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    Re: Hello from Germany

    Welcome to the forum. After having spent nearly twenty years in Germany (Fulda) with the US Army I almost feel like Deutschland is home even though my last time there was in 1979. Hang around with us...
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    Re: 4x5 or 8x10

    I don't recall 4x5, 5x7, or 8x10 as being more problematical but I will say that it is difficult (in my experience) to scale back from 8x10. I stopped shooting 8x10 about twelve years ago because of...
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    Re: Greetings from Edinburgh!

    Greetings and welcome! One of my favorite places.
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    Re: Bellows size for Wista SP

    "What Kumar said"... in my experience Rudy is very easy to deal with and the replacement bellows I purchased from him for my Wista SP fit perfectly, allowed me to fold the camera and also allowed...
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    Re: 210mm for 8x10"

    The 210mm f6.8 Angulon was (as far as I know) never produced in an MC version. There were some single-coated versions (usually denoted by the red triangle on the front lens retaining ring) which were...
  6. Re: Model name of your large format enlarger please

    Omega D5XL Modern Enlarging Lamps Mdl 2.
  7. Re: Basic Optics Questions - Exit pupil....

    Rodenstock stated in one of the Imagon brochures that combining the area of all of the smaller holes (wide open), plus the central opening, does not yield the same opening as the computed f stop for...
  8. Re: Soft Focus Lens With Shutter for Zone VI 4x5

    For my two cents they perform as well as many other soft focus lenses with just a central aperture but the real "effect" of the Imagon is the layering of the soft and sharp images which yields a...
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    Re: newb help: mounting a lens

    Maybe my eyesight is worse than I thought but it looks (to me) as if the rear lens group is from a different lens. Have you checked to see if the lens casts an image at about six inches ( just open...
  10. Re: Soft Focus Lens With Shutter for Zone VI 4x5

    Really look closely at the Imagon lenses. Some love them, some hate them but they are unique and can result in a beautiful blend of soft and sharp... when used with the discs, and are usually...
  11. Thread: Ruins

    by AJ Edmondson

    Re: Ruins

    I don't think I have ever seen an Austin Granger photograph I didn't like but this one really does draw me in... the composition, tonality. As Ulophot stated it does indeed glow.
  12. Re: Deciding between Rodenstock vs. Fujinon entry level 150mm lenses

    I chose the Fujinon over the APO Symmar for one reason (used both). I prefer the older single coated lenses for their rendition (relative to contrast)... they remind me - in performance - of the old...
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    Re: Alphax shutter overhaul/repair?

    Alphax Betax Shutter repair services... WhirClick is online right now I think.
  14. Re: Technika lensboard to Chinese copy comparison

    Makes me feel like I need to apologize to Greg for having provided him with a thirty-something year old board to compare.

  15. Re: In Over My Head Rodenstock Imagon Question

    I have searched (in vain) for a leaflet (from Rodenstock) which I had explaining the H (helligkeit) stops. The leaflet described the H-stops and the fact that a pure mathematical computation of the...
  16. Re: Correct Omega D lens cone for 150mm lens?

    421-155 5 1/4" Cone (used with a flat disc for lens mounting). If your mounting disc is a "cup" (the one with your 150mm EL Nikkor is) you can subtract the height of the cup can be subtracted....
  17. Re: Correct Omega D lens cone for 150mm lens?

    Print size won't vary... that is governed by lens focal length and height of head (distance between front of lens and enlarging easel). Somewhere around 4 1/2" should be about right, allowing you to...
  18. Re: Camera scanning HP5+ and TMax 400 (TMY-2) a comparison

    I have to echo the "no good deed goes unpunished sentiment" - and found the results of your efforts very helpful. I didn't see any "imperative" in your summation and, based on the quality of the work...
  19. Re: Alternative to Upper/Lower Glass Negative Carriers

    I have never had any problem using the setup you alluded to... used it for years with an 8x10 Elwood.
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    Re: 180mm for 5x7

    I used a 180mm APO Symmar on my Canham 5x7 and was completely satisfied with it (both in coverage and performance)... that said, the Fujinons with lettering on the front bezel are great (MY OPINION...
  21. Re: Introducing Alphax Betax Shutter Services

    Great news... really good web-site! Wish you much success.
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    Re: Your favorite photographers and genres?

