographed and knew him. It won't answer all your questions, but it's...
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    Re: Having the most fun...

    Fun indeed!
  39. Re: LFPF Hall of Fame Proposal Discussion

    Add me to the "No" list.
  40. Re: Schneider Super Symmar 80mm XL status question.

    I'm sure Bob W. does equal quality work no matter how the items arrive at his shop. Of course it's fun to go there in person to see the goodies he's working on and chat with him. Be sure to let me...
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