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  1. Re: Covid-19: Ilford factory in Mobberley shutting down for now

    I bought a bunch from Samys. Same price and less than BH. Freestyle has it too. BH has dropped back a bit, but still high.
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    What to do about leaf springs.

    I'm making a couple of 11x14 hinged, spring back contact print frames. The wood and glass is no problem. I know there are different ways of closing the back, but I'm pretty fond of those leaf...
  3. Thread: Doors

    by Eric Woodbury

    Re: Doors

    Randy, it shows that it's your favorite. Nice door.

    A little weather stripping before next winter would be in order.
  4. Re: Ilford 908 Filter and LED Alternative for RA-4?

    I don't know the spectral sensitivity of RA-4 papers. Green is used for monitoring BW film development in the latter part of development. Two reasons for this that I know. One, film gradually...
  5. Re: Lee Filters - anyone using these or Cokin et al squares?

    I'll probably rot in hell for this, but I'm using the cheapest I can find -- polyester gels. I buy the 2 foot square lighting gels from Lee or Rosco and cut these to whatever size I need, usually...
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    Re: omega D2 4x5 to 5x7 ???

    If the Omega is hard to modify, swap it for a Beseler. They're quite easy.

    What are your lightsource plans? Coldlight? LED? Sounds like a fun project.
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    Re: omega D2 4x5 to 5x7 ???

    I've converted a couple of Beseler 45M to 5x7. Not hard if you are handy with wood. Bellows stay the same. You'll need a bigger light source. I'm not that familiar with Omega.
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    Re: Out of Stop, switch to water?

    Same here. After years of water only, I've found Ilford Multigrade paper likes a good stop or I risk some weird marks and colors on my prints. Film is still water. Paper is citric acid, as Tin Can...
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    Re: Better lens for my Crown Graphic?

    Just another two-bit opinion, but the Xenar I had long ago was a turd. Not sharp, but soft. Plus, a modern lens will be multicoated offering additional contrast to your images.

    As for the cam,...
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    Re: My Set Up for Film Holder Labels

    Peter Lewin, that's right with the way I think, too. Also, keeping track takes time. I'd rather make an extra image per day. And as you do, I don't mark "Normal", only odd ones. If exposed and...
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    Re: My Set Up for Film Holder Labels

    I don't label my film holders at all, except for film type. I've never been good about notes. I make the image, write on the white strip in soft pencil what the development should be and maybe some...
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    Re: Kodak Technical Pan and PMK Pyro?

    It really depends on what effect you want from the Tech Pan. I use TP for N+4 to N+6. With PMK, I believe I split the development, soaking the film in concentrate A and then bringing up the image...
  13. Re: Photographing long hallways - tilt or swing to achieve maximum focus?

    When I use my Chamonix, because it has a screw focus that I've marked with an arrow, I use the near/far/middle technique and the f/# vs diffraction numbers from my physics professor, Paul Hansma, are...
  14. Photo travel by vehicle, what's your favorite?

    I've always preferred photo expeditions by auto. My first was a station wagon. Then a couple 1971 VW vans. After that a 1983 Ford Econoline. This was safer, more powerful, and whole family...
  15. Re: Photographing long hallways - tilt or swing to achieve maximum focus?

    Sometimes diffraction is better than blur, thus Group f/64. Focus on the prominent subject/distance, use hyperfocal distance, and stop down as much as you can tolerate. Standby for reciprocity...
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    Re: Change of fixer

    There is a great disparity in fixing times listed in the datasheets for these products.

    You may need to look into the chemistry of the two products. Are you using Fomafix liquid or the powdered...
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    Re: Describe a style for me

    Not to divert you from the answer, but if photographers could write well, they'd be authors not photographers. You might find a good read in "Why Photographs Work" by George Barr.
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    Re: Change of fixer

    I'm not familiar with Foma products, but perhaps you are getting some bleaching from the fix. Are the process times the same as with Hypam? Chasing these things is exasperating.
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    Re: New Website

    Bristlecone is one word.

