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    Standard + Wide-angle for 5x4"

    Nikon has not advertized its LF lenses for years. That corporate decision should not dissuade one from the lenses since they rival the lenses made by other European and Asian manufacturers' lenses....
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    Do you really NEED Photoshop?

    As a photographer I do not need the myriad controls that Photoshop CS offers. I am neither a web designer nor a graphic desgner. So yes I agree I do not need all that Photoshop CS offers.

    But, by...
  3. Steam engines, period and new trains in New Mexico

    try also the railroad and station at Chama. Both are open during the day, and access to the cars is free. Wonderful litle town and nicely mantained railroad equipment. The equipment is maintained by...
  4. Making 8x10 zone system testing a little cheaper?

    I second the use of the step wedge. You can reduce your film costs significantly. To save even more money, cut the 8x10 sheets up into 4x5 pieces. then you can test the actual film stock without the...
  5. How do you carry sheet films and holders ?

    Jean-Louis-- I use two methods for transporting LF 4x5 film. The Readyload/Quickload film and holders I pack in a Gnass Gear case. Two are available, one for one pack of film and one Readyload...
  6. I want a rollback view camera with adequate tilt for Landscapes? Horseman VHR?

    Hugh--The price range limits your selection somewhat. Many 4x5 cameras can be outfitted with roll film backs made by companies as diverse as Calumet, Sinar, Horseman, etc. So you might look for one...
  7. Comparison of 4 film formats and 2 digital cameras

    Carefully done and well detailed results. One question: Do you think the use of better digital equipment would alter the results? The bodies and lenses on all the film cameras are probably better...
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    Wisner repair work

    Your question may generate very vivid if not livid replies. I own a 4x5 Tech Field that over the years has developed occasional problems. My experience with the wisner company has been very positive....
  9. Arrrrrghhh!! Ok, Developer recommendation?

    T-Max RS developer is worth a look. Like many others, I use it diluted 1:9 straight from the stock bottle. Mix the "B" packet into the "A" bottle to get stock. Dilute that 1:9. I process it in a Jobo...
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    Tank vs. Tube processing ?

    The BTZS tubes are great as long as you have few images to process at a time, assuming you buy only 6 tubes. I recommend the Jobo 2500 drum plus the LF reels that Jobo makes. Place the unit on a...
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    Pyro in the May/June "Photo Techniques"

    Question for those who read the article: How do advocates of the various forms of pyro respond to the charges about toxicity? i agree that bond could have chosen a different film for his testing. But...
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    tilt or not to tilt

    Derek-- With the 80mm lens depth of field should not have been of much concern. You should focus on the far, not the near, and then use the tilt sparingly. If you were trying to get the slightly...
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    Recommendations for backpack for 8x10"

    The f64 backpack BKG (I think that is the model) can hold an 8x10 aystem with few problems. i have an older one which i use to hold either of my 4x5 systems or my Ansco 8x10 and lenses, meter, etc....
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    Jobo Multitank 5 ???

    With the 2500 tank on a uniroller base or in a Jobo CPA-2 I use 900 ML developer for a fulltank (12 sheets). If I use only one reel ( 6 sheets) I use no less than 800 ML.I use either D-76 1:1 or TMAX...
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    Unicolor drum problems

    I have been usng the unicolor base with either th jobo 2500 drum or the 3010 for several years with b/w and no problems. I compared results with the same drums on a jobo cpa-2 and measured no...
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    Polaroid Type 52: ISO and general advices

    If you test type 52 for EI you may find it capable of producing quite decent prints. i have used it as part of a class and was pretty happy with the results. Bob
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    Can tmx100 be pushed two stops?

    Another possibility exists thart may allow you to create better negatives. I would try to make certain I can get as large a dynamic range in the subject though lighting as I can. So let's say that...
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    Mulitformat Shooters

    I have two Leicas, an M3 and an M2. My main camera is LF. I don't expect images from the two formats to resemble each othjer. I may shoot the 35mm more loosely--Duh!- and I think the "look" of the 35...
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    New VS Old Tri-X Testing REDONE

    Scott; How many sheets of film did you process in the 3010 at a time? As I read your posting, I understand you used 1000cc for one sheet of 4x5 at N+2. But what about the other parts of the test?
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    New Vs Old Tri-X testing results


    I found your results interesting.I am trying to create new development tables for the new Tri-X also. A question and a suggestion:

