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    Re: New Autofocus 4x5"

    do you mean the computerized 4x5 developped by follower company of sinar. or sinar-people? i missed demonstration here- but could find out its naming.
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    Poll: Re: Slip on focal plane shutter

    Chromacameras and Custom Camera Building CCB anounced an arduino_driven shutter. No news yet
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    Re: New article: guillotine shutters

    same calculations like for rotapancameras.
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    Re: New article: guillotine shutters

    sliding lackier!!!
  5. Re: Kangrinpoche Cosmos Circle 4x5 camera upgrade

    these ebay-shops belong together he confirmed

    2. some items cannot be shown since there is a limit.
    sometimes only one item so there will be an error trying to enter shop.
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    Re: Jobo 2521 or ...

    2820 testdrum(one can mount 2570 70mm reeel maybe also special combination using parts of 2 reel-sets-its a bit higher) is identical to 2520. 2521 for rotation on processors. 500ml used on cpa2-...
  7. Re: Kangrinpoche Cosmos Circle 4x5 camera upgrade

    Who is behind the obstructions having access to the very same Stuff on now 5 accounts?
    Yes if only one item then no access to shop. but more items-option there
    cosmos circle 18°ebay shops
  8. Re: Kangrinpoche Cosmos Circle 4x5 camera upgrade

    when they have at least preshift as option i will buy. there is an old japanese 4x5 cam which has rotashift. genious.
    3dprinting lensplate with decentered hole is easy. only how much must be...
  9. Re: Where can I buy fresnel clips for my Linhof Super Technika V ground-glass?

    drawings with all possible Frensnel and GG positions as sticky and all the endless discusssions will stop. people could then add their observations.
    I am not into LF really have only MP4(studio...
  10. Re: How good could that be - 3S-Kangrinpoche Fresnel-NEVER CUT THESES OR BROKEN

    I had an exchange with 3S-KRPC slightly different name here: NEVER EVER TRY TO CUT THE FRESNEL. i have one. it will break he said.
  11. Re: Solvent for Polaroid print coating material

    Polaroid didnt know that there are stupid people which do not smell the awful ingredience and are unable to handle the tiny pad and pulling it smoothly multiple times over the surface. there are...
  12. Re: Kangrinpoche Cosmos Circle 4x5 camera upgrade

    want to officially inform that some censourship is preventing me accessing their ebay shop at 3s-krpc. have now proofs. can only access their products(actually only 5 there) via links of google. when...
  13. Re: Film Ferrania: 100 More Years of Analog Film

    lot of information about their endless problems at least in FB or photrio? they are continuing. later also 120 will come. 70mm also announced(in the far future probably).
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    Re: Developing film in jobo 2820 test drum

    i developped all my 70mm(220-172cm lenght) films in testtank 2820 and CPA2. b+w, E6(some), mostly CN C41 using offical 2517 reels. i tried to mount special 1 1/2 reel-method(one complete 2500 reel...
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    Re: ULF Swing-Lens Panoramic Cameras?

    from a russian man i learned they made a three-lens short-rotation pan cam with sheetfilm also with back i suspect. no further details.
    the idea is good.
    someone vergisst on ebay offering 4x10...
  16. Caps for Copal/Compur/Seiko Shutter 0 and 1

    Hope i am right here. Its not me but Raf from Bielarus. He just has finished the remaining caps which i suggested him to add to the Copal 1-front-cap.

    Copal 1 Caps...
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    Re: Need PayPal Help!!

    You must use only private account of paypal. the business version doesnt have two-way-authentification. use google authentificator it doesnt need wlan. microsoft one needs it.(yes that doesnt help...
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    Re: New compact 4x5 camera from China

    i am getting adapters for M22-pinhole-plates like the one for eighteeen degrees pinholeshutter to be used in copal 1 and 0 shutters or other with same mounts.
    Since skinkfoto refused to answer my...
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    Re: 8x10 film holder case

    3s-krpc on ebay has bags
  20. Re: Fuji 4X5 Quick Change Holder and 8 sheet Cassette

    no images!
    I have the quick Load filmholder which seems something else. films in...
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    Re: Lens Shutter Test?