    It would be nice if the Portfolios went in a circle and didn't dead-end.

    It's a fine beginning.
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    Re: New Dektol Mixes Dark Brown

    Why risk and worry about one's prints for a couple of bucks worth of developer?
  21. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Teddy Bear, Nevada, Nov 2019

  22. Re: Can it be a solution for avoiding newton rings

    Bob, it takes both the closely spaced surfaces AND some degree of coherent light. This is why even a polished diffuse surface in contact with negative will NOT produce Newton's rings.
  23. Re: Can it be a solution for avoiding newton rings

    Make the top of the sandwich a diffuse material and the rings go away. Materials such as Satinice and white plexilgass. Also, as Vaughn noted, use any textured material above that touches the top...
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    Re: New Ilford film came unsealed

    I just received 40 rolls of Ilford 120 film from Samys in LA. Much cheaper, shorter trip for me and the packaging was good. It was free shipping. Not a big fan of FedX ground. They will leave...
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    Re: New Ilford film came unsealed

    I'm not sure B&H customer service knows about film. I received some 4x5 sheet film from them and one of the boxes was damaged. The shipping box had been crushed and the film box was bent and had a...
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    Re: A question on FS rule enforcement

    I like the FS and WTB sections. I check them regularly. As Vaughn noted, there is great info there. I get to see equipment that I would otherwise never know. I sell occasionally, too. Right now...
  27. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Tuco, nice feel of motion. (Love the 43.) -e-
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    Re: Alignment workflow (architechture)

    Never trust a horizontal. Go vertical.
  29. Re: pros/cons of two different lenses at the same focal length?

    Use a pinhole. Focal length is wherever you use it. Not always perfectly sized for lowest diffraction, but close enough. I suppose you could have multiples holes in a pinhole plate and pick the...
  30. Re: Is it worth it to buy this Beseler enlarger?

    I agree, photographs. And for $200, it should be in good shape or special. Pinholes are not a problem except they indicate worse for the future. I have found several for much less, in fine shape. ...
  31. Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    Tuco, I love the time dimension of your image. Sweet.


    Mamiya 7 w/ rarely used 150mm and FP4
  32. Thread: Aircraft

    by Eric Woodbury

    Re: Aircraft

    Good job 'Texas'
  33. Re: Pentax Digital Spot Meter (Zone VI Holster)

    Doremus. I forgot about the Soligor meters. Your theory is sound.
  34. Re: Pentax Digital Spot Meter (Zone VI Holster)

    Exactly. Handmade is my guess, ZVI not being a big operation. Al Weber had a leather guy making a similar case at his Victor operation. Just an idea.

    Obviously, I wasn't allowed to own ZVI...
  35. Re: Pentax Digital Spot Meter (Zone VI Holster)

    Pentax never made leather holsters. Could it be the leather maker's mark? That's my two bits.
  36. Re: Large format camera parts and pieces for building from scratch

    Nuts, bolts, screws: try McMaster Carr.

    Knobs, I usually made my own when I used to do this. Sometimes start with a T-nut or wing nut and add something to grip.

    Leaf springs were always my...
  37. Re: Check Your Ground Glass ~ Film Holders for Registration! Simple, Important and F

    Randy, why stop there? Pinhole and no worries.
  38. Re: Check Your Ground Glass ~ Film Holders for Registration! Simple, Important and F

    If reversed, then put it in the right way. If reversed is the 'right way' (I don't understand that) then the glass thickness times 1.5. 1.5 mm glass is about 0.06 inches which 'looks' like 0.09...
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    Re: February portraits


    Made in January, but here it is February. 1951 Deardorff 8x10 w/ 360mm/6.3 Fujinon W S on FP4 with #12 gel. Focus is a bit soft as my subjects were not as still as instructed. Image is...
  40. Re: Kodak Eastman View 2D: Extension Rail fitting?

    My 2-D (from the '20s) and rail I bought at the same time, but the numbers on the camera and the rail don't match. Number on camera is "95". Number on rail is "286". They fit okay, altho there is...
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