    In the Jobo 3010 how much total chemistry are you...
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    Light leak - please help diagnose


    Another testing possibility: Set camera up for image and then encircle bellows from lens standard to film plane in your darkcloth or something large enough and preferably dark enough to cover...
  22. LPL/Saunders 4550XLG Enlarger power supply sparks

    Scott: We bought the same enlarger at my school about two-three years ago. I have experienced identical problems with the power supply switch. The electrical spark is intermittent but still there. I...
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    Custom Backpack

    Ostrom outdoors is a Canadian maker of packs. Their website indicates they can build custom packs for photographers. bob
  24. Adams and Photoshop - Photo Techniques Jan/Feb 2004

    Kevin,I agree. Adams is a figure that anyone using LF should know about, study, and perhaps admre.The Photo Techniques author made a good point in recalling Adam's own innovations, experiments, and...
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    HC-110 dilutions

    A text used for college photo classes, labeled Photography, Author Chas. Swindlund (SP) contains a good chapter on testing films and using dilution, not time, for determining +n- times. The...
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    Digital prints -- what paper do you use?

    I use the Epson 1280 with piezotonew wram neutral and hahnemuehle Photo-Rag 188. The tonality is quite nice, the detail is superb. The look and texture of the paper are fine. Without meaning to i...
  27. A question for sellers and buyers of limited edition prints

    I would add this thought to the thread. Some other visual artists have attacked photography historically because of the possibility of endless prints. they argue that a painting is art because it is...
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    Arca Swiss F-Metric Questions

    Scratches aren't right. I bought an Arca Swiss F Line Field two years ago; it arrived with no cosmetic flaws. I guess it could be a finishing flaw, but from the A/S I have seen, those flaws just are...
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    "NEW" darkcloth

    Search for the perfect darkcloth? I've had similar BTZS problems plus the cloth never quite matching the camera. So I had a seamstress make a BTZS like cloth, no holes for rear knobs, no too clingy...
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    help in choosing 135mm lens

    I have used the 135 Nikkor for several years and found it very sharp. My enlargements run mostly in the 11x14-16x20 size, b/w,color, chemical and digital darkroom. I think the image circle published...
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    fuji acros + TMax RS

    Has anyone processed Fuji Acros 4 x 5 in a Jobo CPA-2 using Max RS or Tmax developer? Generally I use TMaxRS 1:9 mixed from a stock solution comprised of part A+ Part B. Some call this the John...
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    MIDO film system: what is it?

    I have used the Type 1 Midos for years and have had fewer problems with them than with the various imporved readyloaders. I do not mean to slam Kodak; I use the Readyloads also, but I find fewer jams...
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    Levelhead leveling device

    The new View Camera has a Norman McGrath review of a leveling device labeled the Levelhead, designed by Wayne Force. Alas no address, email, etc. for the device or its maker. A brief Google search...
  34. Who has gone digital and what are your complaints about it if any.

    I have printed b/w LF for about 20 years and still do. Last year I began scanning my b/w negs on an Epson 1640 U, the predecessor to the Epson 2450, manipulating them in photoshop 6, and outputting...
  35. spam, are members of this forum getting an inordinate amount?

    I too am getting a lot of this spam recently but not at thios email address. instead it arrives at me work email. I do sign onto this page through that account from time to time, but strangely I...
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    Toning with tea

    At a workshop a few years ago Jay Dusard demonstrated tea toning using simple bags of instant tea (he joked that Tetley was the photographer's tea de jour!). Anyways, the process worked quite well....
  37. 90mm lenses and their need for a center filter.

    I echo the other posts. I have used the nikkor and a Shneider 90mm without finding a center filter a must. By the way in Large Format Landscape Photography Jack Dykinga, who does use center...
  38. Camera delivery and service stories :an alternative view

    I sympatize and empathize with the contributors who have narrated horror stories about camera dlivery and service. But my experience, at least with one of the f irms mentioned, Wisner Classic,...
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    Type of print?

    Can someone define for me a Silver Chloride Contact Print? I understand the Gela tin Silver and Chlorobromide print designations, but I saw references to this ty pe of print in B/W magazine and...
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    Minolta Auto Spot 1


    I have been using this meter for over ten years for LF photography. I use both b/w and color films. I have found the meter very accurate, the dynamic range of the scene easy to...
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