    Agree with you on AA... other favorites are Walker Evans work with the FSA and John Sexton. I have to admit that maybe I am a "shallow thinker" too 'cause "The Hunt for Blue September #1" totally...
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    Re: Omega Automega D3

    Nice looking enlarger James... if memory serves me, you should be able to use the cams with other lens brands of the same focal length but may have to adjust the focus slightly (most of the...
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    Re: Omega Automega D3

    Sent you a PM... Joel
  25. Re: Liquid electrical tape for bellows repair

    I agree with Jason... I tried it and it sounds like (for your purpose) it would work. I wouldn't use it again to try to repair pinholes!
  26. Re: Advice on 1st lens for LF (new member here)

    The "white label" refers to a lens branded for a different company (in this case Sinar). The lens manufacturers produced lenses for other companies such as Linhof, Calumet, etc. In some instances...
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    Re: Wista 45VX/RF/SP bellows draw and idea

    My memory may be failing me here but I have used a 305mm G-Claron on my 45 SP (for sure) and it seems that I could focus the lens to about 15 feet. I didn't use it often but I did not use a "top-hat"...
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    Re: Schneider 355/620mm Symmar Convertible

    Twenty + years of using a 355 Symmar ... I never detected any difference between the 355 and a 360 (as far as performance) with B&W or color transparencies. Large lens/shutter combination but that...
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    Re: Any Aristo W54 Cold Head Tips?

    No problem putting the gel over the diffuser. It doesn't get scratched that way and there isn't enough heat to be problematical. I say this but then again I never left one for prolonged on-times. I...
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    Re: Any Aristo W54 Cold Head Tips?

    I used one several years ago and never noticed much difference using a yellow filter with VC filters vs same filters minus the yellow but that just be my memory bank crapping out on me. When compared...
  31. Re: Wista VX or Linhof Master for 72mm to 240mm architecture.

    The Wista standard extension is indeed 300mm and for 120-240mm the camera works really well. As for the wide angle bellows, you cannot fold the camera with the bellows in place (according to Wista)...
  32. Re: SEIKO shutters, what size do they come in?

    Carol Flutot is outstanding. She CLA'd my Seiko shutter a couple of years ago and both the quality of the work and the turn-around time we're great. While some folks don't seem to care for Seiko...
  33. Re: I need help to make a decision. Tomorrow, I will be buying a 4x5 camera, help me

    I used a Wisner TF (4x5) for many years and the only real complaint that I had was that it seemed extremely "fiddly", consuming a lot of unnecessary time in setup to insure plumb and parallel...
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    Re: Nikon 150 mm W Lenses Differences

    To the best of my recollection, the "S" designated only a change in the shutter when Nikon changed the number of blades in the aperture.

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    Re: Beseler CB7 carriage motor problem

    Google Hurst Electric Motors. They make some really great motors including really high-torque motors and a wide variety of speeds and prices are (in my experience) not bad. I made a focussing drive...
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    Re: First lens for 4x5

    The only lenses I carry anymore are a 180mm APO Symmar and an older 135mm Fujinon ( in essence the equivalent of the 135mm WF Ektar). For me the 180mm works better than 210 (but I don't do portraits)...
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    Re: Buzzing Aristo D2-HI lamp

    Had a similar problem years ago and the person I spoke with at Aristo suggested I reverse the two-pronged ac line plug and it did help (he had stated that "it may help" and it did though it didn't...
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    Re: Green Monster or The Intrepid 8x10?

    I had (at the same time) a Wista 810 and an old Calumet C (the earliest version)... invariably I would end up carrying the Calumet despite the weight difference because of the longer bellows and the...
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    Re: Joshua Tree fires

    AMEN... the idea that people can destroy property, get caught and - basically walk away is the stupidest concept. The clown who burned the bridge on I85 in Atlanta is damn near hailed as a "folk...
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    Re: Reflection Densitometer Use

    For me the reflection densitometer has been most useful for relating the density range for varied VC filters to the actual negative densities... pretty much what Perl Casals said. Once you can...
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