    photoplug. he-Franz- told its accurate til 1/500. if smartphone has not 2.5mm plug anymore you need a cable-adapter or one without. if cable then you need-beside one for the single-beam-flashlight...
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    Re: Grundner Shutter Repair/Servicing

    i measured about 1/7 sec. both with button and handle. 12 or 14cm diameter. bellows was terribly damaged. repaired with ultrathin 3M 850 F opaque tape. since no repair-pro its now looking...
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    Re: Hasselblad Flextight 343

    Lynn Radeka- an assistant to Ansel Adams- is mosaic-scanning his 4x5 film with digital cam. Check out his fabulous work with contrast masking. I have great hopes in Sigma L-Foveon FF announced for...
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    Re: Polaroid 8x10 w/81-05 holder


    Kodak lost the patent-fight and sold their tech to Fuji. Thats why Fuji learnt from KODAK mostly since the Kodak-instant-color were more natural than Polaroids when...
  25. Re: Schneider Hi End Back and Schneider Vacuum Backs

    Now we would like also to read the manual, thanks.
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    Re: Focusing error

    what is p and x?
    Have the very same FL and Zone Z1 is too short. have all data only want to prove with this formula.
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    Re: Chamonix camera 45N-1 focusing error

    i will go the very same test with Sekor 150mm blue(razorsharp lens even fully open) of MUP/S23-system. its a the calibrated lens, was never off in my hands. only didnt have the values present when i...
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    Re: Chamonix camera 45N-1 focusing error

    1. "5m away subject, a 1mm focus shift towards the user means a 86cm focus shift in the "object space"
    meaning 5m minus 0.86m right?
    2. can you give us the calculations how you got the other shifts...
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    Re: Chamonix camera 45N-1 focusing error

    if the 90mm angulon has that much shift couldnt the smaller COC(if true) be the reason? smaller COC=shallow/less DOF= better resolution
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    Re: Chamonix camera 45N-1 focusing error

    i like people who read the ignorants the "leviten". Had the very same "problem" ignoring the diffraction problem (at 11/16)in newly designed lens in newest Horizon S3Pro and other versions. proved...
  31. Re: Scanning 4x5: Buying an Epson Flatbed VS my current DSLR (5DII) VS Lab Scans

    get 850 altogether. have 4990.
  32. Re: Fresnel screen focus distance is different from ground glass

    not really LF but anyway interesting since the same problems.

    1. have both brightscreens by rick oleson.
    bought for kiev 60. its 1.56mm(micrometer...
  33. Re: Fresnel screen focus distance is different from ground glass-Ron Wisners position

    Ron Wisner has a very precise statement about Fresnel and Groundglasses. see pdf above.
    Link at the end here is dead. got the pdf from archive. its also stored in filesection of FB...
  34. Re: Where does one get custom ground glass from these days?

    NB: I am currently precisely testing Dora Goodman Zone Z1(Mamiya Universal Press/Super 23-lenses and Graflok 23/G-backs(at least some are matching....).
    I have been checking focus by comparing with...
  35. Re: Where does one get custom ground glass from these days?

    Maybe Groundglass and Fresnel from 3s-krpc ebay. seller of Cosmic Circle cameras, 18° and other branded stuff. I have a fresnel only not yet checked ontop of Polaroid MP3-Groundglass. he told it...
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    Re: Sinar auto Shutter

    The Large Format Handbook of the SINAR System
    by Carl Koch, C. Marchesi, Jost J. Marchesi
    Paperback, 148 Pages, Published 1986
  37. Which shutter-speed is park-position when not in use?

    Which shutter-speed is park-position when not in use?
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    Re: Schneider 58mm XL datasheet

    in FB Large Format Photography files-section i uploaded two schneider-kreuznach-files from archive dot org. all data in two files also link to wayback-archive. max. is 10mb. total: 16mb. maybe they...
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    Re: 200 mm Imagon mount for Graflex

    means when one wants to mount the copal 3 for HB and other cams-use register will be altered and infinity not reached. so a different helicoid-solution must be found. with 32mm fewer lenght....
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    Re: 200 mm Imagon mount for Graflex-Rodenstock-links

    yesterday was a heavy day. had finally found out how to mount the lens. but have still no clues where the copal 3 will go. it needs M58-0.75mm thread. maybe someone could show a setup. I didnt find...
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